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Vol.07  Issue 05/02, 11.05.2007

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Interselection April 2007, Paris



Interselection 04/2007

Forum : Trend Winter 07/08
(Update) : Life in Blue.



Interselection 04/2007

Forum : First Trends for Spring/Summer 2008



Interselection 04/2007

Interselection does not only
offer apparel but also shoes
and other accessories.



The Show : Providing Information & Driving the Market
Interselection featured more than 350 companies presenting 1000 collections, selected on the basis of their ability to offer a permanent source of fashion innovations, recognised creative flair and reactivity with regard to delivery times. Items, which are important for the increasing number of collections per year.

Because the market is no longer dictated by the traditional pace of two seasonal collections. According to a survey of fifty leading European retailers and brands carried out by the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) in January 2007, a rate of 4 collections per year are currently released.
In 2001, German brands were already offering 5 collections per year on average. And major European order-initiators see a further increase within the next three years up to 6.8 collections per year, which means more than 3 collections per season.

The number of collections is also depending on the brands' market position : while low-end brands offer 5 collections, mid-range offer 6 collections and the top-end offer only 3 collections per year on average.


Interselection 04/2007

Interselection catwalk



The Forum - Trends Winter 07/08 and Summer 2008
Vistors and of course exhibitors as well could find latest information about the six key looks for next Winter (Update):
Knit Maniac / Round & Square / Coats & Co
Life in Blue / Masculine / Sweet Rebel.
And the first Trends for Summer 2008 :
Sporty - Chic / Ethno - Mix.

The Catwalk Show
The show, held twice a day, was divided in two parts : - the brands fashion show and - the trends fashion show, a perfect inspiration and instant overview of the must-haves for the next Winter season and also already for Summer 2008.



J.L.Francois F/W 2007

Jean Luc François


One of the new exhibitors, designer Jean Luc François, presented a part of his Fall/Winter Collection 2007. His designs are skirts, dresses, shirts and jackets with jewellery-effects. He creates garments which are original, a bit unusual, easy-to-wear, but elegant.

Another designer, Lamine Kouyaté, better known as Xuly Bët, announced his partnership with CMT Windfield for his Summer 2008 Collection "Xuly.Bët Edition". This collection is intended for large distribution and will comprise about forty pieces.


Trend Information see Title-Page

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