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Vol.06  Issue 08/05, 15.08.2006

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September 1st to 4th 2006

3 New Universes - 3 New Markets - 3 New Spaces



Everyone is there, everyone goes!
Trend nerve centre and essential business meeting place for labels and buyers from all over the world, PRÊT À PORTER PARIS is positioned in the heart of the world of fashion, a veritable HUB for connecting, transmitting and diffusing all the latest fashion information. Impossible to cross the fashion borders without visiting PRÊT À PORTER PARIS - essential passage for all buyer looking for the new and the latest, the modern, the avant-garde, plus surprising discoveries.

FASHION TRAFFIC - the trade fair's new slogan - a campaign uniting talents from the world of fashion, art and culture. The result is a modern poem telling the tale of a woman - a fashion goddess - welcoming the entire world into her open arms. An «arty», contemporary collage - dreamlike and surrealistic - created by artists Antoine & Manuel. And orchestrated by the Agency «133» - Publicis' luxury company - dedicated to luxury, style and beauty.



PRÊT À PORTER PARIS is the professionals' store.
By segmenting and scenographing the trade fair as if it was a department store, PAPP proposes a clear, legible and creative offer. It is both - a fashion leader and decision finder. It offers a simple interpretation, a well-paved way of tomorrow's trends to fashion professionals, no matter what they are : buyers or journalists from the French or international press.

The 1st Floor - VIBRATION
Hall 7-1:
Creative fashion for a woman «under the influence» of trends and the latest currents.
Next to ATMOSPHÈRE - the meeting place of fashion designers (150 designer labels) and CASABO (80) which plays on discovery, mixing and transversality, BE TWIN (80) continues on its path with a 3rd session.

The 2nd Floor - ÉMOTION
Halls 7-2 A and 7-2 B:
Active, essential fashion.
This space could be defined as the heart of fashion, crossing classical chic and the contemporary with feminine casual wear, reuniting them in three spaces echoing and completing one another: ADRESSE PREMIÈRE, L'EXPRESSION and LE STUDIO.

The 3rd Floor - PULSATION / SO LOFT -
Inauguration and Launching, Totally Reinvented by NAÇO
Hall 7-3:
SO LOFT is the future of the trade fair.
Its vocation: to be the Mecca for emerging markets and fashion satellites - a trade fair within the trade fair which surprises!
So Loft shelters 5 universes of fashion and accessories:
So Chic So Much So Good (timeless, ethnic and trend accessories), So Move (prontomoda), and 3 new universes:
So Ethic (ethical fashion), Shibuya (15/25's fashion) and The Box (up-market accessories).

A new concept, new architectural approach, new expression for tomorrow's markets or «satellite» markets. The trade fair's evolutionary platform «SO LOFT», on the 3rd Floor, staged by Naço. «It's a new territory of discovery in an open, interested, effervescent spirit ..always going further..
With its reinvented universes, events and off-beat ambience, SO LOFT - imagined in the spirit of an artist's studio - has become the Mecca of all that is new. A veritable immersion into the future». «Naço is an agency of global architecture, of design and visual communication, which elaborates, constructs and creates a remarkable relationship between the user and the consumer». This is how Marcelo Joulia, founder of Naço, defines his company and his mission.

Conceived as a village, in order to create different universes with many poles of attraction, SO LOFT is an open space - chic and luxurious. Translucent black fabric defines each space, creating a boutique and a real desire to discover, rather than to simply expose. Each universe is autonomous, each universe creates the event.

SO LOFT offers sense and information to its visitors. Each sector is segmented, specified and individualised in a manner to be immediately identified and understood by visitors. Materials, colours, shapes, furniture and signalling all tell its positioning and its niche style. Circulation has been studied to make the space legible - in an airy scenography.
- The fashion show space will be «installed» in an industrial hot-house, in the same spirit as the «invented» places of the major international designers. The catwalk will be integrated into the glass-less metal structure.
- The launching of three universes: Shibuya, The Box, So Ethic.

The role of PRÊT À PORTER PARIS is to advance new markets, their fashion and their codes. In launching three growth market sectors on the renewed 3rd floor, PRÊT À PORTER PARIS responds to a demand by designers, buyers and consumers.


- The now indispensable accessory has found its showcase here. The darling of the catwalks, it enjoys an enormous success at the luxury brands :
The new up-market, selective showcase reserved for 50 exclusive accessory and fashion labels, targeting an international clientele.

- The 15/25 age group - huge consumers of fashion - fascinates by both its loyalty to a brand, but also its versatility. «Instruction manual» for these «adulescent» fashion experts :
The new space dedicated to brands targeting the 15/25 age group - the new generation of consumers - and their lifestyle.

- Tomorrow starts today. Ethical and fair trade. Account must be taken of brands which think greener and manufacture in a less polluting manner :
Already present at the February 2006 trade fair, in the form of an information, PRÊT À PORTER PARIS is the only French trade fair offering a major place to ethical fashion - a consumer movement essential for the future.



Mixing, combining and experimenting all languages and modes of expression, whether they be Fashion, Art or Culture. Listening to, reverberating with and echoing our times - PRÊT À PORTER PARIS has chosen as vocation to be a free spirit, aiding, assembling and increasing the value of all forms of creation.

From the 1st to 17th September, Galeries Lafayette in Berlin will play the ambassador for CASABO in the prestigious Berlin department store. Five designers selected for their spirit of mixing and transversality - that so dear to CASABO - will be on sale alongside the usual major designers sold at Galeries Lafayette.
Laclos Paris (unisex knits), Patricia Roger (men's and women's wear), Yvonne Borjesson (women's wear-accessories-wardrobe for cats & dogs), Liza Korn (women's wear-children's wear-accessories) and Helen Eber-Sprecher (accessories-leather bags).
Casabo and its five protégés will be presented together in one of the store's window spaces.

At the same time, five Berlin designers under the aegis of Galeries Lafayette Berlin will be presented to French and international buyers and press via a sales-exhibition taking place in Casabo for the 4 days of PRÊT À PORTER PARIS.
- Smeilinener, Art Point, Majaco, Sherer Gonzalez and Pulver. Just one of the ways in which the trade fair helps emerging designers meet buyers, the press and the public.

Café Vogue is with us again: an artistic, festive manner to accompany these «fashion atmospheres».

Come and relax, chat and take in a little culture at the FASHION BOOKSHOP where images that will make your pulse beat faster await you.

A cry from the heart. Plunge into the latest fashion currents and trends with the «Vive La Mode» magazine, presenting the trade fair in a highly creative manner. Distributed each season, all the awaited catwalk information is here.

What could be better than dolls in all their forms to properly celebrate the launching of SHIBUYA - the new playing field reserved for the 15-25s?
- An exhibition of photos of the incredible Japanese dolls from the book Blythe Style by Gina Garan.
- Plus an exhibition of 60 Blythe dolls dressed for the occasion by 50 western designers which, after the trade fair, will leave for Japan to be auctioned in aid of a children’s charity.
- «Dolls»by Minilabo «Made in France» will be sent «naked» to a Japanese fashion school to be «dressed»: a cultural exchange promising to be highly colourful!


September 1st to 4th 2006
Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Hall 7


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