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Vol.09  Issue 01/00, 26.12.2008

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BBW 2008 : Joaquin Pérez Valette



Joaquin Pérez Valette



At the age of 20, Joaquin Perez Valette started to work for the French society, creating a new concept of fashion. When he started with this firm, fashion was not understood in the same way as it is today; there was no structured pret a porter nor were there brands.

Dressmakers in their apartments suggested designs and materials to their clients and the haute couture houses dealt with an elitist clientele with a high purchasing power.

JPV's Professional career started when the family of Gonzalo Cornelia introduced him to Alberto Berilo, an entrepreneur involved in international pret a porter and a pioneer of importation in Spain.
He was a fantastic character.

He started to travel and see the world from another point of view. He was Berilo's style guru.

It is strange and anecdotal that once, he refused to commercialise a synthetic fur collection, because he did not like it. JPV confirms that wise people are able to rectify. He agreed to take on this collection and had to set up an open house with buffet included, as people were queuing up to see and buy a collection that ended up being a great success.

It was a magical time in his life, a very amusing time. It was the 1970s.

Some years later, JPV was hired by Sir Bonser, a recognised men's shirt-making Company as a salesperson in the lady's department, Lady Bonser.

After a year, he started to combine his recognised commercial side with designing for the Lady Bonser collection. The 15 years he spent in a solid Company enabled him to introduce himself into the women's luxury garment sector and get to know the Professionals, almost all of whom still continue to collaborate with him today.

For the following ten years, he worked in a high-class family company. During these years, JPV acquired his own, special stamp.



Joaquin Pérez Valette



Joaquin Pérez Valette



One day, after a great deal of doubt, uncertainty and even fear, he feit that the time had come to express what he had inside, and the idea of becoming a businessman and creating his own pret a porter and couture brand stopped seeming so inaccessible.

In 2000, JOAQUIN PEREZ VALETTE was created.

JPV compares his pret a porter collection with the cinema, passionate but also stressful. A collection is born from a fabric, from an idea, like a film in which there is a starting point, a script, a producer, an image, that takes on its own identity and that competes at an international level.

Panic before a presentation is always there. He feels that if he ever stops feeling that fear, it will be time to stop.

He experiences haute couture in a different way. It is like the theatre, much more magical and in some way, more modest.

Contact with the viewer-client is much more personal; one person who has to like you, not everyone. Time is the greatest luxury of the 21st Century and haute couture is dedicating time to a person, getting to know them. In his atelier, the concept of haute couture is linked to quality and not to an inaccessible concept in the economic area.

Pret a porter clients are still at his side, 35 years on. His haute couture clients are friends, conspirators and are still there.

The Haute Couture Platform project is a passionate challenge to which he will dedicate heart and soul.


A gentle, enveloping range of watercolours are the main thread of this collection.

Born to seduce, almost as if in a dream, the grey and earth tones mix with pink, mauve, yellow and sky blue. They blend and flow in a new colour palette.



Joaquin Pérez Valette



Joaquin Pérez Valette



The fabrics are a mixture of textures inspired by the same colour ränge to create a world rich in hues.

Gauzes, tulles, taffetas and satin combine and are superimposed giving rise to a rich plurality.

Volume and shine take on great prominence. The volume surprises at times as it is unexpected and at other times because it is meticulous, the prints are either huge or tiny.

The shine floods everything with its light; it profiles, highlights and suggests a flickering wink.

The Silhouette is short and voluminous, it is austere and baroque. Long live duality!

The carefully designed accessories frame the silhouette enveloping it in a gentle caress of ostrich feathers.


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Joaquin Pérez Valette



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