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Vol.09  Issue 03/01, 05.03.2009

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PIEDAD RODRIGUEZ, with a longstanding record in the fashion world, took to the light of the catwalks for the first time in "PASARELA GAUDI NOVIAS BARCELONA 2008" in the HAUTE COUTURE PLATFORM group.

PIEDAD RODRIGUEZ, who hails from Consuegra (Toledo), grew up in the bosom of a family of craftsmen, and from a very early age evinced a desire to train in the field of fashion and design.
She set up her first knitwear company at a young age.

She moved to Barcelona in 1975, and worked for five years in prestigious lingerie firms to further her training in design and pattern design.

She started her own Company, "PIEDAD RODRIGUEZ", in 1988, a family concern with a great team of collaborators, and embarked upon an expansion in the national territory.

She lives and feels dressmaking intensely, she adores her work and conveys this through her creations.
She has imbued all her garments with her own style.

She has totally mastered the cutting and handling of the highest-quality and level of design materials according to the hotest trends.
Her garments are characteristically at the cutting edge of design, feminine, with the highest-quality fabrics.









Her designs are a clear reflection of the demands of modern woman: quality, femininity, comfort, naturalness and elegance.
She distributes her creations in multibrand boutiques in Spain, and presents her collections in hotels of the country's main capitals.

Piedad Rodriguez's working philosophy is based on providing her clients with a perfect combination of the quality of her collections and a direct, close and personalised service.
She is committed to maintaining a Service policy that has been with her since she started out, and which has made her a clear point of reference in the world of festive and ceremonial haute couture.

PIEDAD RODRIGUEZ, for her haute couture collection that she presented at PASARELA GAUDI NOVIAS BARCELONA 2008, has tapped into a broad pallet of colours to make each model exclusive.
She has used rieh fabrics such ńs hand-printed silk gazar, sheet organzines with exclusive prints, devore organzines and chantilly embroidered with white-gold thread, glasses and pearls.
For her drapes, she uses natural silk muslins and crepes, hand-embroidered in precious stones with natural and Swarovski glass.
She uses double sides mikados and real satin.









PIEDAD RODRIGUEZ presents her collection together with her "fine jewellery" line.
The fine jewellery accessories are made with the finest materials and precious and semi-precious stones. Very versatile items that shun the usual classicism, designed to be combined with the fabrics used in the models of her collection. They can also adapt to myriad styles.
With these accessories, the designer achieves a fusion of haute couture with the idea of complementing it with unshowy jewels.


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