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Vol.09  Issue 03/00, 01.03.2009

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GDS Shoe Trends Spring Summer 2009






The pace of technical innovation is changing our urban lives while, at the same time, networking and the media's ability to multiply both increase speed, virtuality and individualisation. This triggers an emergent longing for emotional focus and a sense of balance.

How does fashion link our desires and longings with urban life and how does it make modernity a sensual experience? Fashion toys with the lightness, freshness and brilliant colours of modern materials. It stimulates that mix combining both nature and technology. In terms of styling the interplay of CASUAL & CHIC describes our need for modern clothing.

Colour is the key to emotionality and makes Summer 2009 an optimistic season. Colour animates our reality and gives us the opportunity to convey positive moods and emotional messages. In so doing lightness, neutral and bold colours are more in evidence - lively pastels complement these to form surprising harmonies. Colours at last appear no longer as just plains as they did for a long time and now a variety of nuances underline the presence of colour. To create individual looks colours AND patterns act as the perfect stimulus here.






Patterns with their very varied sources of inspiration characterise the different colour moods. They tell stories of resplendent nature and luxuriant summer or they blend impressions from journeys through the different cultures of this world. Abstract motifs from the art scene are also increasingly borrowed by fashion and are used to decorate dresses, bags and even shoes.

This season's fashion features many style preferences. Casual and sporty styles look considerably more grown-up or even more feminine. In young fashions emotionality toys with hippy elements and draws on retro themes for inspiration.

Though also looking more modern is the new colour and pattern mix - opening up new perspectives with its imaginative luxuriance. The innovative approach to patterns is decisive here: alongside abstract clarity, patterns appear as generous expanses of colour, as randomly positioned designs or as graphic pattern mixes.

Illustrating colour as unexpected combinations and refreshing designs is the challenge for an emotional summer season. The trend focus and key themes for the presentation of shoes and accessories are:
Obviously an innovative approach to colour - in new harmonies, combinations and designs
Moccasin variations & colour
Lightness, paleness and non-colours (in combination with pale soles)
Modern sandals (as new companions for suits)
Hybrid sneakers, sneaker adaptations (casual & chic)
High-front styles
Decorative lacing, ties and drapes
Print & patch (colours, textures, patterns)
Decorative soles and heel variations
Modern textures and technical material innovations






Graphic clarity and summery lightness characterise the colour mood that links cool neutrals with soft natural tones. Light and pale colours and materials dominate.

Synthetic white charges clarity with electricity. Urban structures and architectural austerity inspire a stylish modern naturalness that confronts synthetic materials and surfaces with natural appearances. Contrasting cool and warm tones as well as fine shading animate this neutrality.

Topographic textures, grids, perforations and graphic contours give this lightness a sense of rhythm. Clean chic and urban casual are the cornerstones of this styling.

Neutral tones, black and white, matt silver and gold are ideal accessory partners for colourfully patterned summer outfits and bold flashes of colour.

Keywords: Clarity and paleness, graphics and freshness, urbanity and modernity, abstraction and neutrality, softness and contrast, light and shade, movement, reflection, modern art, street art






Strong tones create positive colour vibes. Harmony unites strong multi-cultural tones with technical plastic and screen colours exuding an intense artificiality. These appear as clear monochrome expanses of colour that are heightened in harmonious contrasts and graduations.

Set in neutrality and contoured by black or white, monochromes radiate in clear contrasts. An artistic impression arises such as is found in the collages and assemblages of modern art or architecture. Enlargements and slices make traditional patterns look unfamiliar. Expanses of colour are sampled and mixed emitting signals of the modernity of bold colours.

In terms of styling coloured separates and accessories appear as colour block accents and in tone-on-tone harmonies. Expression covers a broad variety from urban casual, sport and streetwear through to echoes of haute couture.

Keywords: Intensity and luminance, effect and attention, colour and graphics, volume, accent and expanses, monochrome and polychrome, mosaics and pixels, modern art, sport and street






Typical floral colours and a variety of floral patterns and structures add summer flair with pastel freshness.

In this harmony pastel tones are newly defined, switching between milky paleness and sun-bleached neon. Opalescent, shimmering and iridescent effects, in particular, increase the radiance of the colours.

Materials vary from fine technical fabrics through to natural textures. Soft floral layers inspire finely traced patterns that thrive on translucent layers and technical coatings. Impulsive patterns, floral prints and fresh colours are combined as expanses of colour, giving silhouettes and accessories imaginative expression that also modernises sporty styling.

Neutral nuances exude a natural basis and act as perfect partners for accessories.

Keywords: Sensuality, freshness and liveliness, impressionism, flowery language and variety of blooms, summer garden and hothouse, macro shots, herbarium, exotic blooms and sensual textures

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