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Vol.06  Issue 02/08, 18.02.2006

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Text : SIL, Paris. Photos : Copyright © 2006, fashionfreak. All rights reserved. All pictures taken at SIL 2006, Paris.



Salon International de la Lingerie (SIL) 2006 Summary

Still leading the field, the future looks bright for




Ultra Lingerie

Award for Extravagance
Creation by LEJABY
with contribution of









Ultra Lingerie

Jury’s Special Prize
Elise ANDEREGG with




Despite a slight decrease of about five per cent in numbers of visitors compared to last year, this session was highly satisfactory. All the major brand-label retailers were present, particularly French and foreign department stores.

A total number of 22,784 visitors attented the SIL with Italy, Belgium and Spain being at the top.

Mrs Christine Lagarde, Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade opened the fair in the presence of Lucien Deveaux, President of Eurovet and Patrice Kretz, President of the Salon International de la Lingerie.

Madame La Ministre was keen to underline the prominent position of the lingerie sector which remains a flagship French industry: 'As well as being a highly creative sector, the industry is also extremely export-focused and uses a high-level of technology. The inherent innovations and export results reported ensure that the industry makes a major contribution to French excellence.'



Enchanting! The 'Fablissime' Ultra Lingerie show bewitched 850 invited guests, who were instantly charmed by the theatricality, décors and designs proposed by the Salon International de la Lingerie brands and labels, working in conjunction with the Interfilière fabric designers.

The challenge was to create a backdrop against which fifty creative brands and thirty weavers – 'fabric designers' – could showcase lingerie at its very best. Unique, one-off pieces, veritable costumes, created specially for the event: Frenchstyle “haute couture” lingerie.

Enthusiastic and creative, the participants in this third edition of the show worked on the theme 'FABLISSIME', inspired by fantastical fairytales, the stuff of myths and legends ...
An enchanting universe where fanciful creatures dwell ...


A jury of 17 key players from the lingerie and fashion industry carried out a “blind” vote to elect the Ultra Lingerie Award winners:

The 'Award for Extravagance' recognising creative flair and the most effective incarnation of the spirit of legend went to LEJABY for its “Bird of Paradise”, created in conjunction with ANYA PARIS, SOPHIE HALLETTE and TEXTILES EN BIAIS.

The silhouette of an exotic creature glimpsed through a dark night. Part woman, part bird of paradise, she plays on her unsettling and bewitching powers of seduction, sweeping charming princes off on marvellous voyages to distant lands.

Her outfit, customised by Anya Paris features a laceup corseted bustier in black Chantilly lace, creating shadows on her skin, as light as a night breeze. The contours of her perfect figure are rendered sublime by a medley of ink-coloured feathers, the beads around her neck twinkling in the starlight.
Her feathered mask, sparkling with diamonds, enhances her air of mystery. Majestic, she appears to have stepped out of an operatic masquerade. To this day, the face of this creature, who haunts our dreams, remains an enigma.

The 'Award for Adventurous use of Materials' for the most spectacular work with fabric went to JOLIDON and SOPHIE HALLETTE for a model inspired by The Lady of the Camellias.

What dramatic fate awaits this stunningly beautified creature? Exuding confidence in her seductive powers and unchecked by scruples, she conceals her sensitive, fragile side. Behind this façade, she dreams of finding true love; a contemporary character, perfectly at home in our superficial world.

The bustier reflects a nostalgia for the past: strict, romantic and mysterious. Its wearer shimmers in the spotlights, fluttering and ephemeral, in a world of opulence, sophistication and secrets. Swarovski crystals and beads sparkle with a thousand flames, while elegant lace provides the dramatic sensuality embodied by our heroine.

The 'Jury’s Special Prize' for their overall favourite went to Elise ANDEREGG with SOPHIE HALLETTE and ANYA PARIS.

The story of a pretty little thing, fairylike and mischievous, flirty yet romantic, who toys with love and the senses, turning heads, capable of making anyone fall head over heels.

Her lingerie-style dress has a 1930s couture feel, giving it a contemporary chic sexiness. The combination of delicate lace and intricate handembroidered frills, featuring angora and gold lamé, provide an air of effortless luxury with a hint of ephemeral magic


Next Dates :
Interfilière & Lyon, mode city : 02.- 04.September 2006, Lyon Eurexpo.
Shanghai Mode Lingerie : 23.- 24. October 2006, Shanghai

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Ultra Lingerie

Award for Adventurous
use of Materials



The Winners

The group of Award winners altogether after the Ultra Defile,
which attracted over 900 VVIPs from the industry and other fields



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