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Vol.08  Issue 12/10, 20.12.2008

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BBW 2008 : Model Novias



Model Novias



Model Novias, S.L was founded in Galicia in 1994 with the aim of designing and manufacturing haute couture bridal gowns. The arrival of Model Novias heralded a new perception of bridal fashion in Spain and the company soon became a national reference point for industry trends. Since its beginnings, the company has slowly established itself in a very demanding market, a market it now satisfies in all senses with a product and service which are extremely valued both nationally and internationally.

The best bridal boutiques on three continents are the recipients of handcrafted products, fashion design, quality and excellent Service. Model Novias's consolidation of the national market and external outlook have led to its acquiring new premises to house a production process which, observing exhaustive quality control measures, transforms select imported fabrics into exclusive designer dresses under the brand names Model Novias and Zenobia.

The Company has a highly qualified team of staff who produce handcrafted gowns, taking extreme care over the finishes and the details which make their models unique and special designs. The selection of fabrics and the care taken with the finish are a fundamental part of the process.



Model Novias



Model Novias



Quality must be more than a feeling of perfection, and this feeling is contrasted by the growing expansion of the Company throughout the world. The success of Model Novias in such diverse markets is an expression of the company's ability to unite such diverse tastes around designs which retain their rigorously exclusive character.

The company's secret and its permanent effort are focused on design, and it is precisely in this department in which their greatest efforts are concentrated. Nevertheless, the value of the Company resides in a highly qualified team of staff, almost all women, which has managed to convert a young business project into an obligatory reference point for bridal fashion. With an innovative spirit and international outlook, the Company management have embarked on a new process of international expansion, bringing Model Novias to the most important industry fairs in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Milan and Harrogate. It is nowadays also to be found in prestigious boutiques in the United States, France, Italy, the DK, Portugal, Greece, Mexico and Japan, among others.

This expansion process and the excellent acceptance of the specialised fine dressmaking in the bridal wear produced by the Company have led to Model Novias, S.L considering a programme, both ambitious and realistic, of investing in both fixed capital and technological progress, whilst maintaining handcrafted production methods and the rigorously exclusive character of the models.

Good collaboration with boutiques is both essential and necessary. Working together allows us to offer a better Service and adapt to the needs and requirements of each market.

Since 2002 Antonio Vazquez has been head of the Model Novias design team, a promising talent in Galician fashion who since joining the Company has created several collections with his characteristic ingenuity, whilst always respecting the style which Model Novias imprints on its dresses.



Model Novias



Model Novias



Model Novias proposes, in its new bridal and festive collection, a voyage that whisks us off to the world of dreams with the help of imagination and fantasy.

The line that enshrouds and caresses the bride is an ensemble of volumes, combining puffs and flounces, drapes that sculpt the figure, elongated lines that almost create Greek sirens and which light up with silver, nickel, aluminium and steel platinum flashes.

Tinted makeup and disproportionate accessories are the perfect wrapping to achieve this world of fantasy.


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Model Novias




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