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Vol.07  Issue 02/07, 21.02.2007

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Text sourcing : MIDEC.



MIDEC Summary February 2007

With its 40th session Midec continues to progress



The Midec continues to Progress

An increased total number of 10 589 visitors, representing a growth of:
7.3% compared with February 2006
27.8% compared with March 2005.

An increase in foreign visitors : 2 166, up by 17.9% compared with February 2006.

Foreign visitors represented more than 20% of the visitorship (20.5%) compared with 18.6% in 2006 and 10.8% in 2005.

These figures consolidate MIDEC's positioning strategy - at the heart of the February fashion shows with "PARIS, CAPITALE DE LA CREATION" : Pret-A-Porter, Who's Next, Salon International de la Lingerie, ...

A Friday which got off to a great start with 4 209 visitors which was 39.7% of the show (+ 19% against 2006).
A weak Saturday which lowers spirits down to 25.6% of the show; a reassuring Sunday representing 34.6% of the show.
The Friday was:
* better than the Friday in 2006 : + 19.0%
* better than the Monday in 2005 : + 56.8% .

Midec is a Fashion Show

The 3 forums, KIDS CORNER, FASHION SQUARE and TRENDS & BUSINESS, achieved unanimous approval, both for their style and for the quality of the fashion information they provided.

The fashion shows (10 per day), had been completely redesigned, and accompanied a modernized Midec, an improved showcase for footwear products:
- URBAN SHOW for the 'street' and trendy collections ;
- AVENUE which presented the latest fashions ;
- KIDS, shown on a loop at the heart of KIDS CORNER.

'IMAGINE', the designer village area with its three poles, Rising Stars, Duo and Creative Labels, was for the first time located at the entrance to the show, seducing visitors with its elegance and its collection of well-known designers and creative brands.

'CAPTURE', the Urban & Nature village area, which had been designed around zones for activities, relaxation, exhibitions (Surplus Bensimon, D-Torso, Wad) and music, was particularly appreciated by the visitorship.

The students of ESMOD presented their vision of the shoe of tomorrow.

MIDEC's improved clarity was reinforced by the stands and the colour codes of each village.

Midec is International

- As illustrated by its exhibitors: this session, the MIDEC welcomed new foreign exhibitors: Brazilian, Italian and Spanish
- In two years, the proportion of foreign visitors has doubled (from 10.8% to 20.5%)
- Member of the WORLD SHOE FAIR ORGANISATION, the Midec welcomed the GDS (Germany), the Micam (Italy) and Modacalzado (Spain).

The countries which showed the greatest increase in visitors compared with February 2006:
* JAPAN + 51%
* GERMANY + 37%

The September edition of Midec, 07.- 09.Sep.2007 will continue with further attractions:
- Strengthening of 'Imagine' with the arrival of new international designers
- new fully fitted stands
- new definition and new concept for the Master Class and Feel Good villages
- a return to Hall 4

And finally, the Midec is working with the other shows of "Paris, Capitale de la Creation" to discuss opening days: Do we keep the Saturday? Open on Monday?

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