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Vol.07  Issue 08/05, 25.08.2007

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Body Look Trends Fall/Winter 2007/2008

Balance of Fantasy & Clarity - Body & Beachwear trends



Body Look Trends F/W 2007




BODY LOOK in February 2007, Germany's only International Trade Fair for Body, Beach and Legwear, was presenting the latest trends for the Autumn/Winter season 2007/08 within the framework of the IGEDO FASHION FAIRS DÜSSELDORF.
An experienced team of stylists and designers had worked on their development, they were however also the result of the Trend.Table, which in addition to the creative talents' input, also actively involved journalists and members of the Igedo Company. "Skin Memories", "Dark Stories", "Bronze Reflexions" and "Quiet Romance" reflect the mood and optics for the coming order season.

Overall, fashion for the 2007/08 season is characterized by subdued colours, harmonization and material diversity. Slender, short silhouettes as well as artistically draped volumes characterize women's outerwear. There are reminiscences of the 1960s with shortness (legs the focal point!) and straight lines which are just as much a feature as the 1980s with their rigidity, austerity and power. Soft sensuality and classic masculine elements then enter into fashion alliances. For Bodywear the challenge lies in combining fantasy with clarity as well as taking a more subdued approach to romantic elements and colourfulness. Surfaces, textures and details assume a new importance due to the more reduced colourfulness.

The key to the more subdued look is tone-in-tone colour combinations. Shade tones and dark depths are gently coloured. Bright-dark contrasts provide an attractive feature through soft patterning. New optics are created through the interplay between intermediate shades. Bold colours are applied in good measure for contrasts, highlights and lights.
High-quality, refined materials act as a counterbalance to the colourful neutrality. Patterns and designs reflect a wealth of structures, textures and surfaces. Elements based on romantic and mystical aspects are interpreted in a modern way. Shiny and metallic shimmering elements are coming back into favour; the tone-in-tone look is created by transparent over-layering.


Body Look Trends F/W 2007

Nina von C.



Skin Memories
The first trend theme at BODY LOOK has been inspired by skin with its unique textures, drawing on life's experiences, growth and ageing. It is synonymous with sensuality, vulnerability, gentleness and robustness. This is complemented by a matching, reduced, straight-line styling and also soft, sensual interpretations. Round and attractive forms provide an exciting contrast to subdued colourfulness and patterns. Layerings ensure volumes and graphic textures.
Matching the inspiration, a skin-coloured transparency is presented, which also includes parchment and skin as well as shimmering porcelain and white gold. In this connection, grey changes from a cool-mineral look to creamy-beige, matt blue and anthracite provide outlines.
As far as materials are concerned, natural and high-tech fabrics balance each other out. There is an interplay between tactile surfaces, from silky to epidermic, from flowing-cool to velvety-soft. A broad spectrum of effects - crystallised, powdery, vaporized, waxed, glazed - changes the material surfaces. Matt elements come face to face with shimmering aspects, smooth elements with peach-skin. Silicon prints are just as much a part of the scene as are viscose filaments with a natural lustre, transparency in multiple overlayering, fabric degradation, washed-out aspects and over-colouring. Colours and patterns appear shaded or softly patterned. Couture-like drapings, creased fabrics, pleating, reliefs and plaits inject life into the surfaces which are mostly irregular. In addition there are soft, tone-in-tone Jacquards, micro-textures, linear patterns and seams which outline or reflect the softness. Embroidered elements and incrustations are popular features on neutral skin grounds.


Body Look Trends F/W 2007




Dark Stories
The magic and sheer inscrutability of the universe as well as its depth and darkness have inspired the creation of this theme, which combines drama and romanticism to form an exciting, fascinating look. Blue-black, dark plum, blackberry, moccabrown and dark grey produce an almost mono-chrome darkness, in which night blue appears as a new black, while black uncharacteristically presents itself in a range of diversity.
Sparkling coloured traces are reminiscent of shooting stars: ultramarine, sapphire blue, magenta, purple-violet and light-orange set intensive highlights.
As far as the materials are concerned, an extreme matt finish is to be found alongside ultra-shine. Shiny, shimmering satins join forces with matt micro-textures, velvet lustres with lacquer coatings, iridescent elements with foils, lamés with matt velour. A rock influence makes its presence felt on stage with mesh, lacquer and leather surfaces.
Shimmering and shiny elements are also produced through metallic fibres, sequins, pearls, embroidered elements, dark jewels and crystals. Texture is ensured through plaits, pleats and creased aspects. Lines, ringlets, and fine embroidered elements produce a very bright striking contrast on dark grounds; fantasy fibres set random highlights. Embroidered elements and lace prefer crystalline patterns and textures. Patterns, from graphic to filigree, sometimes as shadow outlines or negatives, sometimes as masculine tie patterns or stripes, make their mark as rhythmic or fragmented elements.
Also possible are a large number of styling interpretations, from mystic-romantic through to fantastic-futuristic up to minimalist-sporty.


Body Look Trends F/W 2007




Bronze Reflexions
The fine art of imitating nature is celebrated in its completion here. Naturalness is reproduced, abstracted, perceived. Materials and textures have a three-dimensional effect and demand reduced styling. In addition to urbane casual chic, there are sculptural drapings and couture-like refinement. Metallic shine and shimmering surfaces underline the effect of light and shade. The curtain is raised for bronze in shades of gold ochre through to gold green up to shiny gold, sometimes warm, sometimes cool in its appeal. Patina changes the shading and its intensity. Matt, bright surfaces with beige and brown toning are matched by grey stone tones, slate, taupe and brown-black. Highlights are set by copper-red, malachite green or petrol blue.
High-tech materials imitate nature, volume contrasts with lightness. Metallic elements are everywhere: in irregular fibre effects, in tweed effects using metallic yarns, in bronze coatings on Jersey and lace fabrics or metallic laminations (silver, gold, copper, bronze) on tone-in-tone knitted elements. Textures with volumes in cloqué and fine doubleface reflect the mood as well as matelassé effects, embossed aspects and prints in (panne) velvet and velour.
Lamés are effectively applied, ageing is imitated in print, fabric and through lasers, aged colour textures in contrast are produced through over-colouring and interrupted coatings. The patterns are orientated on nature, however in abstracted, distorted and over-patterned forms. There are enlarged views of cellular textures but also new camouflage variations as well as historicized curved, sweeping styles and picturesque patterns, which appear to blend in perfectly with the ground fabric.


Body Look Trends F/W 2007




Quiet Romance
The fourth theme takes account of the desire for revery and illusions, poetry and idyll in a cool, rigid, austere reality. What counts here are the soft shades, allusions and suggestions promising seduction. A kind of still glamour is produced which alludes to dancing and ballet, and in which couture-like forms blend in with noble basics.
In terms of colour, a large number of red shades, embedded in subtle, gentle green tones along with haze green, dusty rose and drab magenta play first fiddle. Cherry red shines impressively through velvety or lacquered surfaces. Redviolet and berry shades with a hint of blue are to be found alongside cinnobar, sanguine, copper red and maroon. A gentle pink concludes the spectrum with the bright, neutral and skin shades, which lend lightness to the intensive red spectrum.
Silk lustres, softness and lightness are keywords when it comes to materials. Noble, plain fabrics are just as much a prominent feature as are opaque Jerseys with soft volumes and technical materials for skintouch. Brocade, lamé and damask come across as representatives of a faded-out romanticism. Tone-in-tone plays a key role for plain fabrics, lace, embroidered elements (in some cases enhanced through fantasy yarns) and excerpts from Art Déco and Art Nouveau.
Even sequins and pearls remain subdued and transparent. Layerings, pleats and draping must also feature here; patterns - popularly featured as elegant, small designs - are used mainly as all-overs or in repeats. Floral, historic and ethnic influences make their mark in prints and embroidered elements, while punched, embossed forms and laser cuts exude modernity.

These four themes were visualized in the Trend.Forum during BODY LOOK and in this connection, under the expert direction of Niels Holger Wien, regular guided tours were also held. In addition, the trends were presented four times daily in the Trend.Shows.


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