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Vol.07  Issue 02/01, 12.02.2007

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Ritratti - Designer of the Year 2007

A Special & Exclusive Night at Maison Baccarat, Paris









Launched in 1980, the RITRATTI label targets the top of the corsetry and swimwear market. The name Ritratti, which means portraits in italian, conveys the objective of all products of this line :
to portray and enhance each women's femininity through elegant shapes and intense colours.

Ritratti has always succeeded in staying to its mission of enhancing comfort through technology - while cultivating the art of seductive elegance. The Star Cup Bra is one of its most emblematic example.
The company's sense of innovation and style has now been recognised with the title 'Designer of the Year 2007' within the framework "Paris, Capitale de la Creation".

For this reason, Mr. Francesco Macchi, CEO Delmar Spa, welcomed invited guests for a pre-opening of the Salon International de la Lingerie to a special and exclusive night at the Maison Baccarat.





The Exclusive & Prestigious World of 'La Maison Baccarat'

Baccarat is located at a legendary place situated at 11,place des Etats-Unis in Paris. The former muse of this unique private mansion, Marie-Laure de Noailles (1902-1971) threw magical parties there and in this magnificent place of pomp and tradition, made a salon dedicated to painters, writers and musicians. Time and again she reorganized the layout and design of the mansion to suit her mood.
No setting could be better suited as the new home of Baccarat. Philippe Starck was immediately carried away by the idea of developing this magnificent project. He was given carte blanche and developed the extravagant scheme, full of wonderment and surprise for this leading international luxury brand.

The 3000 square meters af the former Noailles mansion will accammodate the Baccarat headquarters, its boutique and gallery-museum, a restaurant and the original grand ballroom of exceptional craftsmanship. It will be a meeting place and the setting of the brand's most beautiful accomplishments: Art de Vivre, Jewelry and Accessories as well as legendary collections.

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Two attractive Ladies,
wearing creations of Ritratti



The host with his wife surrounded by Rosanna Ansaloni and friends



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