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Vol.06  Issue 01/05, 19.01.2006

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Text sourcing : PAPP, Paris.



The Fair of "Fashion Universes"

Pret A Porter, Paris, 02.- 05.February 2006



PRET A PORTER PARIS - One of a kind - presents one of the largest selection of women's fashion.

The Objective ?

- to represent the active and emerging markets under one roof with a world view towards creativity and new products. For the buyer, to condense the best of the trends and to offer guidance with an outlook towards the demands of tomorrow's clients.

In segmenting and presenting the Fair as a department store for professionals, PRET A PORTER PARIS clarifies the different fashion universes, showcases the particular identity of each label, translates the merchandise in an understandable, selective and pertinent manner and encourages new discoveries.

The sequence of events is organised in advance, so the buyer can "go shopping" directly in the universe that matches his or her clientele and their evolution (growing older/getting younger/transversality) as well as making a discovery visit to buy accessories, design, urban sport or a young designer.

YES to giving in to impulses in order to provoke the same desires in the client. Everyone wants to change and get out of habits, to create an image that shows individual taste and the taste of the times.

A 20% growth of new labels each season assures the continuing attraction of the fair. « Cellule Mode » chooses new participants with a rigorous and knowing eye, based on common themes and according to the different universes of the salon. The participants affirm their selection by presenting the best of the trends and the markets.


The 1st Floor

Reputed for its "creative designer" position, with well-known names and labels as well as those just arriving on the scene, at the forefront today and already designing tomorrow.


The creative, up-market labelling, par excellence, a « selective club » offering international avant-garde fashion and accessories - 150 designers and labels - of which 60% are from outside France and are references in their own country - ATMOSPHERE detects and reveals tomorrow's indispensable emerging movements, and once again simply blossoms in its very « design » showcase, concept of Massimiliano Bizzi and Carlo Mariani. The tone is minimal and elegant, the atmosphere luminous and peaceful, light and airy. The imposing entrance in intense black offers an extremely strong presence. The spaces are divided between reflector white and glittery black, whilst the relaxing spaces and their vintage and design furniture, simply vibrate with conviviality. An artistic, festive accompaniment to this fashion atmosphere, is the Café Vogue, which presents an exhibition of giant photos - magazine covers, including February 06 consecrated to Argentina. Every evening from 5pm to 7pm, DJ Carlos Campos (Mood Média) mixes a musical ambience turning around Argentina, making magic the sparkling Jacquart champagne and the little Vogue canapés by Lafayette Gourmet.


At each fair, ATMOSPHERE confirms its role of detecting and revealing the emerging trend, one which tomorrow will prove major. After having presented last summer a leading product which was soon to become cult, Jeans Premium, ATMOSPHERE lets in a breath of Northern air this season, propulsing a selection of designers, from the banks of the Baltic, to the banks of the North Sea. Their commercial/creative profile responds perfectly to the needs of today's distribution.



Faithful to the pertinence of its concept of mixing fashion and transversality, Casabo is true to its position as a universe apart. Visitors come here to be surprised, to discover with all senses awakened.

Departure for a wardrobe of a hundred international collections, from the garment to the accessory.

Departure towards a dressing room of twenty men's wear labels. Departure also for the "Land of Discoveries", grouping around twenty new, structured talents, as well as young designers from the City of Paris' « incubator » - the FFPAPF convention-partnership. And a departure for an exhibition of photos signed Christian Gluckman - intense emotions in the heart of Kamtchatka.

An essential visit to the amazing creative propositions from five former students of the oldest fashion school in the world, Esmod International. From the mystical masculine essentials by Adrien Escaravage - to Sirion Teankaprasith's pure white, universal accessories - to the refined global sensibility from homewear to tuxedos by LesGarcons - to Guillaume Grumel's one of a kind pieces, combining a very personal approach with extreme technicality - to Tobias Wistisen who presents a collection of jewellery for men and women, contrasting luxurious elegance and the rawness of materials such as pewter, brass, silver and leather.


Recommendations :
The « incubator » list: b.Guntner, Barbara i Gongini, Béatrice Szapiro, Fatimatasy, Fleur Breto, Jabe, Karine Jean, Laudine, le Laboratoire d'effets, Phalaenopsis, Ruth Cross, Thierry Villenave, Patricia Roger PR25, Sleepwear, Hélène Eber Specher, Francesca Augustin.



Next to Atmosphere, "the meeting place of fashion and accessory designers," (150 labels and designers,) and CASABO "Discovery, Diversity and Transversality" (80) :
BE TWIN (80) the universe of creative labels which marks its second season with a new design by the Atmosphere architects and with an even more international collection of names which make fashion vibrate.


BE TWIN offers trend fashion, both creative and commercial, affordable for all those who love to play with fashion, by introducing an indispensable, vibrant freshness of today. Here, the attention given to details and trims fixes the look.

Recommendations : The duo Massimiliano Bizzi and Carlo Mariani; WOM(N) ;A LA BONNE RENOMMEE ; SUGAR


The 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor is defined as the heart of fashion with a winning combination of creativity and efficiency: ADRESSE PREMIERE, L'EXPRESSION and Le STUDIO. A universe of well known labels with a strong image, from classic chic to casual to ultra feminine to contemporary.


A real tool box at the service of the independant multi-brand retailer, this season the Performing Boutique invites you to an educational and amusing space. The French Federation for Women's Ready-to-Wear/La Fédération Française du Prêt-à-Porter Féminin teams up with the specialist and the Mod'Spé school to present a new version of the Boutique Performante / Performing Boutique, conceived from a program of conferences, workshops and technical demonstrations. Mod'Spé will continue these activities all through 2006 with a continuing education program developed from these forums.


3rd Floor - Laboratory of New Currents

The 3rd floor opens, transversally and onto the world, with accessories: LE MONDE DES ACCESSOIRES/THE WORLD OF ACCESSORIES and STUDIO ACCESSORIES - an increasingly important section of fashion's turnover. PAVILLONS DU MONDE/PAVILLIONS OF THE WORLD, a space for sourcing and diversion. MOUVANCES, a "short circuit" sector allowing for the readjustment of purchases at the beginning of the season. PICK&MIX, sport-referenced fashion trends for the 15-25 age group, and SHOPCONCEPT, shop fittings and services.

The « Urban & Sport Fashion » Rendezvous, Precursor in the Sector

Expressions of fashion lines from the worlds of sport and contemporary cultures, PICK&MIX targets the 15-25s, reflecting urban culture and consumers courted by both department stores and brand boutiques alike. The universe welcomes a variety of tribes: Urban Sport, Girly, Manga, Bio-Ethique, etc...
Off-beat ambience and decor, the latest performances and happenings; a theme based on the trainer in all its forms, and surprise guests. Over and above the labels Urbanwear and Lolita, graphic artists, artists and DJs will also be there. PICK & MIX is a mix of talents and very energising! PICK & MIX continues in the direction of the emerging current of fashion from sport.


They are the indispensable codes of a wardrobe, generators, by their sheer pertinence, of the season's mood. Glamorous, baroque, ethnic, historic or in a gris-gris trend, essentials to complete a fashion look.



Today's consumers have changed profoundly and have become "consume-actors" or "alternative consumers."

According to statistics (Source: CREDOC) between 25% and 40% believe in "ethical consumerism" and the CSA/Agency BIO barometer states that 37% of the French regularly buy organic products and that 83% consider it a positive thing. The prestigious HEC school follows this trend and beginning February 2006 will include a special program tied to a personal project called "alternative management" - management which is concerned with social, ethical and environmental concerns.

All of these reasons inspired PAPP to showcase the new directions and engagements of our profession in a dedicated space.
Ethical fashion is a fashion of convictions. At the heart of its concerns are the social conditions inherent in manufacturing, and a respect for the environment. In correlation are the themes of fair trade and a preference for natural materials that are organic or recycled. Getting dressed becomes a conscious, thoughtful and engaged act, aimed towards a fairer, cleaner and healthier world.

PAPP reveals and explains the values of this new market by welcoming thirty involved labels to the Ethical Fashion Space on the 3rd Floor.
In this space, fair partners Yamana and their program « Fibre Citoyenne / Citizen Fibre », Ekwo, the Eco-citizen's magazine; and Malongo (coffee and fair trade) will also be present. The intentions of PAPP, and its role, is to detect new markets and to explain them, to reveal and to present them. This is accomplished in the space « Autre Monde, Autre Mode »/« Another World, Another Fashion. »

The goal is to direct visitors towards tomorrow.
In this same educational directive, two round tables on Ethical Fashion and Sustained Development are programmed for Friday and Saturday at 4.30pm (duration - 1h -1h30mins.)



Press Conference, 2nd February 2006 at 12.30pm
Espace Défilés/Fashion Show Space on the 3rd Floor


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