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Vol.08  Issue 12/08, 15.12.2008

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Text: PAPP.




PRÊT À PORTER PARIS, "The Heart of Fashion"

Autumn-winter 09/10



Every season, PRÊT À PORTER PARIS®, "the heart of fashion", innovates, invents and goes ever further for its fashion labels and its visitors. With a fashion offering of 1500 labels, PRÊT À PORTER PARIS® has added a Fashion Arts Culture circuit to decrypt the trends, express the must-haves of the season, and explain the desires and aspirations of tomorrow.

The watchword is, as always, NEW.
It even becomes the theme of the expo in January, on this occasion installed in 2 halls: Hall 3 and Hall 7, for an invitation to voyages in fashion from Tokyo to Stockholm via Rio and Los Angeles, before finally landing in Paris.

PRÊT À PORTER PARIS, it's fashion in life.
BREATHE the spirit of the times... INSPIRE yourself for tomorrow.


PAPP® = Trends & influences
Explosion de Modes decodes the trends for winter 2010, in silhouettes, in images, across lines. Putting the spotlight on tomorrow with 4 international experts and SAS, with Pantone and WGSN.

PAPP = 10 universes
The best of trends and labels segmented into 10 universes for a coherence of the offer available. New: PRÊT À PORTER PARIS® is in Hall 3 and Hall 7.

PAPP = Must See
More than an expo, a deciphering of trends and the names of tomorrow, and a cultural enrichment with expositions and installations by new artists, fashion shows and label events.

DECODING TOMORROW'S TRENDS AND DESIRES: an introduction to tomorrow
EXPLOSION DE MODES, trends for winter 09/10
Unique in its genre, the Trends area of PRÊT À PORTER PARIS decodes how the taste of an epoch is formed, and spotlights the desires of tomorrow. 500m2 to express trends and understand the influences of other artistic universes on fashion. A real buyer's guide to the best of the season, it invites international experts of fashion, art and the press. An enriching analysis, because fashion is moving ever faster.

From January 2009, to make the work of professionals easier, and emphasize the labels and new names, the universes will be assembled around 3 market typologies:
The universe of the heart of the market / FASHION AND ACCESOIRES With the launch of GO EASY & GO MAGIC. Mixing casual and chic, women demand more of it.

A hyper-feminine fashion with an accessible price, which creates envy and desire, from "fantasy" to ethnic, from fashion to accessories.

Reference labels for renown, and for image. Glam chic or chic casual, they tell their own stories and sagas, creating a lifestyle. Their recognition is international.

The universe of designers and creatives

"The place to live Fashion", a private club of avant-garde labels with strong notoriety... with a hip selection of powerful creators and brands, both rising and established. Partnerships with the most cutting-edge international events such as On|Off and DANSK or the magazine MIXTE. The COMING SOON space exhibits an international NEW GEN.

THE BOX "The rendezvous for creators of accessories" in a luxury designer showcase, within a high fantasy concept, with a BELGIAN DESIGNERS SPECIAL, including some of the best known such as Jean Paul Knott as well as new talents like Isabelle Lenfant, winner of the prix PARIS CAPITALE DE LA CREATION.

CREATIVE BY Today's creative labels, with a larger diffusion. A FASHION RIO BUSINESS SPECIAL with a selection of Brazilian labels.

The new markets

Fashion for voluptuous women. 100% fashion labels for large sizes. Presenting a selection with a fashion and quality standpoint.

The universe of fast fashion, creative mid-market and upmarket labels that deliver in 60 days. The twin of the Italian expo LINK.IT



For ethical fashion. The pioneering universe of organic, faire-trade and recycling. 80 labels of today for essential basics from international designers.
Installations by fashion creators who are also designers, because ethical fashion is an attitude for life. Cross-cutting, So Ethic brings together committed partners who are at your service: Malongo, Max Haavelar, Toyota, Ekwo, Yamana

Today, street fashion rhymes with street art: there's no fashion without culture. The vocation of Shibuya is to be a melting-pot of creation. Offering a selection of hip labels, both new and well known, with specific collections such as from Lee Cooper and Lou Doillon, Reebok and freestyles... A gathering of designers from all horizons: fashion-art-graphics-lettering-poetry for collective inspirations.

Everything not to be missed at PRÊT À PORTER PARIS
An indispensable To Do list for a FASHION, NEW & TRENDS circuit!

New Gen
From Tokyo to Copenhagen via Rio and Los Angeles Spaces in each universe: Coming Soon presents the new generation of Japanese designers in ATMOPHERE'S, new discoveries in THE BOX, the most arty in SHIBUYA, Andrea Crews and her collective at SO ETHIC, the Brazilians at CREATIVE BY, Los Angeles not to be missed

Fashion shows: labels and trends in movement and action!

Decrypting trends, international influences and expectations for tomorrow at EXPLOSION DE MODES. 500 m2 with two partners Pantone and WGSN.

New concept: The labels showcase
The fashion labels invite you to penetrate into their universe. They anticipate the desires of women, transpose them through their own image and make them ever more beautiful. Examples of innovation, of creation, of the stories of labels, they invent and perform.

Neo-surrealism invites itself to THE BOX
Belgian designers Isabel Lenfant, Coppens and JeanPaulKnott inspire and create very poetic accessories.

SHIBUYA opens its doors to street artists. Fashion and Art mix together once again at PRET A PORTER PARIS with a gallery dedicated to talents that will be remembered.

Fast fashion at
Desires for change, desires for the spirit of the time, desire to zap around, the labels track and sniff out all the desires in order to satisfy them. Delivery in 60 days

Sustainable development and the respect for the environment were the watchwords for 20 labels at its beginnings in January 2006. SO ETHIC now presents the work of 80 designers who think of fashion as organic and trendy.

Prêt à Porter Paris® asked 70 trendsetters, underground creators, renowned stylists, designers and graphic designers to relook the Nabaztag rabbit for a traveling exhibition between fashion and hi-tech.
In 2009, all the incredible, fun and flashy looks of this communications beastie will be appearing in social entertainment areas in New York, Berlin and Tokyo. The emblematic avatar will live it up before being the star of an auction at the end of the year, with proceeds going to the WWF. To be connected

A SUIVRE: With SO SWEET, the universe that loves curves: the expo gives the platform to women from UK sizes 18 to 28 who represent 30% of the market, 2000 companies in Italy against 30 in France, which are still hidden!

The Boutique Performante, where experts are there to listen and advise you on tomorrow's merchandising, new window-dressing concepts, and performance tools for multi-label retailers. Discover creative ideas to add value to your products and make them more attractive, and take advantage of service propositions to optimize your client-relationship and win customer loyalty. There are also specific events designed to create a real dialogue between the different players in retail prêt à porter.
The Fashion Escort service, situated at the entrance of the expo, is available to you to inform you about all the labels and everything new, and to guide you through the universe corresponding to your requirements.

The Comptoir des Sens in THE BOX
The Magazine area with all the international magazines and the Fashion Daily bar.



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