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Vol.06  Issue 09/02, 11.09.2006

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Shoe ABC Fall/Winter 2006

Introduced at 101st GDS - The Premier Shoe Event,
05. till 07. March 2006



























From A to Z and in a Nutshell the Key Trends at GDS - The Premier Shoe Event - for the 2006/07 Fall/Winter Season:

Arty Heels, built up individual layers of leather are now gaining importance – very much in the spirit of the new, natural feel thanks to handcrafted details. Styles are now becoming bolder and more imaginative.

Brocade, that fine fabric of princess and kings gives shoes an all-new quality.

Chameleon, transform yourself over and over again – this is the theme running through the 2006/07 A/W season. Looks with ever new slants thanks to clever little details and wondrous materials.

Crushed Patent Leather, that soft material with its typical look is in greater evidence now, on boot legs and bags for instance.

Decoration is important but should always come in moderation. The key rule here is to use it sparingly, in the right place and always nice and playfully.

Endearing Squirrel, that comical little creature with its wonderful red-brown fur is very much in fashion colour-wise. The range of deep, rich tones in the brown, burgundy and blood red colour scheme form the basis for the fashion look.

Fur gives wintry boots and casual shoes a rustic feel and is the utter trend material for bold fashionistas.

Feathers, the more exotic the better, are used sparingly but effectively.

Graphic Designs, lozenges, stripes and fancy patterns created on the computer bring a cool, technical touch to the fashion world.

Gold, the metal dreams are made of, plays a key fashion role in the coming Autumn and Winter season in a variety of nuances.

Horn, just like mother of pearl and wood, is an indispensable and versatile material for accessories on shoes and boots.

Industrial looking surfaces and shapes made using elaborate technical procedures create exciting contrasts with the overridingly natural look of fashions.

Jeans as long-term fashion hits also set the tone in the coming season.

Jodhpurs. Those sleek, classic bootees with cross straps around the ankles and side buckles compliment the new season’s slightly military look. And the effect is perfectly rounded off by these riding pants.

Jet Pearls jingle, clink and shine against each other and are the ultimate trend accessory of the Winter season.

Key Tassels are welcome decorative elements for all shoes in the coming Fall and Winter season.

Lacquer brings glamour into the fashion picture and is a truly titillating contrast to the natural look of the new leathers. Anyone who’s hip goes for patent leather!

Lasered (or Punched) Openwork creates nice accents and effects on classy leather.

Military is undergoing a revival and finds expression in typical olive-related colours.

Nubuk, this soft, sophisticated leather is again playing a stronger role on the shoe scene. Trendy accents are created by elaborate material combinations like nubuk with patent leather.

Outer Surfaces with delicate, shiny looks and an appealingly soft touch are the main protagonists in the new fashion season.

Patchwork, that colourful interplay of colour, shape and materials is now moving into the fashion picture, thereby detracting from the austerity of the often classic looks.
Platforms are back! Having disappeared from the fashion stage over several seasons, platforms are now returning. Though make sure they’re nice and discreet!

sQuare-Toes are coming! Square lasts are now "in", provided they are soft and without sharp edges.

Reptile Skins are back at the top as a trend material. Anyone wanting to ride the fashion wave will be wearing snake and lizard.
Really Smoky – the new colour nuances between black, white, brown and green. Matt surfaces give the colours a charming, powdery feel.

Satin, sophisticated, delicate and shimmeringly translucent, is deployed in combination with stiff, coarse materials, like denim or leather.
Slick Black takes the fashion stage! Fashion victims have been waiting quite a while for this: black is back, bringing elegance, class and a touch of purism with it.
Shiny Imitation Gems, plus shimmering, gleaming and shining pearls, give shoes a seductive look.

Tweed, is cosy, coarse and utterly suitable for winter. Reminiscent of autumn in the Highlands, it injects variety into the fashion picture, as a counterpart to leather, for instance.

Untreated and natural – leather in the coming season. The motto for finishes here is "less is more".

Voluminous. Last shapes will be full of volume next season. Very thin, elongated shapes are out.

Wool in the form of bobbles, fringes and crocheted flowers will also be up-to-date next winter.
Wedges are now indispensable! Across all women’s shoe collections we find these comfortable and yet highly feminine heels.

Xtremely Random? Shoe fashions in the coming season are as far away from this as possible. It’s always worth taking a closer look. The key is in the detail.

Yeti. Whether the yeti exists or not we don’t know. It is, however, probable that in the next cold season you will be able to score fashion points with shaggy fur.

Zweet & Delicate is impressively mixed alongside Rough & Tough – a successful recipe for the new fashion season.


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