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Vol.07  Issue 09/00, 29.08.2007

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CPD Womenswear-Trends Fall/Winter 2007/2008

From classic styles, aristocratic aesthetics, casual freestyle fashion
to mystic scenario consisting of dark colours colours and seductive fabrics -
the new trends offer for every women a matching outfit.



CPD Trends F/W 2007

CPD-Show Theme :
About A Boy



Featured at the CPD DÜSSELDORF in February 2007 was that new sense of design aesthetics which has been hitting the headlines in everything from interiors to culture. This new sense of aesthetics re-injects refreshing clarity into minimalist fashion. It is all about volume and new widths.
The newly discovered bourgeois and patriotic moods leave their mark, as did the Balenciaga retrospective in Paris or radical, sombre new stage productions. Opposites are and remain the driving force in fashion. And retro classics are its 'back ups'. Today Jackie 0. and tomorrow Paris Hilton, grunge girl or guerrilla gal. Why not?
With reminiscences from 1960s haute couture the A line is now making a Comeback. The 1980s bring back the 0 line with oval and spherical shapes. Simple styles and reduced colours make for a calm, down-to-earth feel. The rebel looks from the rock and punk scenes are still around and now very much form part of the mainstream. However, just like indestructible "Anglomania" and references to imperial splendour they now provide ideas for a surreal blend combining classics with sportswear.

Four themes based on the trends of the 'Deutsches Mode Institut (DMI) 'have been formulated by CPD DÜSSELDORF for the new season:


CPD Trends F/W 2007

CPD-Show Theme :



Clean Shape
Classic styles, like sculptures: simple in that Jil Sander style but also with the couture attitude of Cristobal Balenciaga.

Calm, clarity, perfection. "New simplicity" is the byword of this trend whose soft colours and simple shapes set the highest standards in terms of cut, details, yarns and fabrics. Tidy looks and concealed button panels are reminiscent of the "basic concept" of the early nineties. High quality woollen fabrics and the finest alpaca and cashmere yarns stand for utter understatement. Simple, no-frills tunic-style dresses and narrow, thigh-high blazer coats team with square-toed ballerinas and shoes with low block heals.
Straight suits combining hip-length, slightly oversized spencers and knee-length skirts look young and fresh when worn with leggings or opaque tights. New blouses and tunics again glimpse out from under waist-length jackets and emphasise the conquest of the graphics over the look. Also topical here are the short, flared A and X lines that enchanted the couture scene of the 1960s. Here graphic black and white patterns, high stand-up collars and large contrasting buttons are a must, very much putting them on a par with Courreges, Cardin or Cassini classics. Sculptural O line silhouettes and billowing goblet and tulip pleats (for instance on short skirts in thicker fabrics) create new accents with their volume. White ladies' shirts look androgynous worn with narrow ties, gilets or flat knit cardigans. Pleated shorts with turn-ups revolutionise the suit. Their classic fabrics and perfect cut highlighting the shoulders and the waist bring the London school of tailoring right up to the present day - ironic in Styling and sophisticated in looks.


CPD Trends F/W 2007

CPD-Show Theme :
Dark Mood



Imperial and aristocratic aesthetics for uniforms and country styles. Top class casual.

Despite all this simplicity fashion can still not do without theatrical drama and therefore draws on Brit chic as well as historic imperial uniform ideas - at times romantic and at others provocative. Checks and tweeds, breeches, bermudas and pleated skirts with kilt aspirations allow the British Empire to come to the fashion forefront. Also new, long trench-coats and straight duffle coats, sporty anoraks and parkas, knitted coats, Tweed and Shetland pullovers all ensure that "Anglomania" does not run out of steam. Trousers are revitalised with looser fits (featuring front pleats, for instance) and in flannel and other wool classics. Punk interpretations rid traditional country or riding looks of their passe feel. Coats are still seeing great input from the uniform department, either with historic Napoleonic slants or with a twist in the style of the Swinging Sixties. Figure-hugging as well as ankle-length styles and historic collar and lapel ideas provide the basis here. Double-breasted styles, elaborate jetting, fur trims and gold button flourishes on trousers and waistcoats add decorative detail, though without the decoration-mania seen in the past. Wide belts with elaborate buckles accentuate the waistline.
Gold shimmering brocade, stylish lames, jacquards and damasks (on trousers and skirts, for instance) bring sumptuous fabrics into everyday wear. The former glory of the imperial courts of the 19th and 20th centuries drifts wistfully through the air. Coats and fairytale dresses in transparent fabrics or angora knits with suggested Empire waists are as topical as Victorian lace designs or knits with voluminous flounces and trims at the collar and cuffs. Blouses with ingenious collar ideas, jabots, decorative braids or tie-up collars pep up any overly plain looks. Lacy socks worn under heeled shoes make for eye-catchers at ground level.


CPD Trends F/W 2007

CPD-Show Theme :
Imperial Colors



Metropolitan Style
A casual freestyle fashion inspired by the androgynous mods style, urban guerrilla gear and neo-grunge.

Girls and boys are happily united in that smart mods chic. Slim-line suits, narrow ties and scarves as well as white shirts set the streamlined Silhouette here. Also sporting a "skinny" look are drainpipe styles and extra-long straight trousers - whose figure-hugging features are only topped by sewn leggings. Combinations with extra-long blazers in men's sports jacket style or with skirts signalise a new layered, "slouchy" attitude that toys with layers and widths. Marc Jacobs pioneered the way and the market picked up on the look: top class neo-grunge consisting of high quality feel-good fabrics and tone-on-tone colours.
Twelve years after the first grunge generation we now see a second, higher quality and more finely tuned Version as a flattering alternative to the sculptural Balenciaga couture. The individual garments set the tone and the look almost develops on its own: wrap-over coats worn over loose trousers and patchwork blouses; balloon skirts and dresses with leggings; three-quarter length jackets and shiny quilted jackets with loose trousers and tunics; and knee-length pencil skirts with fine knit ensembles consisting of jackets and leggings. Counterpoints meet here and give the style its imagination and sense of well-being. However, reality is ah/vays there. Trousers with cargo details, parkas and bomber jackets - slightly shimmering or matt - are reminiscent of guerrilla fighters complete with ankle boots with profile soles or military boots.


CPD Trends F/W 2007

CPD-Show Theme :
Uniform History



Dark Mood
A mystic scenario consisting of dark colours and seductive fabrics. An underworld where Dracula's daughter meets lavishly styled glamour girls.

A world of shadows consisting of dark colours with dashes of white, violet and blood red emerges here. Black transparent blouses with stand-up collars and puffed-out leg-of-mutton sleeves look beguiling and mystic at the same time. Victorian elements like frilly trims, lace details and Empire waistlines leave their mark them everywhere. Black dresses focus on pure seduction and toy with semi-transparent and matt/shine effects. Silky velvets and burnt-out fabrics flow along the contours of the body. Swingy little thigh-length smocks or tunic dresses look new when worn with leggings or drainpipes.
Brocade, damask or alias weaves give substance to modern O line dresses and skirts. High-necked second-skin dresses are sure to dazzle dramatically and glisten with sequins - as in the pictures of Art Nouveau painter Gustav Klimt. Though masculine accents are also added by 80s smoking jackets with padded shoulders and satin trims and dress trouser stripes or sophisticated uniform jackets in brocade or with elaborate golden embroidery on black backgrounds.
Looking more frivolous and a tad more eccentric is the 80s luxury enjoyed by high society glamour girls. Fur and gold, satin and flowing silk Jersey - money is no object. Shoulders and waistlines are accentuated. Skirts are narrow and sexy. Hand-width belts, sashes and biker belts in patent and crocodile leather are indispensable here. Oversized garments plus leggings are back in fashion again. Those liking it a bit more ladylike can look to wet-look leather coats and ingeniously draped afternoon dresses. Ever present are large sunglasses with metal frames reminiscent of eye masks or ski goggles.


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