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Vol.08  Issue 09/04, 22.09.2008

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Text sourcing : WSN. Photos : Copyright © 2008, fashionfreak. All rights reserved. All photos taken at WSN Sep. 2008, Paris.





September 2008 Edition



WSN Show




WHO'S NEXT and PREMIERE CLASSE, the fashion and accessories trade shows, took place from Thursday September 4th to Sunday September 7th 2008 in hall 1 at Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles. Although both the organizers and exhibitors dreaded this session given the unfavorable economic situation, both fairs have registered a 15 % rise in the number of visitors, with 54,984 visitors vs. 47,926 in September 07. The foreign attendance has progressed by 12 points compared with the previous September session (19,100 international visitors), the biggest surprise coming from the massive rise in the number of French visitors (+16.3%, 35,884 visitors) who, thanks to the communication operations organized by both trade shows and Paris Capitale de la Création, took over Paris on the lookout for new products.

A very positive report for PREMIERE CLASSE and the various creation areas in WHO'S NEXT: FAST, FACE, FAME, FRESH and PRIVATE, where numerous orders were placed and many accounts opened. The buyers, foreign or French, appeared as high-quality. On top of the orders placed, the brands have made interesting contacts that should lead to concrete results after the trade show or even in October, for those exhibiting during the Fashion Week.

A sure fact: fearing the effects of the crisis, the brands were extra careful in preparing their trade show: badge posting, calls, mailings. which proved efficient since on top of their usual customers, numerous new customers placed orders.



WSN Show



Exhibitors and visitors unanimously enjoyed the clear and complementary offer of both trade shows presenting women's creation, urban fashion, young designers and accessories. They also liked the space design organized around large and clear aisles, with a white background as a perfect showcase for the collections. Last but not least, WHO'S NEXT and PREMIERE CLASSE will from now on always take place in Hall 1, a recent one, the space design of which is easy to set up and enables both trade shows to assert their creative dimension.

Generally speaking, the significant rise in the number of visitors, especially French buyers, is due to several factors. First, the important selection efforts made by the WHO'S NEXT and PREMIERE CLASSE sales and marketing team and the more and more exclusive collections on both trade shows have had an influence on the presence of high-quality international buyers.

Also, the follow-up work made by the trade show organization, with phoning operations to attract French buyers since April, has proved successful. The international and French VIP buyers took advantage of the new "extra services", featuring trip and hotel reservation services, appointments, a chauffeur service as well as a VIP lounge.

At the same time, the collective dynamism generated by all the fairs members of Paris Capitale de la Création, with a new common badge (Fashion Pass), led to a growth in the number of visitors at Porte de Versailles.
Also, Mode City - Interfilière's first round in Paris, attracted many new visitors who also visited the other trade shows at Porte de Versailles and reinforced Paris's position as the essential French capital of fashion.



WSN Show



Finally, the partnerships existing between WSN Développement, the organizer of WHO'S NEXT and PREMIERE CLASSE, and famous international fashion events such as the Montreal Fashion Week and the Beijing CHIC have also generated very specific attendance peaks. Indeed, WHO'S NEXT's promotion operation in Montreal last March led to a 24-point growth in the Canadian attendance, whereas the partnership initiated in 2006 with the China Fashion Association and the Beijing CHIC led to a 51 % rise in the number of Chinese visitors, with 468 buyers.

So as to prepare the French year in Brazil in 2009, PREMIERE CLASSE's manager Patricia Lerat invited 22 Brazilian exhibitors (11 for shoes, 8 for bags and 3 for jewels) who were gathered for the first time in France at PREMIERE CLASSE by the Brazilian organization for the promotion of the shoe industry, ABICALCADOS. Thanks to communication operations led among buyers and the press before the trade show, as well as the very exclusive selection of Brazilian brands, the operation was very successful. Acclaimed by buyers always on the lookout for novelty and colorful creations to fight against the prevailing gloom, the exhibitors registered a record number of placed orders from countries such as France, Greece, Dubai and Japan.
The buzz generated by this operation and the involvement of various Brazilian institutions has led to a Brazilian attendance multiplied by three. So as to give this event more impact, a similar operation will be led in Brazil next year, with French designers going to Sao Paulo for the June 09 Fashion Week.

With 9 Japanese brands from the street and casualwear trade show JUMBLE TOKYO exhibiting for the first time in Europe, or the presence of many US streetwear brands such as THE HUNDREDS, FAMOUS STARS & STRAPS or PLAIN GRAVY, also present for the first time in Europe, WHO'S NEXT met the buyers' expectations, presenting new and exclusive creations.

PREMIERE CLASSE / Jardin des Tuileries : October 3rd - 6th 2008
WHO'S NEXT / Porte de Versailles Hall 1 : January 29th - February 1st 2009
PREMIERE CLASSE / Porte de Versailles Hall 1 : January 29th - February 1st 2009



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