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Vol.09  Issue 06/04, 18.06.2009

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BARCELONA BRIDAL WEEK confirms its international leadership by growing 7%,
with the presence of 215 exhibiting brands, 40% of them foreign



BBW 2009

Ana Torres



Companies that lead the way in quality, design and export potential in the bridal fashion sector loyally returned, once again, to an event which has achieved full occupation of its 30,000 m2, with a turnout of 13,000 professionals and purchasers at the show, 60% from abroad, and 10,900 people at the fashion shows of Pasarela Gaudí Novias.

The nineteenth edition of the BARCELONA BRIDAL WEEK which, between Tuesday 9 and Sunday 14, June, once again turned this Catalonian city into the world's bridal fashion capital, closed its doors with a balance that places it at the head of the events in its speciality once again. More than 13,000 professional visitors from buying centres, with a percentage of foreigners of close on 60%, consolidate the event's international dimension.

Most of the leading companies in the bridal sector have gone for the BARCELONA BRIDAL WEEK once again, the only event which for the last 19 years has brought together the quality and the creativity that make the Spanish bridal industry a world reference point, besides offering exhibiting companies and visitors the tools they need to progress together in the same direction.



BBW 2009

Jesus del Pozo



BBW 2009

Ruben Perlotti



The Barcelona event, which represents 98% of the national sector and which once again opened and is leading the international calendar, has held up under the current market situation thanks to the loyalty of the aforementioned exhibitors (215 participated at the event, 7% more than the last edition), visitors (13,000) and specialised mass media professionals from all over the world (more than 500 this year), who have come yet again to their appointment with BARCELONA BRIDAL WEEK and its two main events: PASARELA GAUDÍ Novias and the NOVIAESPAÑA International Show.

NOVIAESPAÑA reached, yet again, full occupation of the 30,000 m2 of the vanguard Pavilion 8 of the Fira Barcelona Gran Vía venue. Foreign participation, with a percentage of 40%, continues to be outstanding. Companies from Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Holland, England, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal or Brazil reassert the Show's importance as an intense and dynamic business centre and of commercial contacts for professionals from all over the world.

Once again, the Fair has featured the active presence of relevant buying centres and retailers from all over the world, within the framework of the international promotion programmes which have been implemented over the last 19 years. Visitors from abroad currently account for 60% of the total number of professionals. Italy continues to lead the ranking of visiting countries, followed by France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia and Germany, besides Switzerland, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Holland, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Albania, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Cyprus, Poland, Belgium, Slovenia, Lithuania, Mexico or Colombia, to name but some.



BBW 2009

Rosa Clara



BBW 2009

Victorio & Lucchino




Parallel to the Show's commercial activity, the BARCELONA BRIDAL WEEK has become the framework for PASARELA GAUDÍ NOVIAS, which brilliantly premiered the 2010 collections of 31 national and international designers of worldwide prestige.

There have been four intense days of shows that have enjoyed the presence of the big names in bridal creation, diehards at the PASARELA GAUDÍ NOVIAS, joined by new and outstanding designers. Firms of the stature of ROSA CLARÁ, JESÚS DEL POZO, JESÚS PEIRÓ, MODEL NOVIAS, YOLAN CRIS, VICTORIO & LUCCHINO, WHITE DAY by José Mª Peiró, PEPE BOTELLA, FRANC SARABIA, FRANCIS MONTESINOS, JOAQUIM VERDÚ, RUBEN PERLOTTI, NOVIA D’ART, PATRICIA AVENDAÑO, RAIMON BUNDÓ, CABOTINE, FUENTECAPALA, DE LA CIERVA & NICOLAS, RAFFAELLO, FRANS BAVIERA, PIEDAD RODRIGUEZ, TERESA RIPOLL, SONIA PEÑA, JORDI DALMAU, MATILDE CANO, M & M or ANA TORRES did not want to miss the event.



BBW 2009

Yolan Cris




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