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Vol.07  Issue 12/08, 26.12.2007

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A Look Back : Dutch Touch at Pret-A-Porter Paris

The Pret A Porter Paris fair invited The Dutch Fashion Foundation in February 2007



Jan Taminiau



Dutch Touch was present at the Pret-A-Porter Paris fashion universe 'Atmosphere' from February 1st till the 4th and organized two fashion shows which took place on the 1st and the 3rd of February.

The Dutch Touch Campaign has been operating since 2001 in some of the most significant fashion capitals, such as Rome, Paris and New York, with the aim to reach out to other markets in order to introduce them to Dutch design. During this Dutch Touch Paris, Jan Taminiau presented his collection after showing in Antwerp a few days prior and Angelos Bratis, Mada van Gaans and Joline Jolink who had just presented their latest collection at Mercedes-Benz Prelude during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Simultaneously, Joline Jolink was in New York to present her collection during the New York Fashion Week.

Dutch Touch offers a platform for international cluster presentation for upcoming talents in Dutch (fashion) design and aims to give an Impulse to structural collaboration between Dutch talents in fashion related disciplines and private as well as public parties within the international fashion world.

Supported by the Netherlands Culture Fund, Dutch Touch is organized in close collaboration with designers, artists and local partners in New York and Paris. With Dutch Touch returning to Paris in February 2007, the campaign was closing its launching stage of their world tour, after to be followed up in interested rising fashion hubs worldwide.



Jan Taminiau



Dutch Fashion Foundation
The Dutch Fashion Foundation (DFF) positions Dutch fashion on a national and international level by the creation of innovative, high quality Services through which the cultural and economic value of fashion can meet and strengthen each other. Based in Amsterdam, DFF manages a network of the most talented Dutch fashion designers and is a key figure in the creative network of photographers, graphic designers and fashion artists.

The DFF activities of the last few years have led to the interdisciplinary expansion of an (inter)national network with fashion as a vehicle for the creative and professional development of the designers. DFF manages this network to shape a contact point and quality guarantee for all parties, both commercial and non-commercial that wish to work with the highest level of contemporary Dutch fashion.

Through working with this group of designers on an international level, DFF has acquired a strong knowledge, experience and network in and of the international fashion System which can be applied in servicing the partners that make the fulfilment of the DFF mission possible.



Jan Taminiau



Jan Taminiau (SS 07) : Radical Chic
Couturier Jan Taminiau, (1975) comes from a family tradition of antiquaries, decorator's and interior designers. This is the foundation of his passion for rural craft production techniques, antique materials, the search for the ultimate shape and the need for aesthetics. His work has a conceptual undertone without losing eye to elegant femininity. His view on woman for the summer of 07 has a strong sense of 'dare to be different': Playfulness wrapped in the most feminine design. Raw versus couture, tough versus playful.

Radical Chic
With this collection Taminiau presents a playful contrasting look for the summer of 07. Taminiau's ideal woman is flexible, tough, playful and elegant and she is always in control. With loose hair on the motorcycle, defying rain and wind on her way to a chic party. In a trice she changes looks. This is what makes the collection strong and unexpected. The element of sport which Taminiau uses in this collection gives it a powerful nonchalance. It's an almost absurd balance that makes her very sympathetic.

The collection
Big, bigger, biggest, from bonbon to cocktail to finally be turned into a full size dress. All looks can be worn in two different manners. The different layers of this collection are expressed in the sport elements combined with couture. Functionality translated into 'absurdity'. Details such as Julius Caesar's laurel wreath, shin pads and huge Champions belts as worn by boxing Champions refer to a tough sporty feeling.
Contradictions become evident: leather shin pads versus floral lace fabrications and dresses made of delicate fabrics such as silk, tulle, lace and satin combined with rough materials: fabrics from old beachchair cloth and postbag material. Graphics of mud dots and moist grass are combined with the colours red, white, blue, brown, golden, off white and sand.

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