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Vol.08  Issue 09/01, 11.09.2008

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Showtime For Malaysian Fashion Designers At



Malaysian Designer

Nazleen Noor



Malaysia is determined to position itself to be the next best place to source for creative, unique and high quality designs. The local fashion industry is growing tremendously, with new young talents booming out of the woodwork and presenting fashion in a whole new perspective.
Backed with reliable and strong manufacturing capacities, the industry is now beginning to grow out of the couture only environment and is headed towards a ready-to-wear industry.

In general Malaysian designs exemplify a fusion of traditional and modern elements. Malaysian designers who have mostly studied the art of fashion designing abroad have leveraged on these opportunities of unique elements and have produced extraordinary collections ranging from luxurious to futuristic and chic designs which are a mix between the east and western influence.
Malaysian fashion is also enriched by a traditional craft called batik which is regarded as an exquisite part of the national image and true ethnic identity of Malaysia.
Batik is usually handmade with original intricate designs which differs from one another and mostly inspired by the nature surrounding interweaving mimics of life and the environment.



Malaysian Designer

Melinda Looi



Malaysia has proven itself capable of producing internationally recognized fashion icons such as Jimmy Choo and Zang Toi whose global recognition has been the pride of the country. Having well known fashion icons and young talented designers to spearhead the industry with a constant flow of innovative fashion leadership and ideas will prove that Malaysian fashion will make its mark in the world.
This year at Who's Next , we had here with us Jimmy Choo himself who had come to support and encourage his fellow friends, the 10 participating Malaysian designers. Jimmy Choo has always been the idol and focal point for almost all Malaysian Designers to seek for fashion advice.

This year for the first time, 10 of Malaysia's most talented and vibrant designers were presented showcasing their personal sense of style through their collections at Who's Next 2008. The Malaysian designers presented for Who's Next 2008 consists of skillful and vibrant designers who had won many accolades.
They offer designs suitable for all occasions such as casual, office and evening wears. With designing and manufacturing facilities, these designers are also able to offer buyers creative designs, concepts, manufacturing capabilities and logistics solutions. These Malaysian designers are seeking for collaboration, business partnerships and also to connect with clothing enterprises to highlight Malaysia's design excellence and diversity.



Malaysian Designer




The 10 participating designers / labels :
Eve / Gallo / Jendela KL / JTM / KN Key Ng
Khoon Hooi / Melinda Looi / Mira Zarna / Nazleen Noor / Tom Abang Saufi


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