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Stunning outlook for 2011: CURVExpo

Winning format and innovative offerings to continue
to attract the best in designer lingerie and swimwear





CURVExpo is looking to the big picture for 2011 with high expectations. After another successful year of four shows in New York and Las Vegas, CURVExpo proves to have the winning formula on the market. This success is attributed to a strong mixture of the largest and best lingerie and swimwear brand offering, the right timing during the two biggest and busiest market weeks covering the entire North American market, and the only efficient format for both brands and retailers alike.

The four annual shows for 2011 will continue to boast a large, fresh brand offering featuring the best in lingerie as well as swimwear which has a big focus now, especially for August.

For the upcoming February shows, Fall/Winter 2011 collections will begin their road show in the west at CURVENV Las Vegas February 14, 15, 16 and continue east with CURVENY New York February 21, 22, 23.

The August shows will reverse coasts by starting at CURVENY New York July 31, August 1, 2 where Spring/Summer 2012 collections and the first ever New York Swim Fashion Week will be featured during the New York lingerie and swimwear market week. CURVENV Las Vegas August 22, 23, 24 will follow two weeks later with an increased offering of designer swimwear brands and the best in lingerie – the only of its kind on the west coast.

At both CURVENY New York and CURVENV Las Vegas, efficiency for both exhibitors and retailers is attributed to the right timing and strategic approach to the market at large. Taking place during the main lingerie and swimwear market weeks at each location, the top retailers are in town . and buying. CURVExpo is also not a standalone show, attracting other retail segments from surrounding shows (Coterie in New York, Project in Las Vegas) and maximizing buyers' time to create the now-desired gonestop shoph.

Swimwear is now a large part of this search, adding to the efficiency of the CURVE format. The successful introduction of the Swim Fashion Week in August 2010 at CURVENV Las Vegas is a direct result of current market requirements. There is a clear overlap in distribution as well as consumer need and approach between lingerie and swimwear retailers. As 50% of lingerie stores already carry swimwear and swimwear retailers need the "lingerie fit", lingerie and swimwear represent a natural crossover. The need for designer swimwear brands on the west coast has been and will continue to be filled by CURVE, as over 70 swimwear brands were found in August 2010’s "Beach Shop" section. The east coast also represents an obvious need demanded by the industry. The big buyers on the east coast now demand a classy event that will maximize their time under one roof. Taking place during the busiest order taking market week on the east coast, CURVENY New York will begin filling this void this upcoming August.

With sell through for the majority of 2010 being very strong, the market environment is improving and designers are producing a wider range of products that cater to multiple price points for 2011.



The upcoming CURVENV Las Vegas February 14, 15, 16 and CURVENY New York February 21, 22, 23 shows will continue to bring together the top designers, presenting the best of the best within the industry, as well as new brands that add value and innovation. CURVExpo’s brand focus is grounded by this "designer" concept and it remains true to this mission.

In today’s market, it is crucial for retailers to differentiate themselves through fashion, product, and content. CURVExpo speaks to this need with the main focus for 2011 being newness – in timing, location, designers, trends, and events. CURVENV Las Vegas boasts the new start date of February 14th, while CURVENY New York welcomes the grand reopening of the Galleria at the Javits for February. Most importantly, each venue will highlight new designers and events that will excite the entire CURVE community.

So far, 28 new designers – 15 at CURVENY New York, 13 at CURVENV Las Vegas – will bring a new perspective and value to multiple segments at CURVE for 2011. Representing both the international and domestic markets, each designer offers a new vision for the modern consumer. In New York, brands such as La Fille d’O, Beautiful Bottoms, Helen Sanchez, Stress Out, and Les Chaussons de la Belle bring innovative techniques, sophisticated designs, and new visions of sensuality to Fall/Winter 2011 collections. In Las Vegas, big names such as Hop Lun and Petit Bateau join new designers such as O Eve, Boa Noite, and YesforLov to appeal to multiple consumers, from the timeless, worldly woman to the hip and modern fashionista.

New trends will also be unveiled for 2011 at CURVENV Las Vegas and CURVENY New York for the always important Fall/Winter season. It is the time when consumers buy the most and represents a significant portion of retailers’ revenue. Trend forecasting highlights the importance for retailers to make educated purchases to properly reach and speak to the consumer.

At both locations, new features and events will be offered each day during the three day show. Social Media, Trend, and Sales seminars will be offered in both Las Vegas and New York, detailing the importance of the latest transformations within the entire fashion industry. CURVENV Las Vegas will present the So Curve Fashion Show at the Crazy Horse Paris MGM Grand for lingerie designers, as well as an exclusive men’s seminar for interaction between retailers, designers, and communication teams.

CURVENY New York will feature The French Lounge, an initiative represented by the Lingerie Francaise Federation aimed at participating French brands to engage with their customers in a relaxed environment with champagne and promotion. The New York show will also present the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) auction and exclusive FTBC booth that will display participating brands’ campaigns, designed for retailers to embrace the cause. Each of these features will take another step towards building CURVExpo’s charitable initiative and partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) which was signed in August 2010.



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