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Vol.06  Issue 05/00, 01.05.2006

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Text : GDS, Düsseldorf. Photos : Copyright © 2006, fashionfreak. All rights reserved.


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100th GDS - Shoe ABC Spring/Summer 2006

Defined at 100th GDS - The Premier Shoe Event,
18. till 21. September 2005





Not only good for shoes :
The Trend Shows of the GDS
show a symbiosis of shoe and
apparel with accessories

GDS Trends S/S 2006





GDS Trends S/S 2006





GDS Trends S/S 2006





GDS Trends S/S 2006





GDS Trends S/S 2006





GDS Trends S/S 2006






Shoe ABC Spring/Summer 2006
In a Nutshell – from A to Z the Key Trends for the 2006 Spring/Summer Season :

A Antique Finish provides a hint of vintage and creates exciting effects on smooth leather.

B Ballerinas, delicate, flat and feminine – also an indispensable style in women’s footwear next summer.
Batik captivates us with its imaginative dyeing effects. Looking slightly hippie it features great effect on canvas, silk and cotton.

C Campesinas are the feminine spin-offs of the good old espadrille. With their hemp wedge heels and distinctive ankle laces these otherwise flat styles make for a sexy look.
Chucks in all shapes and colours are the new shoe theme for sporty youngsters.

D Diabolo Heels sound devilish but with their curves and tiny heel print they are utterly sexy.

E Ethno is one of the key summer themes: brown, orange and red nuances, large-format patterns and lots of natural materials for decoration are the protagonists here.
Espadrilles bring back memories of your last summer holiday in the sun - helping you cut a fine figure at home, too.

F Fine Wicker Looks are produced elaborately by hand and are an absolute must for all natural themes. Shoes, belts and bags can’t do without them.

G Glamour – yes, but in moderation. Shimmering metallic leather and delicate laces inject sex appeal and luxury into the fashion scene. But remember 'less is more'.

H Hippie Crocheted Flowers are reminiscent of the good old 70s and will see a very playful comeback in the summer season.
Homely Wood – natural, original and simply beautiful – is the material of the season both for beaded bracelets and platform heels.
Horn – both real or fake – is the trend material for the authentic ethno look. Bracelets, beads and brooches create beautiful accents.

I Indian looks set the tone – especially with silver and lots of turquoise.

J Jade, amethyst, corals and the like provide delightfully decorative elements on shoes and bags.

K Kute Wedge Heels, together with little platform heels, provide the absolute summer footwear look.
Kork is a really big summer theme. It is especially suited to wedges on summery heeled sandals and slip-ons.

L Loafers with a classic elegant look and short and rounded lasts perfect the new business look.
Linen/Canvas. With their distinctive creased look these materials are utterly 'in'. Especially in natural colours from beige to khaki these cooling fabrics feature to particularly good effect – on shoes, too.

M Mules expose less of your feet but look utterly sexy and elegant with higher heels.

N Nature. Designers opt for natural materials. Vegetable tanned leather, canvas-like fabrics, hemp and cotton are often used here.

O Ochre, sienna, beige and amber are the trend colours of the summer.
Oriental influences set the fashion tone with strong colours, blossom prints and lots of jewels.

P (Mother of) Pearl – shimmering and shining – is just the right material for natural jewellery. Pearls highlight the natural look and make for elegant adornments on both shoes and wrists.

Q Queenies are cheeky little curved heels that give what initially seem sporty styles a sexy look.

R Raffia is a popular material used to decorate heeled sandals and slip-ons – in the form of flowers, for instance. It highlights the natural look of footwear fashions.

S Stylish Embroidery is used liberally and – depending on the style – makes for either an artsy craftsy, authentic look or a highly elegant one.

T T-Straps are already familiar to us from lingerie. With summer shoes this 'T' is especially in evidence on moulded-insole toe post sandals. These are often lavishly decorated or embroidered.

U Understatement is a common theme running through the fashions of the new season. Jewels and decoration - yes! But always in moderation.

V Velvety Suede is soft, skin-caressing and it gives colours a subdued, matt effect. The ideal material for the new, natural summer look.

W Western Clogs are next summer’s answer to the good old cowboy boot - and a fashion must in the hot 2006 season.

X Xerophile is the name for plants that thrive in dry habitats. And the new summer fashion is also one such 'species'. After all, espadrilles are only really fun when the sun shines down from the heavens.

Y Ying and Yang are creative antitheses like dark and light, male and female. The new authentic fashion picks up on this theme using natural materials and sleek looks – not least because Far Eastern influences do feature prominently in the new trends.

Z Zingy Delicate Colours like rose, blue and lime green are still in evidence but are now given a slightly worn touch. The motto being: colour is a must but less is more.
Zebra, Tiger and leopard are also the animal skin accents for summer. After all, there also has to be room for a bit of fun in fashion.

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