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Vol.06  Issue 09/03, 14.09.2006

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Text sourcing : MIDEC. Photos : Copyright © 2006, fashionfreak. All rights reserved.



MIDEC September 2006 Summary

International Shoe Exhibition,
02.- 04.September 2006





The MIDEC Show :






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shoes for next summer,






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be still ' tres en vogue '.



MIDEC, part of Paris Capitale de la Creation, is a unique international meeting place in France for the best in footwear fashion. Held at the same time as the other Paris fashion exhibitions (Pret-a-Porter, Lingerie, Who's Next, Premiere Classe, etc.), the shoe industry firmly positions itself in the heart of the global fashion offer.
- Over 650 leading brand names representing the whole shoe offer.
- Over 12 000 specialised visitors, including 20% from overseas.
- free access to the show
- 18 000 m2 of exhibition space, divided in 7 villages, each with a strong identity, making the show easier to read, highlighting brands and products.

Specific colour codes for each village, the signage, the environment and specific displays make them uniquely identifiable
- Meeting points and FASHION information throughout the show, with 3 trend Forums and a summary of the Trends for Summer 2007. An invaluable guide for visitors and an effective tool for buyers during the decision-making process.
- A special area reserved for catwalks took the theme "NORTHERN BEACHES"; staged in an original way, in order to show shoe fashion world on the move. A playful and lively approach offered buyers the chance to spot brands exhibiting around the show and move on with their selection.
- MIDEC News MIDEC magazine with 25 000 copies described the exhibition program. An electronic Version has been sent to all buyers.
French and international Press, with more than 15 main newspaper and magazine titles were represented at MIDEC.


The 7 Villages of MIDEC
These villages lead to a better readability of the exhibition for visitors, with a clarified offer, highlighting brands and products, bringing a new strength to the MIDEC exhibition.

A strong element of the MIDEC exhibition, a village with a strong identity claiming itself as the meeting place for trendy sport, casual and new city brands, essential for modern fashion distribution. An original visual and sound concept, spread out around display and relaxation areas mixing business with pleasure.

The Midec designer village - the breeding ground for new talent. The embodiment of the innovative spirit of the MIDEC exhibition, IMAGINE builds the link between the worlds of creativity and industry, offering an area for expression to new and established designers. The support and interest shown by the press, industry figures and professionals in this field, are a prerequisite to the success of this area, which offers so many opportunities to discover new talents and new brands.

A particularly dynamic Village at MIDEC which has worked well for many seasons - now the indisputable leader for Kids shoes. At the entrance to the exhibition, JUST FOR KIDS sets the tone, clearly identified by its staging, colours and strong signage. MIDEC reinforces the image effort made by well-known children's brands which have developed their own strong identities, recognized by clients and the distribution network.

Follows close behind CAPTURE and IMAGINE and finds a new image with a completely new area. MASTER CLASS welomes a selection of international brands in a refined space, with a -boutique- look, emphasizing all brands and their products. A business Center opened in the heart of the village.

The whole of the city shoe fashion for men and women.

This village also, moves on making sure that the visitors feel at ease just as they do with the range of products. FEEL GOOD opened its comfortable and friendly space, with brands offering new and creative products within the comfort and indoor market.

Village with satellite products within the shoe world. Treasure trove for shoe cleaning products, care and feet comfort. Specialised companies in sales outlet layouts (shop material, advice and Software), packaging, and so on.


Result of Changes Made

The changes made last February like the opening of the villages CAPTURE and IMAGINE, have been a great success with shoe professionals, both exhibitors and visitors, and thanks to their success, these two villages attracted numerous and prestigious new brands this September.
The new dates, new look, new layout, new communication, a comprehensive and clear offer are the result of a forward-looking strategy which achieved subtle change, and produced the New Generation MIDEC last February; bringing in a new energy, and the tools to make it work.
The aim of MIDEC is to bring the focus of the shoe distribution network back to Paris, and to confirm its role as a major international player by creating an unmissable meeting-place in France. In February 2006 MIDEC attracted 20% more visitors, and the numbers of international visitors doubled compared to last year.
The September Session confirmed both the attraction as well as the enormous potential of MIDEC, due to the arrival of new brands and the return of prestigious brand names which had left the French exhibition scene in previous years :

The numbers for September 2006 - Total visitors : 11769 , French : 9550 , Foreigners : 2219.
In comparison to the numbers in September 2005 this means a slight drop of the french visitor number of about 1.4% , which might be caused by the end of the vacation time in France.
Numbers for September 2005 - Total visitors : 11905 , French : 9685 , Foreigners : 2220.

MIDEC has a leading position as an indisputable doorway for international brands wanting to get introduced to the French market, with its over 340 millions pairs, for more than 8 thousand million euros, 10 000 specialised outlets, 1 500 ready-to-wear shops selling shoes, sport shops and other distributions selling points (hyper and supermarkets, mail order, etc.)


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