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Vol.06  Issue 04/04, 24.04.2006

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Text : ILM, Offenbach; Traudel Albrecht-Fuchs. Copyright © 2005, Messe Offenbach.
Photos : Copyright © 2006, fashionfreak. All rights reserved.


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Bag and Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2006

Presented at ILM Offenbach
29.September till 02.Oktober 2005





The Trend Show of the ILM :
Bags and Fashion
... as well as something for the
Football World Cup !

ILM Trends S/S 2006





ILM Trends S/S 2006





ILM Trends S/S 2006





ILM Trends S/S 2006





ILM Trends S/S 2006





ILM Trends S/S 2006






Elegant - yet relaxed

Fashion reflects its beauty in simplicity. Less artful, more relaxed and sportful, nevertheless rather decorative. Naturalness is the central topic. We encounter ingenious ways of leather processing - prewashed, felt, crashed, brushed - all that to gain an unusual and absolutely interesting vintage design or the liked grip 'as soft as butter'. Even the colours seem to imitate nature: shades of leather, earth and sand, colours borrowed from plants and flowers result in a harmonious and friendly array.

Yet nature is not sheer! Adornment and decoration are a must, instead of glitter and strass come ethnically inspired wooden beads, old metal decoration, rivets, leather blossoms and fringes, tunnels, print designs and embroideries to gain attractiveness for the new bag fashion.

The Colours

Silent City
Incognito: bricks, asphalt, and steel. Black and foggy grey, chalky white, concrete beige, steel blue, and silver.

Rustic Nature
Genuine, pure, authentic. Wood and earth, straw and bast, grass and moss.

Fresh Blossom
A spring day setting out, bursting buds. Bright and soft pastel shades and the green of May. Fresh white and sky-blue.

Hot Culture
The deep sun of Africa, glowing heat, exotic. Burnt soil-brown, ebony, gold, violet, sunset glow, and fern-green. Coral and turquoise as decoration.
Splendidly blossoming summer gardens, colourful, lively, fragrant. Bright yellow, orange, azalea, rose red, Jasmine, and turquoise.


Urban Chic : Soft and strong

Big city architecture, modern galleries. Fashion discovers the chic of simplicity, dispenses with pomp and glamour, plays with the contrast "so gentle - so strong", is both female and emancipated, non-tensed and pleasantly natural.

Linen combinations, crease and crash effects, uni-coloured fabrics with structures, denim and georgette are the fashion. Swinging skirts and waist-fitting jackets remind us of the "New Look" by Dior. Smooth, transparent skirts form a contrast to correct short blazers or stylish uniform jackets. Graphic cuts for dresses get a sensational note by geometric designs.

Accessories give both a strong and soft attribute to the overall effect in appearance. Bags are present by their sheer size and effect. Original classics mutate to attractive city bags by sportful accents and impressive decorative details. Small bags with handles stand for retro fashion. Their feminine appearance is reached by the material being pleated and gathered, by pearly lustre or wipe effects. Extravagant embossings, noble lizard and reptile designs stand for an exquisite style. The attachment to all natural characteristics brings about rough leather, mat grainings, braidings, linen and bast. Accessories and clasps are stylish and elegant.


Pretty Girl : Clean & Fresh

The world is a beautiful dream. Alice in Wonderland, enchanting flower gardens, dreamy meadows. A girlish and fabulous fashion.

Laces, frills and flounces, lingerie look ranging from bodice to petti-coat. Soft meadow flowers, designs with blossoms and butterflies, fresh cotton piques, nostalgic lace trimmings and edge Ornaments. Swinging skirts in country-look with short bodices or wide country blouses. All in a girlish romanticism. In combination with jeans and denim this look is fit for everyday.

Natural leather types, linen, and canvas. Lace ornaments, punch patterns, handicraft like so-called 'mouseteeth' - a crochet design - or stitched edges, beads and pretty embroideries are typical design elements. Little girl-bags that look like crochet works with short grips, simple pouches, flap bags and shoppers are authentic. Gardener's bags of bast, baskets of sisal complete the variety. Delicate meadow flowers, happy summer flowers, birds and butterflies are embroidered, printed or appliqued. Bamboo and wooden grips emphasise the touch of naturalness. The lining with cheerful designs underlines the decorative effect. Blossoms, little hearts or butterflies are simply a must as pendants for this season.


Ethno Adventure : Fancy & Fantasy

The world is an adventure. The journey leads us from Africa to the souks of Marrakech. Then a stop-over in Woodstock in reminiscence of Flower Power. Finally a Cuba Libre on Jamaica. Rhythm and the splendour of colours evoke emotions.

Safari jackets with casual cargo pants, hippie skirts, gipsy blouses, big shawls, ankle-length dresses, vests and ponchos. Tattoo designs, patterns of animal skins, the designs of snakes, wild-cats or batik cannot deny their African heritage. Hippie attributes can be seen in wild patchworks, photo designs, rich embroideries and fringes. Splendid Jacquards, tile designs and Paisleys on pure silk give an oriental touch.

Big, supple, unconstructed: pouches, sacs, and shoppers. Still oblong formats, however in imaginative design. New impulses are reached by natural leather types in used look, prewashed, coarse leather in buffalo design, irregular dying effects, crease- and crash effects, rough surfaces. Animal prints, snakes, crocodile, and lizards complete the impression. An abundance of applications through ornaments and embroidery, however less splendid and less iridescent, but borrowed from nature and artfully designed: ivory, animals' teeth and horn, cork and bamboo, feathers, rivets and beads. Braidings, fringes, tufts, tunnels, ribbons, cords, and stitched edges decorate the ethno bags.

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