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From 23rd to 26th January, Hall 7 Hall of Porte de Versailles, PRET A PORTER PARIS® is setting the tone for Autumn-Winter 2010-2011. For 4 days, you are submerged in the trends that will thrill this new decade.

Always in motion, PRET A PORTER PARIS® continues to metamorphose to allow visitors capture the spirit of the times. With Philippe Blondez, the new artistic director, the space is redesigned, energized, and dramatized, and made clearer and more convivial. This new design goes hand in hand with new services. On, you can immediately prepare your visit by targeting brands, themes or trends. You may also make an appointment with a personal shopper for a made-to-measure program. After the show, on the website, you can find a virtual cloakroom of the small brands that are rising, as well a best-of from the major labels. This allows you to refine and strengthen your choice.

Always more cutting-edge, PRET A PORTER PARIS® presents the leading trendsetters. At her trends forum, Explosion de modes, Alexandra Senes decrypts the Parisienne 2.0, the woman who will be center-stage in the months to come, and who is at the same time techno, responsible and ultra-fashionable. As for Nadège Winter, the trendsetter of the moment, she will be inaugurating a new rendezvous. Starting this year, each season a personality will set up her dressing room at Atmosphère's and allow us to discover her five favorite labels: a concrete tool to capture the desires of the most sharpest fashionistas.

Always innovative, PRET A PORTER PARIS® continues to develop bridges between the different territories of creation with its circuit of fashion, arts and culture. But it is also interested in other points of view. This season, the doors are opened to the general public through a very "web" operation. Live and online, but especially via images, films, words and photos, three bloggers allow all those who want to be connected to discover the show.


New at PAPP

The new clothes of PRET A PORTER PARIS®
The news this season is that PAPP is having a makeover. PRET A PORTER PARIS® intends to be in the spirit of the times, to be more concrete, richer, more "inspiring". The makeover this season for PAPP has been entrusted to Philippe Blondez. This multitalented hyperactive traveling between Paris and London is a graduate in fine arts from the Institut Saint Luc, Brussels. He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine BIL O K, organizer of exhibitions and festivals, and creator of performances and books. And he has now cast his eye on the PAPP space.
Just like the salon itself, he is a personality who loves art as much as fashion, who mixes codes to bring out trends and points of strength. His objectives are to dramatize the space, make it more concrete, richer, and more inspiring. To bring his ideas to life, he has commissioned amazingly sharp talents such as Lovisa Burfitt, a Swedish Illustrator living in France who interprets the trends with her own personal and girly style. Developing the theme of this edition, "Les Parisiennes 2.0.", Philippe Blondez has energized the areas with graphical elements, but also simplified the visit through practical tools. We follow its crosscutting paths.

PRET A PORTER PARIS® weaves its network
A before- and an after-exhibition: these are the two new services offered on the site of Prêt à Porter Paris, In this way, you can prepare your visit by locating the brands corresponding to your buying criteria.



Are you looking for new brands with sportswear looks, green collections or ranges of large sizes? Simply enter your requirements to define a made-to-measure circuit. Another opportunity is to make an appointment online with a personal shopper to develop an even more exact program that lets you go straight to your goal. After the salon, you can clarify your choices by exploring the virtual showroom of small brands. Photos, references, contacts... it is a showcase for all the young designers without agency or press office. A practical guide to locate those who will be creating tomorrow's fashion. Another essential tool: a memory aid that offers you a best-of selection from the major labels to give you a precise vision of the season's strongest pieces, to confirm your choices or to reorient your purchases. New and innovative tools to facilitate and catalyze the contacts between all players in the world of fashion.

More and more services
Need to reserve a table in a prestigious restaurant? Find a room in a designer hotel? Get two seats for a show? Buy air or train tickets in a hurry? Or to get access to a hip soirée, rent a chauffeured limousine chauffeur or even a helicopter or jet? Head for the concierge. To facilitate the lives of visitors, PAPP is collaborating with MYconcierge and proposes a service worthy of a palace. A new way to reach for the stars!

Hub, hub, hub, Hooray!
PRET A PORTER PARIS® for the first time ever is opening up to the general public! Thanks to the web, it is opening a window onto the show and trends for autumn-winter 2010-2011. To put this project into action, PRET A PORTER PARIS® has contacted three distinctively talented leading bloggers. The first is an illustrator, the second is a pro of street-style, and the last is a fanatic for looks. On their blogs, in the days leading up the opening, they will each talk in their own way about the leading international fashion rendezvous. Then, live from 23 to 26 January, on both their sites and, they use drawings, images and words to describe their adventures at the salon. This direct reporting will be completed by other reports, conferences and interviews broadcast online. In this same spirit of openness and new views, PAPP is organizing an exhibition on the Parisienne 2.0. What will she look like in Los Angeles, Berlin or even Istanbul? A street-style photo exhibition will present the best snapshots. Plenty for you to find inspiration.

Zoom in on "Vestiare de ..." Things are always in motion at Atmosphère's. This edition invites you to a new rendezvous: "Vestiare de ..." (Dressing room of ...). The concept? A space is entrusted to a personality of fashion who presents her five favorite labels. Each season will host a new name and vision in the trends universe. Nadège Winter is the first famous trendsetter to participate in the game. Between her collaborations with many brands and advertising agencies with her agency NWA, her mission as stylist for Wool and the Gang knitwear kits and for an ethical and luxury jewellery brand JEL, her role as producer for web-television, her appearances as DJ, her line of recycled t-shirts and her actions to promote eco-glamour, she has found the time to share her favorite fashion items. She brings us into her fun, offbeat, ultra-sharp and green-chic universe.

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