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Paris Hair Days : Summary

An innovating concept to inspire the world of hairdressing






Paris Hair Days

Alexandre de Paris



Paris Hair Days




Paris Hair Days

Mazella & Palmer



When excellence and an outstanding public that knew what it wanted got together they ensured the success and promise of the first Paris Hair Days.

Even though the numbers of visitors were not as high as expected, (1345 visitors, 60% professionals and 40% schools), the quality of the event's original programme attracted top stylists including 10% from foreign countries.

The public loved what was offered and enthusiastically gave some standing ovations to a line-up that was both eclectic and prime quality. All the looks were there - the cutting-edge technique of the British teams like Toni & Guy, Mazella & Palmer, Trevor Sorbie..., the benchmark elegance of French deluxe with Jean-Luc Minetti for Alexandre de Paris, the latest trends from Bruno Weppe, the lyrical style of Marisol- and an evening of talent by Tribute Show with Laurent Decreton, Desmond Murray, Andrew Collinge, Sassoon, Angelo Seminara.

A made-to-measure programme with non-stop shows, workshops and podiums in a brand new format that met with general acclaim. Rodolphe from "Colore par Rodolphe" told us, "An event representing everything I love about hairdressing - elegance, style, restraint. The artists were the creme de la creme; the first time people talked trends, some real insights; just so hip! I went away from Paris Hair Days with a spring in my step because I'd seen some great things; I was proud of my job and it's that image of the trade that I'd like to come across."

The Carrousel du Louvre, a well-known venue with kudos, brought together artists and visitors in a perfect setting for this exclusive display and enhanced the talents and skills of an entire industry. The cherry on the cake ...

The fair also aimed at giving young hairdressing students from the nurseries of tomorrow's talent access to this inspiring, exalting event. It was open to them on Monday afternoon with a programme hosting schools from the Paris region and French provinces. An event like Paris Hair Days is a key for French hairdressing to open the door to the world-famous Paris, Capital of Fashion and Design movement and earn its pedigree.



Paris Hair Days

Trevor Sorbie



Paris Hair Days

Toni & Guy



Paris Hair Days

Bruno Weppe






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