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Photos & Text : Manish Arora / Jitrois




Impressions Pret-A-Porter S/S 2014

Manish Arora / Jean Claude Jitrois






PaP S/S2014



PaP S/S2014



PaP S/S2014



Jitrois Spring/Summer Collection 2014

Following a visit to this year’s summer exhibition at Paris’ Grand Palais, Dynamo, Jean Claude Jitrois endeavored to incorporate the exhibition’s interest in the relationship between space, light and movement into his spring/summer 2014 collection. As every work and installation at Dynamo demanded the viewer’s full engagement and participation, so does every piece in this collection serve to engage with and enable the Jitrois woman’s desire to elegantly seduce in her evermore active and demanding life.

Starting with his invention of stretch leather in 1995 and later the ‘skin jean’ line in 1998, Jean Claude Jitrois has been dedicated to creating leather couture which allows ease of movement. For spring/summer 2014, many elements of sportswear – pseudo-fluoro colours and the humble trackpant - have been borrowed and adapted in stretch leather and suede. The omnipresence of black in the hardware of jackets and dresses is a new departure for the label. Soft drapes, notably in the fall of a loose suede sleeve, are offset with the return of the glossy, ultra-streamlined ‘Minoray’ line - first created in 1998 for the iconic Helmut Newton calendar.

The dynamism and exaggerated aesthetics of the 1960s and 1970s provide the key inspiration for this collection. The vision of the sixties’ Neo-Futurists for the architectural yet functional has been regenerated using digital graphic design to create prints, as well as surprisingly supple water-cut leatherwork and delicate bead latticework interwoven with elastic. The graphic set design of William Klein’s 1966 satirical film Qui Etes-vous, Polly Magoo lends stark monochrome elements, and the film provoked our collaboration with Laurent Weiss, whose bamboo stripes subtly echo those of Klein’s iconic backstage scene.

Jitrois – a brand apart in its imagining of leather, fur and suede – is now entering its fourth, fabulous decade. We wish to thank old friends and new friends for your continued support and love as we adventure into the future, and the forever.






PaP S/S2014



PaP S/S2014



PaP S/S2014



manish arora Spring/Summer Collection 2014

Josephine Baker goes raving for Manish Arora's Spring Summer 2014 collection.

Athletic sportswear meets the opulent energy and independent female spirit of the roaring twenties. Drop-waisted flapper silhouettes are re-imagined in sporty jersey and french terry in a juicy palette of banana yellow, sherbert pink, fuschia and mint green; updating the original party girls of the Charleston era for the 21st century.

Art deco accents punctuate the collection from fruit-adorned jewellery recalling Josephine Baker's bananas, through to a Great Gatsby-esque chandelier print. A graphic black and white Victor Vasarely inspired motif evokes the restaurant tiles of smoky Paris bars and heady nights in the City of Light.

Sequin embroidery nods to the heroines of women's liberation such as Amelia Earhart in the shape of aeroplanes and lipstick motifs, whilst deco-esque perfume bottles, staircases and ballrooms fuse into futuristically vibrant, psychedelic prints on waterproof parkas. Armfuls of fluoro bead bangles transport us back to acid house hedonism, paired with club kid backpacks. Reflector fabric flashes throughout the collection, embodying the strobe lights of club nights, on textured sequin sweatshirts, embroidered borders and sporty shoelaces that appear on the debut collection of Manish Arora shoes - complete with signature pink heart sole.






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