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Vol.08  Issue 12/03, 02.12.2008

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BBW 2008 : Cabotine






Gema Nicolás was born in Murcia in 1972. From a very young age she learnt the trade of fashion designer inside the family concern, but did not actually start to work professionally until she turned 15.

The beginning of the nineties witnessed the emergence of CABOTINE S.L. with Gema Nicolás leading the project, in response to the demand for the market of companies specialising in cocktail wear and outfits. After bringing together a team of highly-qualified and specialised collaborators, she started to use innovative fabrics along with other more traditional ones, with a clear goal: To dress the modern, elegant, romantic and captivating woman.

A product with great value in terms of design and quality, together with a painstaking service, have allowed the company to find its place as one of the main companies of Spain in the festive-wear and pret-a-porter sector.

The company's decided export vocation means that CABOTINE models can now be found in the world's main markets.

All this effort has always been supported by belonging to a business group specialised in the manufacture and distribution of fashion, which has passed on its 30 years-plus knowledge and experience to the company.









The collection presented by Gema Nicolás for CABOTINE, within the framework of Pasarela Gaudi Novias 2008, takes us back to the golden age of the eternal female in the world of fashion: The 1950s.

The CABOTINE woman , always modern, elegant and romantic, is reinvented from the standpoint of Fellini's LA DOLCE VITA, a sensual aroma that imbues the collection with splendour and glamour. Exuberance is softened and becomes pure romanticism with the leitmotif in the lady-style, with Grace Kelly as the unavoidable icon.

In the fabrics, characterised by constant innovation, silks prevail, clinging harmoniously to the body and which, with the help of delicate transparent fabrics such as organzines, crepes and tulles, conform a slender and vaporous figure.

Laces, splattered with sequins, provide the necessary touch of light, indispensable for a night of glamour.

Taffetas pleated like fans afford movement to skirts with volumes, the key element for securing that sensual and unique 50s style.









Colours: Fellini black, or combined with white, the utmost expression of elegance, in stripes, patterns or on details.
Sensual red, fresh green, the harmony of blue across its broad spectrum.

To say nothing of delicate pastel shades combined with silver, so needed to get that much-sought effect on special occasions.


Barcelona Bridal Week 2008

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