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Vol.07  Issue 02/04, 16.02.2007

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Body Look - Passes the Test with Flying Colours

Igedo Company posts positive results for Body Look event



maryan mehlhorn

maryan mehlhorn



The Igedo Company can also post positive results for its fully booked Body Look event. The 135 exhibitors were satisfied, especially with the rise in visitor numbers: despite the dates clash with the Salon International de la Lingerie (SIL) in Paris over 10,000 trade visitors came to Düsseldorf to gather information on the latest collections for the 2007/08 season (previous event: 3,500).

Buyers attending included 3,800 representatives from dedicated lingerie-only stores as well as 5,000 clothing stores. Furthermore, almost 1,000 buyers from flagship stores, some straight from Paris, came to gather information and make orders in Düsseldorf. The 26.6% rise in the number of new visitors compared to July 2006 - and almost 70% over the same event last year - confirms that Düsseldorf with Body Look has now more than met its claim as the central platform for body, beach and legwear.






"Especially given the dates clash with SIL Body Look has significantly exceeded our expectations," said Igedo Managing Director Frank Hartmann. "The event has developed outstandingly in Düsseldorf and it is now even strengthening Igedo Fashion Fairs as a whole," Hartmann continued. 20% of visitors only attending the Düsseldorf showrooms in the past are now finding their way back to the exhibition centre thanks to Body Look, said Hartmann summing up the initial results of the current visitors survey.

The overriding majority of retailers were in a good, though not euphoric, ordering mood, which could be attributed to the low sales posted by many in the months of December and January. Nevertheless, neither the rise in VAT nor the frequently mentioned reticence to spend on the part of consumers was able to dampen the retailers' confident mood. The order volume for Autumn/Winter 2007/08 stood at 13.1% with the desire to distinguish oneself from the cheap and mass market being a key order criterion here.

Igedo Fashion Fairs Düsseldorf 2008 with Altered Dates
The next Igedo Fashion Fairs will be held at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre from 22 to 24 July 2007.
Also to give exhibitors and visitors a chance to plan ahead the Igedo Company announced its 2008 dates at a final press conference: as an exception due to Carnival week celebrations next year the Igedo Fashion Fairs Düsseldorf will be held from 10 to 12 February. After numerous talks held with the sector the summer event is to run from 27 to 29 July 2008.

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