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Vol.07  Issue 09/02, 20.09.2007

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Text sourcing : GDS/GLS. Photos : Copyright © 2007, fashionfreak. All rights reserved.


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GDS March 2007

Bonnie in women's paradise :
surrounded by shoes of the F/W season 2007;
dress by Ana Alcazar, boots by Bogner Shoes.



The GDS Shoe Trends for
Fall/Winter 2007/08

Three trend themes defined



El Dantes

Boots by El Dantes



Clear-cut lines and almost sculptured, architectural shapes will determine shoe fashion looks for the 2007/08 Fall/ Winter season. Like in outerwear the colour spectrum of the new styles is discreet and essentially based on black, a variety of browns and so-called mineral tones (ranging from pale beige and grey nuances), green-cast bronze tones with a metallic shine and dark graphite and slate shades. Highlights are provided by red, purple, ultramarine blue and green.

With colours now generally calmer materials will play an even more prominent role. High-quality nappa, suede, shiny "Brush" (abrasivato) and patent leathers, two-tone effects and lavish finishes including crocodile prints exude an air of luxury. Shimmering metallic leathers will inject glamour into the winter fashion scene.

For the Fall/Winter season 2007/08 GDS defined three trend themes : "Shaped Neutrality", "Dark Attitude" and "Bronce Reflection".

Shaped Neutrality
Nature meets technology. Sensual interpretations clash with high-tech materials and futurist silhouettes. Contrasts are known to attract each other and this is exactly what shoe fashion feeds on in this theme – experiments with clear-cut, minimised shapes and high-quality, soft nappa and suede leathers. Metallics and high-tech fabrics herald a comeback – above all those elastic, high-gloss nylons that provide boots with added functionality. The colour scheme of this theme is utterly light: neutrals – so-called mushroom beige tones – dominate the picture here. Add to this cool white and icy greys with a silvery shimmer. Alongside high-legged boots whose sportier styles come with contrast-coloured rubber soles, silvery buckles and stretch insets, designers focus on ankle boots. Round shapes and all flat or very high, slender heels are all the rage. Eye-catching effects are produced here by piping, large decorative buttons, zippers and lavishly pleated or smocked materials.

For men there is a trend towards clean, slim-fit lace-up shoes or loafers. Refined materials such as soft nappa and suede leathers ensure the necessary comfort. Colour-blocking type combinations with an almost graphic feel to them (e.g. white and grey) look both trendy and urban. The colour selection for men's shoes is also characterised by brightness: beige and cream nuances, grey and pale brown shades paint the picture here.



Jolidon at LMC 2007

Life Style Show : Lacoste


Dark Attitude
Black is back. After a season of unrivalled dominance of brown, black will now be heralding a great revival. Most women’s favourite colour, black cuts a particularly fine figure as high-gloss (patent) leather and produces compelling contrasts with womenswear that toys with woolly materials this season. The new boot and shoe styles are characterised by no-frills elegance. Round toes are equally important as shorter pointed toes. Novel boots with higher heels, ankle boots, ballerinas and platform court shoes are somewhat reminiscent of the 60s style. In this context square toes are also back on the scene again. These extravagant styles are worn with mini skirts and figure-hugging dresses as well as those re-discovered leggings. In addition to black all near-black tones are in evidence including dark purple, midnight blue and green. Bright chilli red will feature for colour accents.

All men opting for elegant Oxfords, boots, monks or loafers in high-polish "abrasivato" leather are sure to make a glamorous entrance next winter. The new styles come in classic interpretations with slender lasts or feature a younger look with wide, rounded shapes. High-shine patent leather does not even stop short of men’s shoes. Black is definitely the favourite colour here although patent also makes for brilliant moments in menswear in grey and brown tones.

Bronce Reflection
Modernity and tradition teamed with a certain degree of sportiness required by our urban everyday life, are the hallmarks of this theme where long-legged boots continue to be the principal protagonists. Riding and hunting boots in beautiful brown tones look particularly exquisite thanks to their elaborate finish such as two-tone effects. Details including fasteners, contrast stitching, stretch insets, welt accents and boot tops are designed to trigger shopping impulses next winter. In addition to brown shades offered in all conceivable hues from hazelnut and cognac to "testa di moro" (chocolate marshmallow) discreet metallic tones will also be the talk of the town. Bronze is expected to replace gold and silver and is shown off to its best advantage when combined with the many different olive shades in outerwear. For shoes both sporty and elegant styles will make an impact. Court shoes with petite heels and little straps have a girlish nostalgia about them. Ankle boots and bootees often feature gathered uppers. Styles i.e. lasts are rather plain and simple – it is shimmering materials that inject some glamour into our everyday life.

Both on their city tours and on weekend trips to the countryside men feel "at home" in sporty boots and exquisitely designed sneakers. Ankle-high boots can come as Chelsea styles or as sporty Oxfords. Sturdy (high-profile) soles – some also in crepe – add a rustic touch to these styles. Predominant upper materials include greased leather, pull-up and suede leather. Warm brown nuances, above all two-tone effects, and hand-finished leather exude class.


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