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Both Finnish Fur Sales and Kopenhagen Fur, the two major European fur auction houses have reported that their December and February sales of raw pelts have been very good. Buyers have come from around the world, including Italy, Turkey, Russia and Hong Kong/China. Prices for mink have increased by 35%.

One explanation for this upturn is that the luxury sector is less cyclical than other sectors, experiencing less extreme highs and lows. Another reason is to be found in the growing economy of China; that market has been a major player in recent years due to its export business but there has now also been a surge in demand for fur garments on the domestic market.

The long and cold winter endured by many countries in the Northern hemisphere has also had a positive effect on retail sales of fur.



Early reports indicate a much better season than anticipated in spite of the continuing weak economies in these markets. The fur sector's upbeat mood has been further encouraged by the strong presence of fur in New York Fashion Week.

Andy Lenhart, Chairman of the International Fur Trade Federation says: "We are very pleased with all the good news about fur at the moment. The fur trade employs many thousands of people in small and medium sized businesses throughout Europe, North America, Russia and Asia so this is positive for the global economy."
And, as the world famous blog Huffington Post says of the New York runway shows this week, "Fur, leather, the durable is in ... it lasts, unlike the faux stuff".



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