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Vol.07  Issue 01/04, 12.01.2007

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Text sourcing: LMC. Photos : Copyright © 2007, fashionfreak. All rights reserved. All photos taken at LMC 2006.



Lyon Mode City Trends S/S 2007

Beachwear and Lingerie



LMC Trends S/S 2007





Beachwear: All the hot lines

It's been a long time since only a bathing suit and pareo were enough for the beach. Today, we bring a whole wardrobe, since the beach look is also at ease for city wear, evening wear, at homewear or night-time wear. Beachwear collections now focus on vacations and leisure, instead of offering clothes simply for lagoons and faraway beaches. Tunics, short shorts, old-fashioned lace dresses, pants, skirts, jewelled tops and street or retro lines abound with accessories this year... a tidal wave of hats and baskets. The mood is eclectic, rich and joyful, but moves in the same direction: towards pleasure !

Ethnic or exotic treasures, a bohemian attitude tinged with street or rough effects and wild color accents. A "tribal" mood worked for the whole family. An emphasis on the camouflage motif (also for men) in embroidered sequins; or for a tunic, triangle bra and bikini panty or as decorative laser-cut effects - an ultra-modern technique now used as ornamentation.
To note, chocolate accents, a key base color, almost a " new black ", perfectly illustrated in "tribal" outfits, found in nature motifs or covering one-piece suits. Jewelled details are still present but treated with more refinement, such as asymmetric swimsuits.



LMC Trends S/S 2007



Hawaiian Spririt
A wave of colours and a flash of sea foam ride the sport wave. Hawaiian motifs drift in, others make a getaway to Africa or exotic islands. White beachwear with embroidered, placed flower; refined pairings of artistic prints with paintbrush effects; combos of polyamide and sequined Lycra and photo-print motifs. A ideal trend : show off the body in black, bottom-hugging shorts and triangle bra or ultra-low-waisted shorts or tiny panties in bold colours. Show off daringly and add plenty of accessories - hats, ... For men, surfing shorts keep their shape.

Fiesta Fever
Beachwear tinted by the Brazilian sun in a sexy, festive mood, hot feminine accents, extravagant details and a street feel. There's no question about doing things half-way... don't forget this is summertime! Check out surprising multi-fringed, colorful two-piece suits, denim prints or scarves for ultra-light, fatigue-style pants paired with a small, jewel-inset top. Also handworked effects, topstitchings on multi-colored stripes, festival of flamboyant oranges or a line of ruffled beach towels coordinated with bathing suits. For men, small fitted shorts are back.



LMC Trends S/S 2007

Maryan Mehlhorn


Odyssee d'Ete
A hippie chic trend for outdoor glamour or divine, diva-like mermaids. All aboard for a jet-set cruise to Saint-Tropez, Capri, the Greek Islands and even Florida. Here, beachwear is about elegant sunbathing rather than a swim in the water. Swimsuits flirt ostentatiously with embroideries. Tattoo inspiration for bikini and matching bandeau skirt or asymmetric one-piece suit. A placed floral motif and refined tulle for a one-piece suit. White two-piece suits continue with overall beaded panties, or a sporty, sophisticated mood with a front-zipped one-piece suit, embroidered overall in beads and precious stones or games of silvery fabrics. Also on the horizon, more covering, less fitted lines in a definite retro wave : a pin-up Silhouette for a solid one-piece suit with iridescent jewelled detail, a deep black/white décolleté, men's "lifeguard" shorts at Jolidon and Geronimo, or in an Esther Williams mood in radiant yellow and others with 50ties polka dots.



LMC Trends S/S 2007



Lingerie : All for pleasure, all for leisure

What does the lingerie world reveal today? A wave of beach influence! Because though the two worlds have exchanged clever, beautiful procedures for some time now - concerning motifs, fabrics and colours - today the phenomenon is particularly explosive, proving how much body fashion is broadening its field... and its seduction.

Another characteristic: the strong, subtle use of handcrafts with added value: delicate lace edgings, incredibly soft, light knitwear, fabrics incorporating avant-garde fibres (bamboo, Modal, rayon), new technologies, and anti-bacterial, anti-perspiration treatments. Lingerie improves in quality, comfort and modernity... the best way to advance toward the future. Benefiting from all these novelties, two distinct moods exist together:

- Lingerie for pleasure with a refined, intimate, individual luxury,
- and Leisure Lingerie, a generation of products which share a taste for well-being and living well.
In both cases, homewear is the area which now uses these evolutions and style developments, unveiling new wardrobes for the home, at any hour - and for every day.



LMC Trends S/S 2007



A Midsummer Night's Dream
The kingdom of dreams : fairy-like inspirations and references to the past for an intimate sensuality hovering between the marvellous, the refined and the modern.
Examples : deshabille and nightie outfit in classic Toile de Jouy with inset lace, rejuvenated and updated in glacial blue ; black casts its spell, even for summer, sometimes with the sophisticated, energetic pairing of silver lace over black Stretch fabric, or a baby doll, tone-on-tone polka dot top in a "Happy Hour" mood ; an abundance of savoury hues and "dirty" ultra-refined pastels - melon and smoky gray tulle and lace; the short, pink satin teddy which looks good enough to eat.
Other fairy tales: Daring fuchsia and fluorescent tints and sequins; a desire to please and dress up with soft netting and metallic lurex; flaunt it through the night, with pleated tulle over mossy bra cups; retro inspiration in a two-piece featherweight tulle ensemble with laser cut, raw edges.
In all cases, night lingerie has more assurance and flair seen in collections from underwear specialists who now count on little extras : shirt, camisoles, etc...



LMC Trends S/S 2007

Studio Shan


Garden Party
A home mood of domestic prints, delicate, sophisticated effects, masculine-feminine motifs and lines with simple, pretty summer charm. Discover a strong, home decorating influence, as collections show off for both day and evening. The extreme refinement of an off-white lace pattern edged in anise for a bra and Brazilian panty ensemble; a cheerful yellow gingham print; vivid red. Tablecloth-inspired cherry embroideries for a bra and panty ensemble, and surprising dot-embroidered tulle and stretch lace leg warmers. Also emphasized : the presence of yellows and greens from the home take over everywhere, including for large sizes, as in an almond green outfit with Bollywood accents. In the Spotlight also, more sophisticated prints with beachwear or deco influence : laser-cut stencil motif; a graceful, lace-edged, floral satin top; a beach-oriented, masculine / feminine environment in other collections ; energetic mixes of flowers and photo prints; high technology lasercut prints.

Country Club
Casual classicism for a village air and studied, relaxed stripes, small motifs or precise checks. Here lingerie is not just for leisure... typical characteristics, like a stripe festival; resolutely anti-transparent microfibers, the perfect illustration of a more covering trend. Marie-Antoinette Inspiration: mixes of stripes and small 18th Century florals for a little top and double-bottom outfit, or a layered thong and panty follow the desire for new casual blends. The addition of a third piece, an extra little top makes the difference today. And an ideal merchandising argument.

Pyjama Party
An intimate, carefree mood for a night wardrobe which never sleeps. A pure, fresh, cotton, reworked "grandmother" nightshirt, tiny bolero, pants and perky panties. wonderful mixes of knits and wovens and games of cheerful contrasts for cocooning and no fuss well-peing. The evening has only begun. Don't renounce happiness, take advantage of it!


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