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Vol.06  Issue 01/00, 30.12.2005

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Text sourcing : SIL, Paris. Photo : Copyright © 2005, fashionfreak. All rights reserved. All photos taken at SIL 2005, Paris.




Salon International de la Lingerie 2006

A New Culture in lingerie, A New Vocabulary



February, 2nd till 5th 2006, the Salon International de la Lingerie, an unmissable event for professionals in the industry, will reassert its avowed aim: to take stock of the world of lingerie, both in general and in particular, to help those involved gain insight into the landscapes, frontiers and horizons of that world.

Specifically, this means that as lingerie grew into a clothing sector in its own right with its own styles, influences, attitudes, codes, body language, it became essential to give it its own vocabulary, a new terminology better able to describe accurately the new reality in intimate apparel.

Mission accomplished: while the term 'Bodyfashion' has made its mark, its own niche and appeal, the Salon International de la Lingerie, itself has not hesitated to use new words with which to express itself. This new vocabulary will allow exhibitors and visitors to understand one another better and, in general, to agree on what has now become a real culture of the body and its adornment.

So as you walk down the aisles, sectors arranged according to market segments, fashion and outlook:
éternité - The meeting-place for connoisseurs of the techniques used in romantic lingerie
Icone - Fashion designers lend their prestige to intimates
Spicy Garden - The young generation brings its creative vision to tomorrow's silhouettes
IdeaL - Fulfilment and new horizons for men's underwear
Jouraprèsnuit - All the sets for dressing and undressing at home
appearence - The full gamut of dramatic bodywear
Teenlady - Starting-out lingerie for young girls, their references, codes and whims
grandjeu - Legwear: all the colours, technical features and well-being of hosiery

Because lingerie is the embodiment of utmost sensuality in fashion, because it links in with the notion of clothing for pleasure, because it likes to flirt with everyone and anyone, the Salon International de la Lingerie brings out the best in everything it represents: charisma, glamour and legitimacy in terms of style and fashion.


An expanding range in a new landscape

More than 90 new brands will join the Salon International de la Lingerie, adding up to some 570 brands.
Added to this numerical growth (4.5% net surface growth), there has been significant international development and an increasing focus on quality, reflecting the market itself.

The new brands are from France, Italy, Great-Britain, Spain, USA, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium and adding renown names as well as quite new ones, e.g. :
Le trousseau de Margaux, Fruit of the Loom, Victor and Rolf, Gianfranco Ferré, Josie Natori, Esprit, Lisa's Folly, and numerous others.

New settings for new fashions

Creating the right atmosphere, setting lingerie and its styles against a backdrop that is in harmony with it, attracting happy consumers with whom it strikes a chord:
merchandising is, nowadays, for brands and the new distributors, the most direct means of standing out from the crowd, creating a unique, appealing, and instantly recognizable image. In this respect, it is also the mission of the Salon International de la Lingerie to provide the right setting, format and effects to shed light on the demands of an increasingly complex range of products. A goldmine of ideas to help professionals find and invent their own scenarios.


Forum: Le Royaume des Curiosités (Novelty World)

At the entrance to the exhibition this year, this forum cultivates a sense of mystery and enchantment. In the style of a journey to the centre of a world that is both magical and fun, full of illusions, with some arresting surprises, it takes the visitor - and the potential customer - straight to the embodiment of modern lingerie: the utmost in elegance and subtle grace, not all-revealing but not exactly all-concealing either. The object of desire par excellence - accessible to everyone, at their leisure, at their pleasure.

There are about 165 styles on show here ... divided up into four sectors, each representing the various current lingerie markets.

La Maison des délices (House of delights)
Teen Lady paradise, a profusion of fantasy, overflowing with audacity, extravagance, wit, blazing colours, stylistic diversions and plenty of food for youthful imaginations...

Le Manoir des Illusions (Mirage Manor)
A luxury manor full of rare fantasies, where, amidst glittering opulence, sumptuous black that's sexy without being vulgar, dazzling gems, exquisite dramatic flair and fabulous excess, the most creative names find a fitting showcase.

Nid d’amour (Love nest)
An airy cocoon, a feathery, curvaceous ambience. A dreamlike quality, a sense of cosseted well-being, transparency, softness - everything in perfect harmony, with modern seamless lines, therapeutic, fit and sporty, and perfectly natural...

Pavillon des légendes (Mythical pavilion)
Here myth and legend are associated with the timeless quality of lingerie that still tends to flirt with the present and future. Amidst a luxuriance of enchanted nature and familiar flowers, guaranteed appeal that's full of finesse.



Italian Show '05 : Ritratti




Rosanna Ansaloni

Ultra Défilé '05 :
Rosanna Ansaloni & Desseilles


Fashion shows: chic on legs and in tableaux

Twice a day, the new runway in Hall 2.2 will reveal an array of elegance and glamour, chic, prestigious models giving body, face and energy to about 160 outstanding creations representative of lingerie calculated to combine creative flair, seduction and quality.

Faithful to its desire to guide its visitors through the sectors and spirits that characterise lingerie, the Salon International de la Lingerie has for the first time designed a customised transforming runway. Along the runway, the decor changes with tableaux in perfect keeping with the various stylistic trends on view.

The trends are as revealed in the Evolution Guide and by the professionals who have been deciphering them all year round.
Come check out our major themes that strut their stuff to sum up the season :
Propulsion - Jeux d'obsession - Pulsion Vintage - Fascination.

Italian show: The Best from Italy
Once a day, another must-see, a show devoted to Italian excellence with some 80 dynamic models setting a tone of outstanding sophistication.

The Ultra Défilé
Staking out the world map of haute couture lingerie.
For the third time, the best-attended annual evening event. Come and make contact with the best talents and prospects. This year, more than ever before, the Ultra Lingerie show is set to promote creativity and innovation before 800 VVIP guests (the world's major purchasers, opinion leaders, the media and the general public).
The Ultra Lingerie show is in fact always a step into the future, a unique showing of prototypes created by designer/weaver duos pairing up in the interests of producing the very best designs. It is also an opportunity, on Thursday 2 February at 7.30 pm, for the major professionals and most prestigious guests to meet together.
New : Some 50 original and exclusive designs, the fruits of the combined labours of talented brands and weavers.
The theme, or the rules of the game and genre: this year, is phantasmagoria every which way from the giddiest spectacular to the most voluptuous fantasy, passing through enchanted forests along the way food for the wildest imaginations.
Ultra Lingerie prizegiving ceremony which, for the first time, will reward the most distinctive, and outstandingly elegant and sophisticated designs of the event. Extravagance trophy, Adventurous use of materials trophy, Judges' special prize - three awards handed out on the evening by a panel of experts, opinion leaders, distributors, professionals and fashion journalists.



Private viewing of the Arts & Lingerie exhibition
to which the evening guests will then be invited.
For the second year, the Salon International de la Lingerie pays homage to lingerie as muse to art and artists. A source of inspiration down the ages, illuminated by flashbulbs and the movie-maker's artificial sunlight, but also by contemporary artistic talents who unabashedly experiment with identity.

A two-way exhibition:
'Frous frous movies', or the virtues of lingerie extolled by stars of the silver screen Martine Carole, Susy Delair, Anouk Aimée etc. and presented by models, photos and posters.
'Florilèges des arts' or lingerie as viewed and interpreted by Denis Sire, Miss Tic, Jérôme Mesnager, Patrick Hitte, Némo, Andy Julia - about 50 contemporary photographers, film makers, painters, graphic artists, designers.


Further information :
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