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Vol.08  Issue 01/00, 28.12.2007

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Bali Fashion Week 2007

7th edition of BFW opened on November 22nd, 2007



BFW 2007 :IKA




What is the international fashion? The answer is "well-known fashion recognized internationally", such as dispatched from Paris, NY, Milano, London - the most important fashion stages. Fashion should be international world-wide ? Actually, the answer is no! If the creations would be unique and special from others, it possesses the value of fashion. If the fashion has their originality with a strong background of culture or personality, it's worth to pay attention.
From that point of view, have a look at the Bali fashion week - even if it is, more or less, still local fashion, but it could be found something new, something different. Sometimes, this makes people exciting, and at Bali fashion week you may experience such a feeling!

For the majority, Bali is well known for its beautiful beaches, incredible vistas, glorious sun sets, ideal location for high level conventions and summits - but now also for its creative fashion event due to the continuous success of Bali Fashion Week. Bali is not only a travel spot by now, it also should be a fashion stage.

Bali fashion week is an annual trade event held by Moda Bali Foundation that combines fashion, art and culture. The organizers aim is to provide a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and discuss potential business relationships.."
The Chairman of Bali Fashion Week, Mardiana Ika, decided to held a Indonesian fashion event at Bali, the world-wide well known famous island , and she invested (and still invests) her own money and started Bali fashion week.


BFW 2007 : Ivarluvski Aseron

Ivarluvski Aseron



With her passion, now, a wide support of the government and numerous private local and international enterprises and involvement of the fashion community of Indonesia, an action-packed four-day event can take place including the trade exhibition, seminars, open dialogue with designers, Going Green Handbag Design competition, fashion model award, three evening fashion shows, which built a crescendo with the Mardi Gras, fashion carnival - FashiONtheStreet - on the last evening.
The Street Carnival , organized by JFCC(Jember Fashion Carnival Councile) : a unique, spectacular, fantastic and bursting event, that demonstrated the creativity among Indonesia's youth.

The 7th edition of BFW opened on Nov 22nd, 2007 under the theme of "Fashion Meets Art". This four day annual event brought fashion, art and culture altogether, creating "An Arena for Excellence".
The three evening fashion shows were held at an amphitheatre with the beach and sea as background. Models showed not less than 25 collections of 24 designers on the catwalk, from traditional to modern day casual wear, leisure wear, eveningwear, children's wear and futuristic cyber-wear.

The creative thinking atmosphere of Bali stimulate a new breed of fashion designers comprised of local Balinese and expatriates from all corners of the world, who have decided to make Bali their home. Their collections showed free-thinking design expressions inspired by the resort lifestyle of Bali, and new-age electronic cyber characters.


BFW 2007 : Selphie Bong

Selphie Bong



Bali is awarded the most favoured island in the world. The idyllic setting and dynamic blend of eastern and western cultures provided Bali an ideal platform for fusion, transforming and forward-looking fashion as well as designs that respond to tropical weather, leisure lifestyle connected by the rich culture.

Owing to this good mix of local and foreign cultures and an atmosphere that encourages creative thinking, Bali has become a breeding ground for fashion creativity. The cross cultural taste in women's fashion and the popularity of spa and resort lifestyle today supports Bali Fashion Week as an ideal place to congregate, express and present such fashion ideas by local and international designers.


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