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Vol.07  Issue 02/09, 26.02.2007

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Text : SIL. Photos : Copyright © 2007, fashionfreak. All rights reserved. All Photos taken at SIL, Paris, 2007.



SIL and Interfilière 2007 Summary

Even more international, even higher quality and even more visionary !



Revenche de la Femme

Revenche de la Femme



The International Lingerie Fair (SIL) and Interfilière have become an absolutely unmissable events for the world's players in the field of lingerie, and the 2007 editions have confirmed their leading position worldwide.

Fairs that are even more international
The 2007 edition marked a strong increase in the number of non-French visitors:
SIL - Total number of visitors : 21,976 ; Number of non-French visitors : 11,734 ;
Increase of non-French visitors : +3.7%
Interfilière - Total number of visitors : 14,400 ; Number of non-French visitors : 9,004 ;
Increase of non-French visitors : +7.1%

This success is largely due to the unique strength of the event, the only one anywhere in the world to bring together under one roof lingerie brand names (International Lingerie Fair) and producers of fabrics and accessories (Interfilière), thereby offering a global view of the market, from the raw materials to the finished product.

The countries of the European Union in particular were very dynamic (with increases of 3.9% for the International Lingerie Fair and 6.1% for Interfilière), particularly with regard to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria, as well as Switzerland and Greece.

There has also been a strong thrust from the Ukraine and Russia, with figures of +50% and +20.7% for Interfilière and +23.1% and +2% for the International Lingerie Fair.

Increasingly present at Interfilière is Asia, particularly South Korea and Thailand. The International Lingerie Fair saw progress for the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Kuwait) and Australia, which increased its number of visitors by 20%.


Freak Antique Lingerie

Freak Antique Lingerie



Fairs where the quality is even higher
By attracting substantially fewer 'peripheral' visitors, the strategic choice of charging an entrance fee for the fairs has made it possible to refocus on the core of the target of each of the fairs and, by the same token, to achieve a higher quality event that is useful and effective.

Thus the International Lingerie Fair saw an increase in the number of lingerie retailers and department stores, represented directly by their purchasing managers in person. The number of non- French men's outlet retailers also increased.

At Interfilière, the number of ready-to-wear manufacturers and organised distribution representatives increased in the mail-order sales and specialist chain store segments.

Visitors were particularly taken with the new features this year, and in particular: - a new market-based approach for the Interfilière Forum, - considerable emphasis on merchandising and universes related to the lingerie offer, which provided many ideas for optimising the display of collections and developing turnover by the sale of accessories, cosmetics, etc.


Increasingly trendy fairs
The International Lingerie Fair and Interfilière are resolutely positioned at the leading edge of the trend and in the forefront of prescribers, as demonstrated more than ever their expertise in fashion.

From Interfilière's General Forum with its fabric library, highlighting all the must-haves in innovative materials, to the 'Absolutely Crazy' Forum, with its emphasis is on the craziest models for the coming seasons From the general 'City Lights' catwalk show to the 'Ultra Lingerie'... Visitors have been plunged into a universe of avant-garde creativity where they have been able to find not just inspiration, but also all the fashion trends that will make them successful tomorrow.





The main trend in lingerie for the 2007 season has to be the 'melting-pot fashion' - a plethora of varied styles, uncoordinated silhouettes and bold mixes reflecting an international phenomenon that corresponds to a desire for rarity, exclusivity and luxury.

A phenomenon particularly marked by the return to a chic and feminine retro style, with its generously cut shapes, uplift and half-cup bras, corsets, skirt-briefs, suspender belts, body-suits, and so on, all in glowing, noble materials! And also by the arrival of a generously-cut retro control style, making use of a generation of innovative technical materials, such as 'spacers' and control fabrics, that update sets inspired by the past and create lingerie with contouring powers, epitomised by the key item in the new collections - the waist-cincher.

This current trend seems to correspond to an increasing desire for quality that calls on unique skills that only corset-makers have. By cultivating nostalgia, lingerie in 2007 demonstrates all its art!

Also notable were the main trends in terms of materials - the breakthrough of organic fabrics, another reflection of the concerns of our time and important for the sector. The brands are becoming increasingly interested in natural resources such as wood, plants, seaweed, etc, with this year's star fibre being bamboo, used in many creations.

Increasingly 'Ultra' fairs
An event within an event, the Ultra Lingerie catwalk show which has a cult following this year breathed a breath of madness into the fairs. Faithful to its 'ultra' concept, this year's edition renewed the magical alliance between designers and fabric manufacturers who were invited to let their imaginations and talent run riot to create 45 prototypes on the theme of madness.

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