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Vol.06  Issue 04/02, 10.04.2006

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Text sourcing : PAPP, Paris. Photos : Copyright © 2006, fashionfreak. All rights reserved.



Pret-A-Porter, Paris : Key Trends Spring/Summer 2006

Presented at Pret-A-Porter, Paris
02. till 05. September 2005


PAPP Trends S/S 2006




Trend Show at PAPP Sept.2005

PAPP Trends S/S 2006





PAPP Trends S/S 2006





PAPP Trends S/S 2006





"Origins" means water, the vital element, a subject explored by scientists, designers and artists.
"Origins" also means the Garden of Eden, the imaginary vision of a fantastical paradise, exuberant and luxuriant, an alternative to our humdrum reality.
"Origins" also suggests primitive cultures, and Africa in particular.



Mirrors cut in the shape of water pools and showers of crystal introduce the theme of water. A limpid, aquatic fluidity gives a flowing rhythm to the essential simplicity of pared-down shapes, minimalist lines, sculptural volumes.
The garment ripples, pleats, rolls ; the fabric flows and billows; prints are hazy and blurred; every shade of blue and crystal from lagoon to ultramarine.

Miss Clean
A wall of washing machines and clothes hanging out to dry offer another vision of water - the source of cleanliness and purity.
Reviving the spirit of the trousseau and the fine work of the laundrywoman fluting lace and guipures. Transparency and lightness, frothy pleats, flounces, raised/lowered waistlines. Voiles are everywhere, accompanied by iridescent muslins and broderie anglaise, immaculate flowing nightgowns, and trousers with a crisp, starchy purity. Whites accompanied by iridescent effects.



Princess Memory
Living in a world of nostalgia, a world with walls painted in slightly jarring pastel shades. A neo-romantic, bohemian, creative figure, her wardrobe is full of traditional floral prints - with a new twist. She layers crochet skirts and blouses with flowers and lace, loves flounces and vibrant pastel shades.

Acid Baby Doll
On the walls, zany designs influenced by Japanese-style kawai illustrations. Acid Baby Doll combines different influences in a random way, refusing moderation, exaggerating shapes and violating codes, jarring, setting out to shock. Dressing up is a creative, regressive game - against a backdrop of floral pastels, and brilliant acid tones.



First Class Passenger
This super-elegant traveller is on a quest for the authentic, in a gallery of African art, creating a mix and match combination of the things that inspire her, preferring matte, raw effects - a base of neutrals offset by gold and jewellery. A sophisticated, urban look with a passion for natural fabrics, craft weaves, safari jackets, upmarket canvas and trousers, Nehru jackets, shirtwaister

Ethnic Queen
Against a backdrop of African matting and boubou tunics, the Ethnic Queen lives in a colourful world of ethnic designs and rich patterns, she loves mixing fabrics and motifs, adores charms and talismans, tattoos, tie & dye and henna motifs. She wears knotted dresses, ethnic-style robes, rustic knits, batik patchworks, indigos and natural, earthy reds.

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PAPP Trends S/S 2006                  PAPP Trends S/S 2006                  PAPP Trends S/S 2006



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