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Vol.07  Issue 03/01, 05.03.2007

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Prêt-À-Porter Feb.2007 Summary

Fashion "Traffic" - The Trade Fair of Fashion Universes



Dutch Touch

Dutch Touch



First, some Figures:
General attendancy remained stable by the balance of a strong increase in the presence of emerging countries, such as Russia (+35%) and the Middle East (+25%) along with a slight decrease in attendancy of European countries (Spain: -2; Great Britain: -3; Italy: -4; Belgium: -2; Netherlands: -2; Germany: +0). 1.5% increase in French attendancy.
In whole 41,112 visitors including 40.2% international, had a choice of 1,550 labels on 65,000 sqm of fashion, accessories and events !

The different areas (universes) of Prêt-À-Porter :

Casabo: success of the concept store at PRÊT À PORTER PARIS which was happy to receive, in particular, the inventor of the concept: Serge Bensimon and one of his disciples Liza Korn ... new for her - who will deliver an entire vintage wardrobe for the on-the-road price of 1,000 euros! To keep in mind: Heimstone and Margo Millin for their womenswear collections. Young, highly talented designers, very much appreciated by international buyers.

Be Twin: Excellent business atmosphere and more for the visitor with the Zen Space and the Assouline bookshop. The Northern breeze continues ever strongly with Stills, Sandwich, Jackpot, Airfield and Matin Blanc. Total success for Cheyenne, Et Compagnie, Eva Kayan, Hebbeding, Le Phare de la Baleine, Nathalie Chaize, Rivières de Lune, Save the Queen, Le Gatte Jeans, Silk & Cashmere, Sugar, Terre et Mer, Wom'n, Yerse, ... Labels present for the first time met with their public, and will be there to be rediscovered next September.

Atmosphère went all out for the English avant-garde and young Romanian designers in a smart, work ambience peppered by the DJ's performances. Of course the indispensable Repetto, Tara Jarmon, Antik Batik, Bruun's Bazaar, By Malene Birger, Hache, Hannoh, Jérôme Dreyfuss, Sofie d'Hoore, Sweet Michel Klein ... And the best of international creation with, in particular, 4 young Dutch designers supported by the Dutch Fashion Foundation.


La Halle ! / L'Atelier Chardon Savard

La Halle ! / L'Atelier
Chardon Savard



Move moved to level 2 of hall 7 for an even shorter circuit, with more efficient and powerful collection updates according to the trends direct from both street and catwalk.
Adresse Première, Le Studio and L'Expression are universes always greatly appreciated by French and international buyers with labels such as Derhy, Didier Parakian, Evalinka, Fred Sabatier, Fuego Woman, Jensen Women, Kokomarina, Lauren Vidal, Olsen, Paul Brial, Pause Café, Ugo Zaldi, Aventures des Toiles, Batiste, Bleu Blanc Rouge, Bosca, Cannisse, Ecru, Fleur de Sel, Garella, Indies, La Fée Maraboutée, Madame Zaza of Marseille, Manoukian, Miss Aventures, Tricot Chic, Voodoo, Zapa, BNG, Escorpion, Instants Volés, Leslie Monte Carlo, Lunatisme, Mais Il Est où le Soleil ?, O.K.S., Oska.

The Box was approved unanimously with its top of the line selection, always more creative and ludic. To watch out for: Morganne Bello, Mademoiselle de la Brindille, Orphée, Bulga, Jérôme Dreyfuss, Miss Bibi, Servanne Gaxotte, Adeline Cacheux, 5 Octobre, Sabrina Dehoff ... Two major currents: semi-precious stones and luxury costume jewellery!

So Ethic surprised once more by the creativity of its labels coming from all over the world. For cool, responsible shopping look for Deborah Lindquist, Ciel, Junky Styling, Ikken, Billum, Machja, Nahui Ollin, article.23 :, Stewart&Brown, Del Forte Denim, Les fées de Bengale, Terra Plana, ...

Shibuya reinforced its Japanese style with the exclusive labels Capsule Tokyo, Mogra, Nibroll About Street, Succubus and Takuya Angel in a crazy ambience orchestrated by Tokyo Decadance, a renowned group of performers direct from Shibuya. Other labels much appreciated by the 15-25s were also present, including Pssy, Kanabeach, GSUS, ...

So Chic: excellent business atmosphere for this sector dedicated to classical, elegant accessories. So Chic corresponds to a demand by accessory labels concentrating on finishes and details, seeking to assert their identity. These labels offering unique expertise and top of the line manufacturing completed the accessory offer.
Included: Les Parapluies De Cherbourg, Laulhère (berets), Bonnefoy, Highland Club, ORCA (belts), Malfoy and Florens Gloves.


Peruvian Designer

Peruvian Designer :
Fatima Arrieta



So Good-So Much: always a great success for novelty accessories whose greatly diversified offer puts a smile on the buyers' faces. Included: Palme, Rands Frères, Agora, Unze by Shalimar (shoes), Christelle Mode (jewellery), Lulubendi (bags), Fabienne Cailleux (jewellery), Colours Of Asia (accessories, jewellery), Nat- Mad (hats).

So Shop, for an even better service for both visitors and exhibitors. The offer is complete - from packaging to high performance software - for an excellent business atmosphere. Included: la Rosa, Siegel et Stockman, cintribille, Ceintres théaux, IFB (computing), Century Box ..

The Défilés

A total number of 16 défilés, but not the trend show anymore. The trends can be found at the fair itself, anyway and of course at the trend forum by Nelly Rodi.
Therefore, the défilés presented designers and labels :
THE DUTCH FASHION FOUNDATION CATWALK, with the support of the Dutch Culture Foundation presented the season Dutch Touch Paris 2007 at ATMOSPHÈRE and in a catwalk show featuring four of the most promising young Dutch designers.

HALLE AUX VETEMENTS catwalk show with the CHARDON SAVARD School
La halle ! gave the students of the Atelier Chardon-Savard a free hand for the creation of silhouettes made using products selected from their collections. A totally creative show!

The alpaca is a domesticated animal living at 3,500 metres above sea level, its fibre being seven times warmer and four times more resistant than sheep's wool.

Furthermore the turkish designer Özlem Süer; a Spanish Fashion Catwalk; the labels Tara Jarmon, Kana Beach, and Trash Couture.

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