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Vol.08  Issue 12/06, 05.12.2008

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RUBEN PERLOTTI is a company that is young in spirit though not lacking in experience. Its designer has been working in the fashion world for more than 20 years. Born in Argentina, after a long career designing pret a porter collections and specialising in haute couture in his homeland, in 1993, he settled on the Island of Ibiza, where he continued his career, designing made-to-measure party and bridal dresses.

In 1996, he started to present his haute couture collections on the catwalks of the Moda ADLIB, until 2003, when he presented his first collection of pret a porter bridal wear at the NOVIAESPANA fair in Barcelona.

In 2004, in addition to being present at the NOVIAESPANA fair, he started to participate in the PASARELA GAUDI NOVIAS. The critics from the organisation, press, public and clients could not have been better.

In 2005, he returned to his annual date in the city of Barcelona, as he has done continually since then, and decided to open a showroom in Barcelona.

In the last two editions of the fashion fair, Ruben Perlotti's catwalks have exceeded expectations, with the number of public attending surpassing the capacity of the hall. Today, he has a significant portfolio of clients throughout Spain and in EU countries.

The company's latest undertaking was to open a second showroom at the end of 2007, this time in the city of Madrid.

The next project, after his participation in the PASARELA GAUDI NOVIAS and the NOVIAESPANA fair, presenting his DECO collection for 2009, will be to attend the international Sposaitalia Collezioni trade fair in the city of Milan as an exhibitor for the first time.









Decó 09

The 2009 collection is inspired by the artistic-architectural movement called ART DECO. This movement was, in one sense, an amalgamation of many styles and movements in the early 20th Century and, unlike Art Nouveau, it was inspired by the first avant-garde artists. The influences came from constructivism, cubism, futurism, rationalism and Art Nouveau itself, from which it developed. The archaeological discoveries of Ancient Egypt left their mark on the repeated straight lines in the form of regular folds, as well as on the original geometric decorations typical of the style.

The collection is characterised by the use of draping in the various shapes that were found in ART DECO, in other words, symmetrically, in some cases, with trapezoid shapes, cut-outs, zigzags and significant geometrization of the shapes, common to this artistic movement.

Fabrics and colours
The materials used in this collection are Jacquards, gauzes, satins and cloques in natural silk. To create the drapes, metallic taffeta is used in steel, ivory and pale gold colours, as well as animal prints, which directly refer to the Characteristics of ART DECO that preferred and used materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and feline animal prints. To finish them off, clasps and fasteners of natural stones in different metallic colours are used.

The pieces in "El Jardin" jewellery collection, designed exclusively for this parade by the artist PIOTR RYBACZEK, are closely related to Arte Povera and made in latex mixed with gold, silver and precious stones. Each unique piece is completely hand made using natural leaves from roses, geraniums and Judas trees. In contrast, the pieces of his "Madonnas negras" collection are made completely from royal embroidery combined with Swarovski crystals and silk.









The headdresses, made in metallic organza, repeat the ornamental shapes typical of ART DECO, alternating deconstructed curves and straight lines with subtle transparent features and were specially created for this collection by the stylist DANIEL GIANNINI, together with the original shawls.

The shoes, produced by the Elche brand NATHALY MARTINEZ, were designed especially for this collection and are made of leather and satin with accessories of buckles and decorations with stones incrusted.


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