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Vol.06  Issue 04/03, 16.04.2006

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Text sourcing : CPD, Düsseldorf. Photos : Copyright © 2006, fashionfreak. All rights reserved.


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CPD Trends Spring/Summer 2006

24. till 26. July 2005





Several shows at the CPD
gave an overview of the fashion
for the next Season

CPD Trends S/S 2006

Isa Dorn



CPD Trends S/S 2006

annette görtz



CPD Trends S/S 2006

anja gockel



CPD Trends S/S 2006

Rita Lagune



CPD Trends S/S 2006

Anke Schlöder



CPD Trends S/S 2006

Liz Weinmann




CPD DÜSSELDORF illustrated the fashion trends of the upcoming summer season. A strong focus on return to nature brings back simplicity and familiarity, and fashion, despite all its excesses, displays a healthy level of grounding. Ethnic influences are strong, for example the uniform and pirate styles that modernize the urban look. Flowing, flower-print dresses in 40s style and historic lingerie bring freshness and a romantic, girlish touch, while the reduced stylistic features of the 70s and the new look of the post-feminist woman allows for unpretentious, elegant modernity.

The Trends for Summer 2006

'Go for Glamour' - the motto for the trends Summer 2006. The color mix of the last seasons belong now definitive to the past. Clear defined lines bring back femininity, elegance, plain and simple a part of glamour to the international fashion scene.
The cuts are reminiscents to the clear, graphic forms of the Seventies.
While last summer colours, colours and again colours were dominant, the CPD DÜSSELDORF in July 2005 presented as the new trends for summer 2006 a concentration on brown, beige, indigo and burnt earth-tones, tropical lagoon and coral, white and ecru. Gold, metallic as well as strong colour accents break the mainly matt surfaces and give fashion a graceful, glamourous touch.


CPD DÜSSELDORF defines four topic areas for womenswear:

Around the world
A casual urban look with more than just a nod to hippie- Bohème, colonial and adventure outfits.

The alluring adventurer romanticism of explorers, sailors and pirates spices up casual and business wear with a dash of wild erotic and romance. Jackets remind of uniform spencers or safari styles with belts, epaulets, band collars and applied pockets combined with casual cargo and sailor trousers, asymmetric or wrap-around skirts. Shortened trousers in Jodhpur or riding breeches style are highly fashionable they also define the new suit silhouettes. These are complemented by ponchos and draped tops as well as clean, safari-style poplin blouses. Richly adorned tunics, flowing kaftans and djeballas whisk us away to the 70s hippie-Bohème of Marrakech. Enjoy ethnic fireworks that unfold in the vibrant colours and designs of the Caribbean, South America, Africa and India. Tropical plants, Ikat and Rasta designs, macramé, leather details and lavish embroidery mystify the look just like the tie-dye patterns, tattoo prints or the African tribal paintings of the Ndebele, for example. The colours concentrate on brown, beige, indigo, burned earth tones, tropical lagoon and coral, white and ecru. Gold and metallic accents add interest to the matte surfaces.


English Garden
English gardens and the fashion of the 30s and 40s inspire an eccentric, feminine dress.

The English Garden is being elevated to an art movement and a style icon. The lightness and freshness of summer greens and flowers provide the model for prints and delicate embroidery. Lingerie such as bodices, camisoles, corsages and baby-doll outfits in a Victorian style dramatise narrow-cut trousers, pleated styles and jeans in a seductive manner. Romantic and informal, sometimes with a nod to the hippie culture, are the flowing dresses, layered petticoat-skirts, smooth-cut shirts or puffedsleeve blouses of cotton-lawn, transparent chiffon, light crepe and similar materials. The eccentric style of Virginia Wolfe is continued in the 30s and 40s style interpretations of light short-coats or knit items. Together with curvy, smartly waisted jackets, the tailoring of the new look receives new life. Milky, almost transparent pastel hues emphasize the poetry and the light-heartedness of this topic.


Mother Nature
'Natural' is the word of the day and with it comes a sophisticated eco-look, accentuating natural fibres, colours and naïve prints.

Fashion is experiencing a strong need to return to nature, and suddenly simplicity and familiarity are up-to-date again. Natural fibres such as linen, raw silk or ramie in combination with pleated, crinkled and metallic effects are founding an eco-look of a new kind, which is rustic, yet definitely feminine and elegant as well as urban. Long, tiered skirts and slitted wrap-around shapes are complemented by single or more layers of fine knits or sophisticated rough knits in a lace, net or crochet look. Embroidered tops adorned with wooden beads, silky and lawn blouses, tunics and chequered shirts meet small blazers in tweed-like silk and linen fabrics and trench coat silhouettes. These are combined with flowing drawstring or pleated-front trousers, roomy chinos, cigarette-shapes from shiny taffeta materials, tulip or balloon skirts. Natural colours such as sand, gravel, rust, amethyst, pumpkin and bamboo appear to be bleached by the sun and, together with naïve ceramics and graphic motifs, imperfect stripes, borders or stylised animals and plants, they provide the model for an up-to-date neo-classic or sophisticated casual look.


70's Lounge
The clear silhouettes and graphic designs of the 70s shape a reduced, youthful, yet very feminine style.

The clear, graphic stylistic features of the 70s have left their traces behind. Inspired by the interior design of this era, the hotel lobbies or airport lounges, a young, but nevertheless elegant city-look is born. Mini dresses, knee-long skirts, tight trousers and boxy, waist-long jackets with 3/4 sleeves made of firmer fabrics define the razor-sharp, clearly contoured silhouettes. Extensive graphic patterns reminding of the wallpaper designs of the 70s, psychedelic circular ornaments or minimal graphics on linen, Shantung silk or cotton are in line with the formal strength. However, this strength is spiced up with a dash of irony by the seemingly naïve, colourful plastic jewellery or appliquéd handmade designs. The elegant colour-palette with lots of white and golden-beige hues is being jazzed up with dark brown, orange, beige, grass-green, deep red-brown and brick-red.

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