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Vol.07  Issue 10/00, 27.09.2007

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Jean Luc François
Collection Fall/Winter 2007



Jean Luc Francois



The Collection

Jean-Luc François creates an original technique to embellish clothes with unexpected prints and jewels. From easy daytime city wear to evening smashing glamour, Jean-Luc François's unusual fashion adapts to every occasion. Jean-Luc François's touch brings a unique "je ne sais quoi" off the beaten track.
Using a cotton mix with a glossy surface and also semi-transparent fabrics the collection appears very elegant. It is as well a collection to be combined with less elegant pieces of an existing wardrobe - a blouse in one colour with one of the skirts or a top with embroidery might be combined with jeans to create an eye-catcher.


The Designer Jean Luc François

Since the beginning of the 80's, Jean-Luc François theme has been the transformation of matter. His first designs were supported on metal, paper or materials which he exhibited at the "Biennale de Paris" and at the "Salon de Montrouge". In 1986, he undertook a work which took him from the University of Valencia for Pictural Research (the Copy Art Museum in Madrid bought two of his works) to the University of Quebec where he conceived a CD ROM on the new technologies of impression.
In 1990, at the request of the Architecture Studio for the French Embassy in Oman, he undertook research on the art of stained glass windows making. A few years later, he designed and made glass panels for architects and decorators, and carried out projections on glass for Veralbane and Bernard Rietet. Continually in search of movement and the mixing of perceptions, Jean-Luc Francois travelled. In Italy he created punched material for Antonio Ratti, in India he designed a collection of indoor wear for Bess Nielsen trademarked "Bedroom".


Jean Luc Francois



When he stayed in Paris, Jean-Luc François created jewellery and accessories for Yves Saint-Laurent, Dior, Balmain and Chloe, decorated boutiques and windows for Vuitton and Lanvin. He continued his research on materials, his passion being the transformation and embellishment of textiles. He created costumes and imitation furs for the film "Asterix and Obelix", customized cars interiors, decors ...
Jean-Luc Francois impregnated and metallized materials, be it vinyl, cotton or velvet; he crinkled it, made "plisses" and undid them, transferred pigments and colors, adding lace and embroidery - giving materials a third dimension.

Then came the meeting point of art and fashion. Collections of "pret-a-porter" for women and shirts for men appeared. Today, Jean-Luc François designs and makes jackets worked with original ornaments, trousers with a jewel effect, skirts and dresses with glamour effect. Urban fashion for the day, brilliance for the evening, adaptable to all occasions, original and comfortable. Always attracted by novelty, Jean-Luc François presents unique models or limited series with a new collection every eight or ten weeks.

Set up in Pantin since a couple of months, La Maison Jean-Luc François has also developed a sector of clothes for hosts, hostesses and people engaged in particular events.


Jean Luc Francois


In a strong position because of several successful attempts like
Christmas Tree Festival in Pantin or direction of an original T-shirts exhibition by 80 creators on the occasion of the International Day for Aids Orphans which was followed by an auction on May 11, 2005 at the Senate in aid of the Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud (AXFB) Fund, founded by Albina du Boisrouvray), la Maison Jean-Luc François also advises in conceiving, organizing and directing events.


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