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I.L.M Winter Style 2016

Trends F/W 2016






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I.L.M WS 2016



I.L.M WS 2016



I.L.M WS 2016



„Athleisure“ „Modern Contemporary“ „New Business“ Start-up and Agitation. Variety on the winning track! No clear limits between the genres – A pointed mise-en-scène and striking messages.

Seldom before we experienced that full range of commercial and newly interpreted trend topics as we do this winter 2016/17.

A rich mix of culture and patterns mark the season. The range spans from a sporty, subtle, lovely flower mix up to small squared Pepita or Glencheck. Definitely style-determining are still sportiness and the casual look that more and more influence the business section. Knitwear and jersey conquer jackets & co. as comfortable drapes.

A uniform look is yesterday’s. The silhouette gets ample and the ‘Marlene’ comes out on top. The waistline is the new center accentuated by belts from thin to very broad. Long cardigans of most various materials e.g. wool crepe and coarse-meshed knitwear. Coats, also worn indoors, are quite voluminous yet very lightweight. The focus is again on the pantsuit that has been revived and is liked to be seen with joggpants or boot-cut trousers in combination with slim and shoulder-accentuated blazers. Ribbon blouses or ribbons as neck scarves compete with roll necks. This is all about a modern revision of the 70s intermixed with influences of both the 60s and the 80s.

„The future is to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

The I.L.M Trend Topics of the season are:
• Native Clan
• Neo Goth
• Power Purist
• Urban Patchwork

Color– and Trend Topic: Native Clan The colors in very natural nuances creating a warm autumn sentiment: monk brown, dark mahogany, and fir green are the basis – night sky blue and evergreen supply the refinement. Warmth comes into play by steppe orange and chili red, beige contributes elegance. The sparkling highlight is copper metallic that contributes to the colors a sense of new adventures.

Color– and Trend Topic: Neo Goth Mystic and legendary, even dramatic to allure us to other dimensions. Stretchlimo black as central star gyrated by the shade of gemstones like emerald green up to ruby red. Dark velvet blue and violet-black create dramatics. Orion blue and silver attribute an intergalactic flair. Chili red and a rusty orange contrast as warm comets. A topic where metallic, whether black or colored, is predominant.

Color– and Trend Topic: Power Purist Bombastic and minimalist – long-known versions transfer to new and modern ones: the base is of subtle and soft non-colors like shade gray, grayed pearl blue, pure gray and pure white. Shades with a touch of gray and dark nuances of Bordeaux, faint rose and winter petrol supply a frame. Flame red stands for signals, a shining night blue for statements. A topic for matt-shine contrasts and a tonal material mix.

Color– and Trend Topic: Urban Patchwork Shining color tones stand against the urbane winter blues – meant for creating positive energy. Vibrant violet competes with fuchsia and lemon yellow. Winter turquoise and a deep orange create new combination possibilities. Ketchup red stands per se. Rose beige and bronze brown stand for a down-to-earth effect. A warm black is a calm anchor. The surfaces vary from matt-rubberized over cloudily whisked up to lacquer – often multicolored with crumply effect.

1 | Native Clan | Mood Highlander meets native Canadian. A pure winter topic that goes on with the Boho Look of the summer and that resists to all weathers.

Native Clan | Look_Women Touch with nature is the central theme. The material itself reflects this wide range with felt, woolen elements and velour leather. Oversized, coarse-knitted pullovers and ponchos with maxi patchwork-dresses. Voluminous mantas with striking motifs and fringed rims. New squares for maxi skirts and cropped flares in combination with short coats and fur collar. More modest interpretations are the voluminous midi coats presented with light sportswear aspects as well as culottes. Militaria coats with metal buttons or flap pockets and lumberjack-like jackets and plaids guarantee outdoor character.

Native Clan | Bags_Women The bags, too, also reflect natural attributes: backpacks with fur and skin stand for the luxurious side of the topic. Saddle bags of firm and lubricated leather are the templates for shoppers, Kelly variations, and new business bags. Material patchwork with velour and smooth leather creates variety for hobos, satchels and flap bags. Paisley and carpet patterns represent ethnic attributes. The shapes vary between saddle bags with rounded edges and horizontal-format sling bags, new bowling variations and backpacks. Braiding, contrasting attributes, fringes of new dimensions and applications build the decoration. Metal parts are modestly applied and used in bronze or blackened gold.

2 | Neo Goth | Mood Sheer gloomy romantic. Donned and opulent. Game of Thrones as a source of inspiration.

Neo Goth | Look Women Lace, velvet, fringes and frills – of course in black. Contrasting materials determine the topic: rich brocade and cool cotton, soft velvet and sumptuous skin. Fur pullovers combined with transparent, pleated chiffon skirts. Tops with tuxedo attributes and the vintage denim pants with rivet trimming. Layering in a new interpretation: business costume with flounce skirt and an extra-long rib-pat cardigan on top of it. New biker jackets with frightening rivets and a lace-trimmed mini skirt. Protective coats of bonded wool with leather trimming. In general the skirt is a parvenu: feminine, full-length, full width or as lengthened pencil version. Denim in decorated or destroyed look.

Neo Goth | Bags Women The shapes are of an extreme richness of variations: from nano cross-body bags over classic shopper- and handbag variations up to the backpack. Satchels, voluminous sling bags and backpacks stand out with distinctive zippers and accentuated frames. The crucial effect is the thematic decoration: clasps show snake-, dragon-, or rose motifs. Rivets or eyelets of most various sizes transform the bags to real artwork. Fringes of new dimensions: detachable from the zippers or broad with contrasting lacquer. Stitching and embossing are refreshed by vice-versa application or asymmetry. Nappa in a mix with fur structures. Main points are brought out by new material like tulle, velvet and feathers.

3 | Power Purist | Mood Hyper clearness and cool understatement. A cleared topic that continues the play with length and width. New Look Contemporary.

Power Purist | Look Women Avant-garde cocooning at its best. Ultralight, voluminous, soft. Determined by casual silhouettes, in parts waist-enhanced by broad to mega-broad belts. ‘Ultra coats’ and long vests characterize the look. Width follows width – the combination of smoothly flowing maxi coats with an extreme ‘Marlene’ is key. What is new are sleeveless overalls over roll necks and sculptural-like sleeve shapes at coats and long jackets. New pantsuits combine the classic blazer with boot-cut trousers or jersey joggpants. Over it an unlined midi coat, both fit for in-, and outdoor. Geometric color blocks bring graphic freshness.

Power Purist | Bags Women Clearly structured designs that modernize the bags by innovative details. The sizes vary from medium to XL. The shapes are highly expressive – reaching from trapezoid over rectangular to square format. Smart backpacks, vertical-, and horizontal shoppers as well as new interpretations of the classics play a leading role. The leather is matt, highly polished with slight surface texture or with innovative Saffian embossing. Metal attributes are either sculpturally outstanding like, for example, ring-shaped handles and flat strap fixation or they are extremely modest. Oversized zippers, voluminous front pockets, and unusual zipper positions create new proportions.

4 | Urban Patchwork | Mood 80s Power Club unites with 70s Bedford Granny. Fur and trash, glam and sports – a contrasty topic that brings fun into the dull season.

Urban Patchwork | Look Women Any combination, any style element is welcome. Waisted biker jackets of woolen velour together with a shortened baggypant and in combination with a tight roll neck. Or more straight-lined as sportswear revival in jazzy colors: down coat, slim pants and overknee boots, colorblock pantsuit, hoody rain cape with sporty aspects. Blouson and culottes. Coats are again a must either as maxi down or as a long fur drape with graphic inlaid work. We see vintage appeals in Jacquard allover and fur aspects or extra-long in wool squares. Classic meets Pop – Neo Vintage unites with Neo Sportswear. The individual mix is it.

Urban Patchwork | Bags Women Retro elements and citations from the bag history are transferred to the here and now. Concertina-like pleats add pizazz to compact handbags. Front pockets -removable by zippers - that serve as clutches bring a wind of change to Kelly variations. Plain mini fun bags or ‘cuddle-teddy’ bags are the absolute Kitsch factors. New color block variations for saddle bag items, shoppers and hand-helds. Statement prints like Comic- or Graffity-allover are vitally spanning over all the formats. Signal effects also come up by details: fixing of the handles, belts and zip pullers in a strong color contrast, chain links coated with leather as handles or shoulder straps. Being up for something new!



I.L.M WS 2016



I.L.M WS 2016



I.L.M WS 2016






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