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Vol.08  Issue 12/00, 28.11.2008

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BBW 2008 : Siona Garcia



Siona Garcia



SIONA GARCIA is the fourth generation of a family dedicated to "Haute Couture". She grew up surrounded by exclusive European clothes and she started designing from her early infancy. Nowadays, she is able to create innovative designs with traditional touches, from her home town, Tejeda.

SIONA is the only Spanish creator in "Haute Couture". She presents her collection in Paris, New York, Barcelona and Madrid since 1987. Quality, exclusivity and luxury are her main distinctive traits.
Her clothes can be found in the best boutiques all around the world.

You can feel quality in every detail of her collection which is aimed to elegant women who recognises and values it.
Her creations are sophisticated and extremely feminine: tight suites, long and midi dresses, in addition to tops, skirts and trousers.

The clothes are made with wonderful insertion of precious stones from Calais and embroidered Chantilly, metallic organzas, Pailletes, Gauze and Guipures. Brocade, Embossing, Mikado and Doupion.

She produces new textures by combining in a perfect way, both, high technology and hand made textiles.



Siona Garcia



Siona Garcia



SIONA GARCIA, with her extraordinary team, creates the most fabulous hand made collages.
She creates ART. Wearing her designs is feeling something different; obtaining trough the materials she is using, comfort and lightness. If you take a SIONA'S dress you will feel the quality.

To hold a SIONA GARCIA'S dress is to feel art at your hands, it is to feel something different because of the materials in the interior of the dress, that is what makes the SIONA'S effect:
"versatility, lightness and well-being".

Haute Couture 2008 Collection.

Nostalgia, glamour and sauciness. Elegance and sophistication. They all meet up in this new collection by Siona Garcia.
Faithful to her creativity, to the forms of the female body, to her colours, with a palette that taps into pinky make-up tones, watery and green, metallic and the use of a whole exclusive range of Calais laces in sequins, Chantilly, Rebrodes, Doupion Cloque, embossing, stamping, pleated tulles, raffia, Georgette.



Siona Garcia



Siona Garcia



Siona casts her gaze back to the 1950s and applies their best elements to her forms.
Natural but accentuated shoulders, large collars, short jackets. Wasp-like waists, knee lengths, bell bottoms, flowing and swirling.

A collection dreamed up, created and executed with all the care and affection that a woman's body beauty deserves


Barcelona Bridal Week 2008

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Siona Garcia




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