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Norisol Ferrari- American Designer visits Paris






Norisol Ferrari



Norisol Ferrari



Norisol Ferrari

Norisol Ferrari was born in New York of Venezuelan decent. From an early age this independent free-spirited youth designed and created costumes for herself, which eventually led her into the fashion industry.

She began spending her time interning with some of the best designers, giving her a deep routed foundation in tailoring. This soon led to travels throughout Spain, Italy, England and France, giving her the experience to work with some of the most revered artisans.

Once she returned to the States, Norisol took her experience and focused on these traditions. Each garment begins first by sourcing the finest material's, then engineering function while exploring the perfect fit always using some of the world's greatest craftsmen.

The collection is sold by appointment in the New York atelier, Maxfield LA, Hirshleifers and privately at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Norisol resides in Manhattan, shows her collection in Paris and spends much of her personal time traveling to warmer climates.






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