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Vol.08  Issue 11/07, 12.11.2008

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BBW 2008 : Jesus Peiro



Jesus Peiro



Intersposa S.A., owner of the Jesus Peiro brand, was created in 1988. Its objective was and is to offer the market a modern, up-to-date wedding dress in tune with the trends of each season, without forgetting the distinctive traits of this sector. Over these years, Jesus Peiro has gradually carved out an increasingly larger niche in the world of Spanish and European bridal wear, prioritising, over other no less important objectives, a type of dressmaking that satisfies growing demands and a finishing quality very close to haute couture. The dedication and the effort of the whole human team that shares this project has led to the accomplishment of most of the initial goals. Jesus Peiro is now an unquestionable reality in the world of bridal fashion, besides being one of the most significant reference in the sector.

Jesus Peiro is present in the best multibrand boutiques in Spain, as well as in Italy, Portugal, France, Ireland, Belgium, England, Holland, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Japan. It also has a network of young but constantly expanding franchises.

Merche Segarra leads the company's design Department.
1983-1987 Graduate in Fine Arts (specialising in painting). School of Fine Arts of San Jorge (University of Barcelona)



Jesus Peiro



1985 Course in shading and painting. Palazzo Spinelli (Florence, Italy)
1985-1987 Title of Fashion Design (specialising in knitwear). School of Arts and Fashion Techniques of Barcelona
1987-1988 Title of Pattern Designer and Size Scaling. Escuela Secoli de Milan (Italy) 1989-1993 Manager and owner of NUEZ, S.L.
1994-1998 Manager and owner of MERCHE SEGARRA COSTURA
Sales collection Winter 2003, in the Dinou firm show room, Jofre Company
2002-2003 Joins Design Department, Selvatgi firm, Mosel, S.A. Company

This year the prestigious designer Antonio Miró joined the Company. Thanks to this new addition Intersposa, S.A. has broadened its offer, thus covering a gap in the bridal market for brides that seek to avoid the usual classicism, opting for an alternative style, without overlooking the elegance and good taste that all women seek for such an important day.



Jesus Peiro




INSPIRATION: The orchestra tunes its Instruments in the pit. The violins and violas train their bows as they let out dissonant chords. A scale caracoles out of the piano. The excited theatre welcomes the excited and lively audience who are making themselves comfortable in their seats. The magical show is about to begin. A unique evening at the opera. The opening, "in crescendo", leads on to an unforgettable voice: Callas takes the stage and time stands still.

SILHOUETTE: Architectural. Fluid. Linear, in "A" with straight cuts in the waist. Simple style with strapless and geometric necklines. Significant hem volume with flounces, pleats, fabric overlays and mermaid cuts. With lightness and movement, like a waltz.

FABRICS: Silk shantung Mikado. Light organdies. Chantilly with large geometric motifs and petits pois. Cotton batiste with openwork flowers. Silk garza. Plumetti tulle. Lace overlays. A richness of textures akin to the tones of a melody.

COLOUR: the clarity and opacity of a floury white. Depth of vintage beige. Warm tending whites. Light with nuances, the scene.



Jesus Peiro



DETAILS: The soul of the collection: Trims - grosgroin and silk ribbons. Felt ribbons with tiny pearls. Lace medallions, ornamental motifs, double-sided lace edging. Nacre and mother-of-pearl beads, sequins and crystal beads. Silver beads. Lurex stitching. Openwork embroidery with metallic threads. Mesh and raised embroidery. Tucks and potchwork. Bustles and pleats. Bows and flowers. The Philharmonie orchestra and a delirious choral.

ACCESSORIES: Minimal, to avoid confusion of the details, but important: gloves and fingerless wedding gloves make up the Silhouette and are inspired by the gowns, highlighting the strength and passion in each offering. Imagination in the shapes and textures. Volume and subtlety in unison, like the aria performed by the soprano and tenor.


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