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Vol.08  Issue 11/04, 08.11.2008

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BBW 2008 : Raimon Bundó




Raimon BundÓ




Raimon Bundó is one of the Spanish companies exclusively specialising in the bridal tashion sector and has more than 35 years of extensive experience. It markets exclusive and very personal wedding gowns through an extended network of distributors which includes 130 multi-brand shops in Spain and abroad, located in EU countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Norway and Portugal, in transatlantic Mexico and USA, and Japan.

This has allowed Raimon Bundó to foster customer loyalty through allowing the customers to choose the dress and make any changes required without needing to import materials and designs from abroad.



Raimon BundÓ



The Company headquarters and the design workshop are in the centre of Barcelona, at 19-21 Calle Alfonso XII, where they prepare the company's two annual collections: Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer. There is also an haute couture Workshop at 413 Avenida Diagonal for customers seeking exclusive and personalised treatment.

Raimon Bundó's aims are based on the quality, not the quantity, of the company's productions, in order to personalise the creations to the maximum. The firm is distinguished from its competitors by offering a broad range of proposals for a heterogeneous public, including classic models as well as other more daring and contemporary. Also the creations, always elegant, adapt to the needs and tastes of each customer, and can be accessible for the most varied budgets.



Raimon BundÓ



Raimon Bundó bases its success on the human team, composed of excellent Professionals and with a markedly family nature, already involving two generations. The creator of the Company, Raimon Bundó, current President of NOVIAESPANA, has now passed the management of the Company to his son, who has the same name.

The designers of the house are the founder's wife and daughter-in-law, Cristina Arana and Ivonne Ruiz, respectively.

Cristina Arana, the senior designer of the brand, has achieved a placing for Raimon Bundó in a preferential position in the market for bridal fashion. Her creations are noted for her exquisite taste, outstanding for their own Charisma and always emphasising the personality of the bride.



Raimon BundÓ



Ivonne Ruiz, for her part, transmits the care and personality that Raimon Bundó must have at all times. This comes out in her designs, more innovative and contemporary, demonstrating passion in her creations and resulting in dresses which are fascinating, perfectly wearable for any bride but, at the same time, extremely special.

United both professionally and by family they form an ideal pair to give shape, through design, to the captivating and up-to-date image of Raimon Bundó. Their efforts and vision are a perfect combination, making them currently an indisputable point of reference in the world of wedding gowns, both in the national field and internationally.



This year, Raimon Bundó's constant search to highlight woman's beauty at the romantic moment of the wedding in his collections has led him to focus his Inspiration on the modernist movement.



Raimon BundÓ



This time, more than ever, modernism reflects the genuine philosophy that characterises Raimon Bundó's collections; the Inspiration in art of beauty for its own sake.

Everything that is beautiful can be applied, transformed or printed on one of his creations.

More specifically, one artist is his point of departure for recreating his dresses in Art Nouveau; Alphons Mucha. The creator of a female stereotype that could easily be one of the Ideals of beauty of our time.

And plain fabrics prevail in the collection of ivory, embellished, as always, with a hint of colour, another characteristic trait of the Company. Subtly rustic fabrics help to recreate the image of an informal and elegant bride, reminiscent of the hyper-feminine brides of Mucha's modernist posters.



Raimon BundÓ



Brushstrokes of chantilly, fantastic embroidery work enhanced with the unmistakable Swarovski hallmark, and original accessories, all increase the beauty of this imaginative collection.


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