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Vol.09  Issue 01/02, 29.12.2008

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BBW 2008 : Frans Baviera



Frans Baviera



Frans Baviera has been working more than 20 years in fashion design, manufacturing and distribution of Haute-Couture and Pret-a-Porter, and his collections are sold in top boutiques all over Spain and the United States. The Atelier and Showroom are located on the renowned street "Passeig de Gracia" in the heart of Barcelona.

The Frans Baviera team is formed by 18 Professionals, plus various small factories that work exdusively for the Company. Frans Baviera is constantly designing and selling according to market demands, not limiting the collections to 2 seasons. Everything is manufactured in Spain, in sumptuous, innovative fabrics. There is great care for detail and finishing, and the clothes are rich in hand-embroidery, pleating, feathers, Chantilly lace ...



Frans Baviera



Frans Baviera



"300% Quality"

The design is 50% of the quality, made for a woman to feel modern, young and elegant.

The pattern, always studied and perfected, is the other 50%. The fabric, guaranteed to have excellent results, is the other 50%.

The tailoring is also the other 50% of quality, only the best haute-couture professionals work on our team.

The management of the company, rigorous and transparent, is the other 50%. An impeccable service, and total product guarantee is the other 50% of quality.

In order to obtain our Standard of QUALITY, which is the maximum, we continuously invest and research in order to guarantee that the quality at FRANS BAVIERA is 300%.

COLLECTION Spring - Summer 2009

"I design for a modern and elegant woman, so that she can feel secure, comfortable and special. I am inspired by art and by women in all aspects. Art- from a Rothko painting, a Schiele drawing, or a painting from Velazquez. Of course women are my most important inspiration; I love every phase of a woman's life.
Shapes do not hide a woman, instead they reflect her personality and her freedom; the richness of multiple layers of Chantilly lace and silk mixing contrasting colours liberate a feeling of rebelliousness but with security and comfort. Swarovski embroidery sprinkled like stars give a complexity and voluminous effect. Colour prevails; black and matte grey do not exist. The colours can be felt as if they came from the summer breeze of the Mediterranean.
Saffron, Champagne, Lemon, Mandarin, Raspberry and Blackberry: colours of silk fabrics that create a desire to be eaten."



Frans Baviera



Frans Baviera




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Frans Baviera



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