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Vol.06  Issue 05/02, 12.05.2006

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Text : LMC. Photos : Copyright © 2006, fashionfreak. All rights reserved. All pictures taken at LMC 2005.



LMC Trends S/S 2006


LMC Lingerie & Beachwear Trends Spring/Summer 2006

Presented at Lyon, Mode City
03. till 05. September 2005





The different LMC-Shows :
Lingerie &

LMC Trends S/S 2006

Little Kiss






LMC Trends S/S 2006







LMC Trends S/S 2006







LMC Trends S/S 2006







LMC Trends S/S 2006







LMC Trends S/S 2006








Trends Spring/Summer 2006

The Lyon, mode city (lingerie/beachwear) and Interfilière (fabrics) platform provides a wide panel of expertise, where innovation, technical progress and know-how are closely interwoven for the greatest benefit of the professionals who meet there in an established friendly atmosphere.

For the 2006 Summer season Lyon mode city defined four fashion themes :

Innocent Pleasures - Delicate Sensuality - Latin Chic - Nature‘s Extravagances

Innocent Pleasures

This is a breath of fresh, young air, so well-behaved, a girly grace that dominates with softness. Under the influence of charm, the pairings of shapes and motifs are full of a new modesty that is happy to laugh and show off.

On the lingerie side, there is, then, a "street trousseau" that doesn’t hesitate to use all the most joyously contemporary arguments : feathers, laces or small flowers thus emerge from their classic romantic paths by playing on surprising marriages. Tattoo motifs enliven a camisole and boyshort combo in candy pink at 6xty 8ight ; seersucker stripes flirt with lace, and a flowered bustier slums it with mock lacing at Morgan ; the most vivid blue doesn’t hesitate to entwine itself with softer notes at No Romeo ; the most elegant lace dominates in contrast with a seamless laser cut-out at Leonisa; flounces and other tender pinks lighten up with turquoise notes at EDC by esprit.
Also in the spotlight, the camisole dominates and is ready to show off : white, pleated tulle with blue threads and obvious fastenings at Jacalyn Bennett; highlighted with English roses or underlined with lacings at Morgan and Lejaby and with feather and laces at 6ixty 8ight. And finally, mismatched motifs, fabrics and colors form the new, perfect pairs : flowers and stripes at No Romeo, flowers and feathers at Pleasure State, very beachy stripes and small dots, but also, the strong contrast of sporty green and orange at EDC by Esprit.
On the swimwear side, make way for "street beach" that is fun and full of humor : here again, mismatches are increasingly important, with striped and solid or floral and solid two pieces at Stella, alliances of sequins, embroideries and a Hawaiian spirit at L´aura Blu by Refec, dots and flowers in turquoise and mauve at Bora Bora, flowers and multicolored ties at Morgan.
Also characteristic of this trend, the beach is just at home in the city : a crochet, smocked and flounced spirit for a small dress at Zinco, black leather effects on a turquoise ground at Antigel, an Army spirit in flashy colors for a boyleg two-piece at Stella, tattoo details at Volin, a pants and jacket ensemble in zippered terrycloth in sporty green and white at Taubert. And finally, there is a festival of straps and lacings full of color, always happy to multiply ties, particularly at Morgan, but also a modern interpretation of the legendary Hawaiian spirit : a very masculine floral at ICU, prettily kitsch at Avec plaisir, reworked digitally at L´aura Blu by Refec.

Delicate Sensuality

On the lingerie side, this is a trip to the edge of exotic chic that is unabashedly rich. Pairings that are as carefree as your latest shopping obsession : florals, sequins, tulle, rhinestones, satin, motifs appear on a bustier, its thong and its little crossover dress at Verde Veronica ; draped, satin, lace, crystal and silver-grey beading show off on a panty and its top at Leonisa ; tulle, lace and rhinestones entwine a camisole and its panty at Pleasure State; flounces, sequins and flowers adorn a camisole and its kimono at NK Romance a comic-strip print embroidered with flowers shows off at A jour. Another bold alliance, orange and pink enter the heart of what's new : prints at Lejaby, on a flounced, asymmetric nightshirt at Börner, in a radiant camisole style at Marjolaine. And finally, glamour, plays on asymmetry, false layering or draped effects; for a seamless tank top in chestnut and fuchsia at Feel Fine, a double bra in trompe l'oeil at A Jour, a mock two-piece in fuchsia lace at Selmark.
On the swimwear side, there is a beach dressed to the nines, happy to stay dry. Where details and bejeweled notes become indispensable complements to vacations, with a studded rhinestone style on a bra top at Jolidon, on a draped white piece or in embroidered sequins at Sunset, with a rhinestone trend again on anthracite grey for a swimsuit and small skirt at Valery Blu. Also in the trend, the most undressed dressy looks : The onepiece is back in shape, but very cut out and low-cut, notably in a V at Manuel Canovas, Shan, Gottex, Sunset, Argentovivo. Playful chic again, with trompe l’oeil for real luxe : a belted effect on a one-piece at Jolidon, a fringe- and knit motif effect for a swimsuit and pareo skirt ensemble at Lise Charmel, denim-style Lycra® at Jolidon, figurative embroideries and a hand-made spirit for a two-piece and its skirt at Verde Veronica, and a mock asymmetric one-piece at Argentovivo…

Latin Chic

Looks that can kill and a silk-scarf influence : Nuances are intensified, and luxury dresses itself with a frenzy of prints heavy with shadows and light. Bright shine, graphic chic, flounces and a bathing beauty spirit from the 1950’s : between a cocktail ambiance and a vacation atmosphere. We choose both.

On the lingerie side, there is a "Latin spirit" with ready-to-wear accents, where graphic stripes and dark colors take center stage : an ensemble in floral madras underlined with lace and accessorized with flounced flowers at Sonia Rykiel, embroidered tulle enhanced with braided straps at Chasney Beauty, nautical stripes highlighted with a yellow flower at Scandale, wild silk with flowers painted as though by hand at Lise Charmel, graphic camisole in black and pink with satin straps at Pleasure State, but also, for him, a tank top in black and red mesh with rhinestones at QZ or the ensemble with a kangaroo brief and a brightly striped tank top at Sonia Rykiel. A stunning, sun-drenched "show" as well : more covered shapes and other details that no longer want to have anything to hide. A crossover top in embroidered crepe and a powder-pink bustier that is totally bedazzled at Cadolle, a black bra with rhinestones that fastens with a bejeweled chain at EDC by esprit, tulle embroidered with tulle for a babydoll at Little Kiss, and black dots on a yellow ground and flounces for an ensemble by Scandale…
On the swimwear side, there is an escapade like Capri in the 1950's. A very jet-set spirit of models with lingerie elegance : Embroidered tulle and transparency for a one-piece and its kimono at Gottex, pairings of beading and motifs at Kom, a one-piece embroidered with a spectacular coral motif in beading at Maryan Mehlhorn, a small, bedazzled, batwing dress at Argentovivo, flounced black or embroideries and draping at Volin, smocks and asymmetry at Rasurel. And finally, a very cocktail ambiance : ring, rivet and multi-tied details at Argentovivo, Feel Fine, Volin…

Nature‘s Extravagances

This is a dive into the heart of a modern jungle, with all the flora and fauna that go with it : reptile prints, savannah nuances, tropical bouquet, magical amulets, spidery prints, wild scratchings, solar safaris. all of it is made with ultra-technical comfort.

On the lingerie side, this is a revisited colonial style, "African queen" with aristocratic chic and sophisticated wellness : a pleated tulle bra from Lejaby, micromodal and ultra-soft beige silk with embroideries and asymmetric laces for a thong, bra and elastic-waist skirt from Feel Fine, an alliance of linen and lace in flounced white and beige for a camisole, pants and its kimono from NK Romance, crêpe and lace in savannah tones for a bolero and its pant from NK Romance, stretch satin, lace straps and a belted waist for a bustier from Pleasure State, pleated, laser-cut and a laced thong for an ensemble from Jacalyn Bennett. Naturally, prints and animal effects also tame all kinds of shapes : a blazer jacket for a zebra-print pyjama at Marjolaine, real feathers with lace, ribbons, satin and shells at IC Pearl…
On the swimwear side, there is a "tribal rhythm" with mysterious accents. Fauna soars, in a pleated petticoat style with snakeskin motifs at Shan, a poncho-pareo dress and tiger-striped swimsuit brightened with coral at Maryan Mehlhorn,a small skirt with fish-scale shine at Kom, a toile de jouy-inspired pink decorated with leopard at Leonisa, a swimsuit with a doeskin-effect fabric at Gottex.
Also radiant, the most luxuriant flora blossoms everywhere : a V-neck, flocked one-piece for a bark effect in black and gold at Sunset, a pairing of vibrant floral and solid for a swimsuit from Lise Charmel and its pareo like a naive Caribbean painting, giant, placed leaves and rhinestones at Antigel, a parrot and other tropical nuances at Gottex, a petal embroidery on white Lycra® at Red Point, fresh green for a bustier dress in Lycra® with a train from Linea Sprint,and a pointillist print with exotic paradise allure at Nicole Olivier. And finally, ethnic attitudes, with the virtuoso fringe for a two-piece from Nicole Olivier, the special trompe l’oeil bandeau from Linea Sprint, the tribal jewel detail for a onepiece from Manuel Canovas, and the profusion of amulets, feathers, bones and embroideries at IC Pearl.

Next Date for Lyon, mode city : 02.-04. September 2006

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