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Vol.08  Issue 11/08, 13.11.2008

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BBW 2008 : Victorio & Lucchino



Victorio & Lucchino



If we are to discuss Spanish fashion of the last 20 years, there is no doubt that we must make reference to Victorio & Lucchino, one of the companies which has been, and continues to be, undisputed in the panorama of Spanish design.

From its very beginnings, the Company formed by Victorio, Jose Victor Rodriguez Caro, and Lucchino, Jose Luis Medina del Corral, has been able to imprint, with its creations, a unique and original style of indisputably Andalusien character.

Victorio & Lucchino began their career in the fashion world at the end of the Seventies in the city of Seville. But it could be said that their origins date back to long before that. At a very young age, both Jose Victor and Jose Luis displayed clear tendencies towards the world of art, and dreamed of a life in which creation would be their vocation.



Victorio & Lucchino



They met professionally at the Company "Disart" in Seville. After working together for six months in the design department, they realised that they shared an amazing similarity in taste and trends, something which did not take long to bear fruit.

As a result of this working relationship, they decided to become independent and open a shop in the Andalusien capital where they began to display their creative expressiveness and seil their first designs. In 1985, and after experiencing great success with their business, they were encouraged to create their first collection and present it at a fashion show in New York. Since then, and thanks to the creation of the "Pasarela Cibeles", they have presented two ready-to-wear collections per year.

In 1984, after witnessing the great demand for and success of their bridal dresses, they decided to create their first collection and present it at a fashion show in Barcelona. This is when they revealed themselves to be pioneers in the industry, and since then many ready-to-wear designers have attempted to follow their example.



Victorio & Lucchino



Since the year when they presented their first collection at "Cibeles", in 2001, Victorio & Lucchino has become a mirror in which Spanish fashion views itself. And although they have always been aware of innovations in the industry, they have never abandoned the essence of tradition and the philosophy which defines their particular style. A style with which they began, and with which over time they have continued to give expression to the trends of each period.
In parallel, for the last two seasons they have presented in their hometown of Velazquez, in Seville, their collections of Gypsy bridal gowns. It is in these creations that they invest their purest art.

After fulfilling clear objectives in the world of fashion and complements, they have continued to open new gateways to different markets. From the launch of their first women's perfume "Carmen", in 1992, to the latest recent agreement to design jewellery.

Talking about essence means talking about our deepest feelings.

The name "Essence" has long and brilliantly been used by one of the firm's emblematic dresses. The woman that dreams of dressing in VICTORIO & LUCCHINO continues to demand this essence, this pure nectar of our intimate creative expression. For this reason, this collection has sought to pay tribute to these forms, creating and reinterpreting our own typically creative concepts, consciously leading this essence to impregnate each one of these designs.



Victorio & Lucchino



This is all embodied in a collection which features the great dressmaking connotations that characterise us, presenting a blend of materials that share a common denominator: the lightness and sheerness of their textures. Crepes, organzines, lace, and in some cases broches, are treated and finished in a delicate and painstaking way.

Off whites, natural colours and even a gentle ivory, put the finishing touch to tranquil and sophisticated colours.


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