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Salon International de la Lingerie 2018







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Lise Charmel






SIL 2018

Lise Charmel



SIL 2018




SIL 2018

Lise Charmel



The Salon International de la Lingerie and Interfilière Paris closed their doors Monday 22 January on an edition that stood out with high energy and a fresh vision for the entire industry.

The 2018 event, with a wealth of new directions and innovations in a completely revamped setting, was praised by exhibitors and buyers. The new format was a winner! Special events located throughout Hall 1 clearly expressed a modern image of the lingerie/loungewear markets through finished products, fabrics, and accessories all undergoing complete transformations. In tune with this context, Eurovet is ahead of the game with the launch of The Lingerie Place, its online platform for industry information and contacts.

Both trade shows were in sync with the numerous top-profile international professionals who attended. And both shows saw constant activity at the booths during all three days. Praise was unanimous for the quality of the new tools to help buyers, exhibitors, and media, and for the edition's exceptional energy.

Eurovet's mission is to be an ambassador for change and the driving force for the sector. True to its Manifesto, which lays out the company's foundations and values, Eurovet confirmed its philosophy with its commitment during the three-day event.

Inspiration and forecasting were the watchwords! Eurovet revolutionised its trade show approach with a unique program focusing on retail. The session included powerful, innovative tools such as a Retail Report, retail store tours, and boutique relooking.

The Forum, set up like a Parisian flagship store, offered trend and retail inspiration and was very popular with all the professionals, exhibitors, and buyers. The space was a key hub for making new contacts, enjoying discussions, and sharing. Full of life, it was a indicator of the show's overall mood.

As both a forecaster and reflection of its era, the Salon International de la Lingerie broke the codes in this edition with new scenograpy, new booths, and new communication techniques to promote brands. It was a 180° change of direction for a new age of consumption. Each year the trade show's offer expands in an expression of an immense diversity of styles.

Backed up by an extensive events program, the Salon International de la Lingerie gave participants an edition that was truly a pleasure.

THE SALON INTERNATIONAL DE LA LINGERIE: Strong attendance by key buyers!
The Salon International de la Lingerie confirmed its appeal with a slight overall rise in visitors, and a 12% boost in attendance by key buyers.

The show is a major attraction for buyers around the world, with a French/international ratio of 36% / 64% (the same as January 2017). The trade show also saw growth in buyer numbers from North America (especially the USA), Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, and Spain.

Buyers from the biggest names in international distribution attended the show, which benefitted from an increase in leading e-commerce players, concept stores, and ready-to-wear retailers.






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