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Vol.06  Issue 05/01, 06.05.2006

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Text : GDS, Düsseldorf. Photos : Copyright © 2006, fashionfreak. All rights reserved.


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100th GDS - Shoe Trends Spring/Summer 2006

Introduced at 100th GDS - The Premier Shoe Event,
18. till 21. September 2005





The different Trend Shows
of the GDS present(ed) shoes
for all occasions and
for all weather conditions

GDS Trends S/S 2006






GDS Trends S/S 2006






GDS Trends S/S 2006






GDS Trends S/S 2006






GDS Trends S/S 2006






GDS Trends S/S 2006







Shoe Trends Spring/Summer 2006
Have a look at the trends for Spring/Summer 2006 :

The opulent, very dominant colour scheme of the past summer season will be watered down to produce calmer, more subdued colours. Long pronounced dead, black is now gaining ground again. Decoration is less focused on striking effects and more on natural, authentic looks. Indian, Asian and African elements are moving more prominently to the fore in footwear fashion under the 'ethno' banner. In the wake of a new natural focus comfortable shoe styles like moulded-insole slip-on sandals with imaginative, all-new upper designs are very 'in'. Espadrilles and their elegant campesina counterparts with wedge heels and ankle laces add a touch of holiday atmosphere. The western theme carries on into summer, now featuring a new slant with lightweight, cowboy-look clogs. Moccasins are still important complements to classic sporty outfits. British understatement brings loafers into play featuring shortened, slightly rounded lasts and penny slots or tassels.

For the 2006 Summer season the GDS in Düsseldorf presented four fashion footwear themes.

Around the world - English Garden - Mother Nature - 70's Lounge

Around the world

Here inspirations from the four corners of the globe are in evidence. Africa, India, Japan and the American continent set the stage for imaginative decoration, the most beautiful colour combinations and the most impressive patterns. The entire range of brown, red and orange tones determine this trend. Natural materials are at the forefront. Beads, embroidery, turquoise, wood and precious gems create playful accents in the new shoe fashions. Coral with its countless hues brings a touch of excitement into the picture. Slip-on and heeled sandals and moccasins often feature lavish adornments though overly bold and artificial colours are avoided; the overall look remains natural. Cork and hemp soles are a key theme in many collections. Sleek moccasins are perfect accessories for the new safari look and go perfectly with sleeker-looking outfits featuring Spencer jackets and cargo pants. Girlish little ballerinas are still topical and complement colourful outfits with wide petalled and narrow wrap-over skirts. Platform and wedge heels as well as curved heel styles and diabolo/kitten heel variations are in evidence here.

The footwear fashions of this trend theme are light and comfy. Slip-on sandals and slippers set the tone. Sleek loafers come with soft, feather-light soles and are indispensable accessories for that casual fashion style featuring safari jackets, rustic cotton and linen shirts, leather jackets and – as ever – jeans. Brown and beige plus khaki in all its tones and nuances determine the picture here. Outerwear injects a sense of motion into the fashion picture with dashes of mango, lime or turquoise. Soft, smooth leather and comfortable, rounded lasts make for a comfy fit and underscore the casual, relaxed look. Worn to match casual Bermudas are canvas shoes and legendary Chucks. Preferably made of thin leather or rubber/PU, soles are light and flexible and on chunkier shoe styles they often feature a profile.

English Garden

Lightness and freshness determine this summery trend theme which features girlish, romantic looks and creates very playful, all-new looks. Delicate, pastel floral prints, embroidery and lace are reminiscent of times long past. Delicate ballerinas with discreet patterns, floral applications or imaginative material combinations tie in with this theme and inject a sense of romance and poetry into the fashion picture. Soles are light and almost imperceptible. Sandals and rounded court shoes feature curved little heels. Punched details, little bows, side clasps, fabric inserts plus delicate laces and ties make simple shoe styles real eye-catchers – always with a sense of fun. The colour scheme of this theme is discreet. Pastels determine the picture – though now they are somewhat paler than in the previous summer season, looking rather milky and a little less sickly.

British understatement sets the tone with this theme. The sporty elegant looks of English club and college wear are completed with a varied range of loafers. The shoe styles are classical though always with a slightly sporty touch. Smooth, shiny leathers come to the fore here – just as soft, matt nubuk and suede. Narrow trousers and polo shirts go with tasselled loafers exuding an original, playful look. Shoe lasts are narrow and elongated; rounded shapes dominate. Topstitching and punched details create a very discreet, individual look. Lightweight, timeless Derby styles in smooth or shagreen leather round off this theme. Thanks to their wide, braided straps sandals expose little of the foot and perfectly match the 50s look with lozenge and ring striped shirts and cotton slacks. Alongside the brown and beige colour scheme, navy as well as a bold red and a variety of sporty-looking colour combinations all set the tone here.

Mother Nature

Simple, authentic looks are centre stage in this trend theme. While in outerwear unusual, virtually untreated-looking natural fibres set the tone, with shoes it is the coarser, grainier, vegetable tanned leathers with matt, curried finishes and slight embossing that feature prominently. Flat ballerinas with straps running diagonally over the instep, sandals, slip-ons featuring wide leather straps and low, moulded-insole slip-ons with cork outer soles complement the fashion theme – creating ever new imaginative outfits with wrap-over effects, tunics, tulip and balloon skirts. Decorative elements created with wooden beads, gems, horn and mother of pearl details underscore the natural look of footwear styles. Thanks to narrow, slightly rounded lasts they never look ungainly and consciously set themselves clearly apart from the 'eco-shoes' of the past. All natural tones centring around red, orange, green, blue and brown are centre stage, combined here with different matching shades or with contrasts.

The wellness aspect runs throughout this fashion theme, again featuring those good old moulded-insole sandals – but now in all-new styles. Where outerwear creates natural, matt and fibrous textiles and earthy looks, shoes with a natural feel complement the fashion picture. Sandals and slip-ons in tough, vegetable-tanned leather with ultra-thin soles or deep moulded insoles feature here. A natural, untreated look dominates in the choice of materials. The overall look is simple and subdued. Trendy colours are brown, grey and muted blue, red or green nuances. Special finishes add interesting colour effects on the leather. Clasps, braiding and coarse topstitching with a hand-sewn feel set rustic accents here. Discreet sneaker styles with subdued sportiness about them are combined with denims and coarse cotton slacks.

70's Lounge

The classic, sleek city look with knee-length dresses and skirts, waist-length jackets and clearly contoured silhouettes set the tone here, though not without playful accents. Formal-looking outfits look extremely sexy with graphic patterns and ornaments. Hot court shoes and mules match this theme perfectly and bring lightheartedness into the fashion picture with imaginative upper materials often featuring graphic prints or punched details. Contrasts are important here. Dark colours ranging from black and brown through to green are complemented by strong tones like red, turquoise and orange. Metallic leather adds that desired glamour effect; while colourful, plastic gems exude childish charm and lighten up the shoes’ serious touch. Purist business looks in black and white are complemented by sleek, sophisticated loafers.

Classics return with a new slant. A clean, cool look characterises this fashion theme focusing on sharp-contoured silhouettes. Lightweight yet stiff cotton fabrics dominate the clothing department, stylishly complemented by silk and a variety of fabric blends. Classic, proper laced shoes are the perfect accessory for that both masculine and elegant look. High-gloss leather, preferably in black, oxblood or very dark brown, sets Oxfords, Brogues and Derby styles into the right light. Even Norwegians with their discreet sporty feel fit into this picture. Monks with one or two side clasps look classical but individual at the same time. Decorative features using punched, topstitched and serrated uppers are used with discretion. Lasts are narrow and elongated. A slightly square shape dominates; though rounded styles also featured.

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