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Vol.08  Issue 02/01, 03.02.2008

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Body Look Trends Spring/Summer 2008

Simplicity meets Sensuality



Body Look Trends F/S 2008




Body Look Trends F/S 2008




As part of the Trend.Forum at Body Look in July 2007 in Düsseldorf the Igedo Company presented the body and beachwear trends for the 2008 Spring/Summer season. "Nuances", "Hypernature" and "Vitalize" reflect the mood prevailing for the next round of orders and paint a picture of the key fashion trends.

Toned down colours, harmonisation and material diversity were characteristic of the past season and will continue into Spring/Summer 2008. Simplicity, stylistic clarity and neutral colour schemes make fabrics, lines and proportions important again. Colours are measured out carefully; clear, monochrome tones are either used as graphic highlights or for powerful large surfaces. Surfaces shimmer and shine, feature textures offering a fascinating background for those novel neutrals. Coatings clash with natural elements thereby not only building visual suspense but also bridging the gap for a new urban-sporty slant. Silhouettes continue to feed on contrasts between short, sleek and skinny forms and generous volume. Prominent decorations make way for emphasised cuts, futurist drapery and pleating. There is no denying the stylistic inspiration from the modern ideas of the 60s and 80s.


Body Look Trends F/S 2008




In this theme clarity is not synonymous with coolness but rather with modern sensuality. Matter-of-fact, clearly defined proportions with unobtrusive details are in the foreground here. Multi-shade light greys dominate and are instilled with life by irregular surfaces. Cool nuances meet with warm, clear white while chalk and pale sand tones serve as backgrounds or markings for stone and concrete grey. Metallic silvers are of outstanding importance but aluminium and tin are also part of the game. Black and midnight blue feature cautiously while cobalt blue and acid yellow set accents.

Where clarity predominates vibrant surfaces and textures gain in importance. Accordingly, this theme provides ample scope for relief and rep structures, piqué, accordion pleats and froissés. Embossed and crinkled materials are just as much in evidence here as are crepe and cloqué fabrics. Mottled and fancy yarns, matt/shine effects, metallized fibres and coatings breathe life into solids. Decorations and patterns are only used sparingly or feature as all-over micro textures. Rhythm is added by fine-line stripes, ring stripes or coloured wovens. Graphically contouring trims, edges, placed prints, embroidery and lace (the latter being tone-on-tone or featuring graphical patterns) are typical representatives of this minimalist decoration.


Body Look Trends F/S 2008




Natural adaptation to the urban environment is the principle underlying this theme that entirely depends on contrasts between naturalness and a technical slant. Hightech materials make it possible to achieve this masterful synthesis of modern basics and sportswear elements as well as active and leisurewear. In terms of colour natural green and aqua tones (from watered down to metallic) are in the foreground and - thanks to light reflexes, shimmering surfaces or brightness - produce natural effects, on the one hand, and synthetic looks, on the other. Khaki forms a close to neutral basis for a wide variety of green shades ranging from pastel shades to clear tones. Intense yellowish greens and sulphur tones excel at setting accents while red-orange and electric blue exude a sporty, dynamic air.

Materials also toy with the contrast between nature and high tech. Altogether clean fabric looks, solids and expanses of plain colour dominate the scene here. Cotton clashes with silicone, nylon with metal fibres. Shine injects a futurist breeze as do patent and PVC coatings. Satin and crepe-back satin make for natural lustre, silky fabrics add to crisp wovens. Cellular structures serve as blueprints for textures, embossing, embroidery and lace, small-figured geometric patterns form pixel motifs and prints impress us with micro and macro views. Defamiliarisation using pixels, camouflage or unusual colouring plays a key role adding excitement to natural blueprints. Burnt-out fabrics, a-jour patterns and mesh make for summery lightness.

Body Look Trends F/S 2008

LS Bademoden



The clarity of forms and volumes plays the leading role here. Monochrome colours make a graphical statement on surfaces echoing modern art and architecture. A high-octane, dynamic theme where monochrome separates and accessories can be combined to form high-contrast outfits. Here again, urban casual looks meet sportiness.

Black and white serve as background for intense colours alluding to the 60s with such colours as pollen yellow, orange, pink, violet, scarlet, sky and royal blue. The true art is to measure colours out properly! Silver and gold are not used for cheap showmanship but convey a sense of modernity.
Clean material looks are predominant so as not to reduce the clear colour effects produced. Surfaces and textures (micro, broad ribs, mesh) stress the luminosity of the colours just as do satin lustre, matt/shine effects or the use of metallic yarns. The pattern portfolio ranges from stripes, colour blocks and graphic surfaces to line drawings and graphically abstracted florals, Polka dots, Op-Art motifs or photo prints. Eye-catching details include contrasting piping, edges, seams and zippers. Gaudy and large-format accessories play a special role here.

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