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Vol.08  Issue 11/06, 11.11.2008

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BBW 2008 : Hannibal Laguna



Hannibal Laguna



2007 has been a key year in the interesting career of this Spanish designer, who is becoming more and more international. This was the year in which his collection of bridal gowns was first distributed in more than 20 retail outlets in Spain and over 15 international outlets, not to mention the presentation of his amazing dress for the Little Mermaid by Walt Disney, auctioned by Christie's in Paris for the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Walt Disney Theme Park in Paris, the presentation of his TOO CHERRY collection in September 2007 at Pasarela Cibeles and the signing of his collaborative agreement with the Spanish firm Marie Claire for creating a collection for its hundredth anniversary and also for 2008.

Hannibal Laguna was born on October 8, 1967 in Venezuela. He was a lover of fashion from an early age, and due to family tradition and was raised and grew up observing the work of his parents in "Donetta Venezolana", one of the most important children's fashion firms of the 1980s.



Hannibal Laguna



In 1982 he moved to Europe, studied tailoring in Milan and decided to devote himself to fashion. In 1987 he started his solo career by opening his first own "pret-a-porter" establishment and in 1988 his collection was chosen to represent Spain at the international "Europe in USA" show.

In 1990 he exhibited his designs at the Cibeles fashion show. His collections started to be sold in the best multi-label stores in Spain. During all this time and up to the present day, one of the most important hallmarks in the business project of this interesting Spanish designer with an international projection was and still is, the perfect syntony with respect to the granting and creating of licences for his collections together with the expansion of his own collections and ateliers, including:

The International line Hannibal Laguna Novias for Pronovias.
The Hannibal Laguna Bijoux line.
The communion dress collection for Maria Espahola.
Hannibal Laguna Novios Collection for Protocolo.
The Hannibal Laguna shoes and accessories collection.
The collection created for Marie Claire on occasion of its one-hundredth anniversary.



Hannibal Laguna



His track record is also defined by his participation in the two most important fashion organised shows in Spain: Barcelona and Madrid. From 1997 to the present he has been presenting his bridal gown collections at Pasarela Gaudi Novias in Barcelona; in 1998, he started working with Cibeles, and, following several years of exhibition at the BCN FASHION WEEK, his collection TOO CHERRY has returned to the edition of Pasarela Cibeles in September 2007.

He has collaborated in many national and international fashion projects for renowned firms such as L'Oreal or Palmolive, in addition to his interesting participation in important fashion exhibitions staged in Spain and abroad during the past ten years like:

The ARTE Y MODA exhibition at San Pio V Museum in Valencia (1999), Palazzo Doria Pampili de Valmontone (2001), La Casa de la Obra Pia in La Havana (2001).



Hannibal Laguna



The exhibition entitled PASION - DISENO ESPANOL, organised by the DDI (Government Society for the Development of Design and Innovation) in Madrid (2002), Salamanca, Chicago and Berlin.
The ART and FASHION exhibition at the Ethnographie Museum of St. Petersburg (2003).

The exhibition entitled TRAS EL ESPEJO. MODA ESPANOLA held at the Queen Sophia Museum in Madrid, organised by the DDI (Government Society for the Development of Design and Innovation).

The exhibition 31 VUELTAS A UN BOLSO at the Costumes Museum in Madrid and Valencia's Institute of Modern Art (2004).
The exhibition BARBIE FASHION ICON at the Costumes Museum in Madrid (2004).



Hannibal Laguna



Since creating his collection "Homage to Dali" in 1998 for Lisbon Universal Exhibition, he has frequently collaborated with the theatre, stage and film sectors. In particular, mention should be made of his interpretation of Lust in Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy" for the international tour of Fura Dels Baus, Cinderella by Antonio Canales or "his" Prometheus for the Classic Theatre festival in Merida or special film costumes for "La Mujer Mas Fea del Mundo" by Miguel Bardem, "Crimen Ferpecto" by Alex de la Iglesia and "Di que Si" by Juan Calvo, among others.

His most loyal clients include many celebrities whose Images he takes care of in person.



Hannibal Laguna



April Flowers

An imaginary journey through shapes and textures in which the outlines of petals and leaves take us to Hannibal Laguna's world of plants.

The female Silhouette, made of lilies, dahlias and magnolias, is the main theme of this romantic, seductive, contemporary collection.

The vertical lines and oblique cuts.... gently fall and slide from the stem.

An imperceptible degrade shade in the superposing of sheer textures that add movement and lightness to the design.



Hannibal Laguna



Organza, triple gazar, organdy and silk muslin....
Delicately crafted relief work on Chantilly lace.....

Suggestive herringbone micropleats with exquisite details embroidered in fine silk thread, framing each of the motifs....

Sophisticated plays of dry, brilliant nuances that create a palette of infinite whites.

The jewel dress... a special garment forspecial occasions.



Hannibal Laguna




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